Write for us!

We’re looking for ways to create and host the best articles we can at Asdfing. That’s why we’ve opened our door to guest-posters to submit their articles for our blog. Many have already submitted articles in the past; so why not go public and seek more input? There’ll be no judging by your status or experience! All we need from you is to be fluent in English, and passionate about your topic.
We’re looking for writers and articles in the following areas:

  • Relationships
  • Leisure Time
  • Self Improvement
  • Shopping
  • Health & Wellness
  • Career & Education
  • Personal Stories
  • Poetry

If you think that your guest post falls into one of our categories, please send us a mail through our contact form with your post’s title and subject. If we think that it’s a good post for Asdfing, we’ll review it when it’s ready.
In your email be sure to clarify:

  • Your article’s prose
  • Your suggested title, subject and estimated length
  • Something about yourself!

For each article posted, you will get full writer’s credit, along with a bio area with your website’s address, if you have one.

Things to note:

  • The final post/article should not be reproduced anywhere else on the web – including your own blog.
  • Any images used in the post shouldn’t change the structure of the site. As a guideline, the maximum width of any picture you use should not exceed 540 pixels.
  • You can link to your own blog, if it is relevant to your story. However, you should not write articles just for adding your link inside them. We will give you a link in your bio box. Why go to all that trouble just to get more? Let’s all focus on content and user experience.
  • Please! No affiliate codes or referral links are allowed in posts.

So, do you think you can write for us? Shoot us a mail!