Zodiac Styles for Women: Leo

Leo (23 July – 23 August)


Bold Lionesses love bright colors, daring outfits and even their most conservative pieces have a touch of outspoken bravery to them. They go for animal prints, leather skirts and faux fur details (after all, real fur is a crime and Lionesses are well in touch with their animal instinct).

Often dressed in royal blue, gold, red, yellow or mauve, they’re classy and demanding and settle for nothing less than the best. Chunky precious stones, stiletto boots and evening clutch bags are always accompanied by the perfect finishing touch: an impressive hair style.

Whether they’re dressing down for comfort in an all rock look or dressing up for a goth glam night out, Lionesses know how to look sexy and sophisticated! You might even catch them in a tank top or short sleeve and capri trousers to look calm and composed, but don’t be surprised! They’ll kick you with their casual boots if you look at them the wrong way! Silk, maybe merino scarves, windproof jackets, light pastel wools, whatever they wear, Lionesses will overpower you with their class and power.

Traits: Bold, enthusiastic, confident

Colors: Orange, yellow, gold

Famous Lionesses: Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Jackie Onassis, Halle Berry.

Go for: Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, YSL


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