What are you looking for in love?

what are you looking for in loveI have met so many single people nowadays and there are certain questions that keep bothering me:
Why aren’t they hooking up?
What to they look for in love?
Is it so difficult to find love?
I don’t think love is that demanding, as it comes from the heart. In any case, I still asked my friends and colleagues about it: here are their answers.
Stability:  Perhaps the most important answer of all, as it is related to two aspects – emotional stability, and financial stability.  If a person is emotionally stable, that individual is able to commit to a more serious relationship and show high fidelity.  Financial stability would of course prepare for the future couple’s life.  If they are financially stable, they can provide for each other’s needs.
Romance: Let’s face it;without this, a relationship wouldn’t be for keeps.  We need reassurance that the spark is still there. Being romantic every now and then helps keep the fervor burning.  A relationship without a little dash of romance will bore any couple and make them look for more interesting things (or people!)
Patience and Understanding: If you really love a person, you put up with his/her piques, not only to avoid unnecessary disagreements, but also because your love is more important than small, albeit annoying, habits.  Patience is the first step.  Understanding is the second.  Once you have extended your patience then you need to understand why he/she acts that way.
A healthy love relationship needs understanding. We can’t just live or stay with a person without being considerate of their situation.  Men should try to understand a woman’s insecurities and women should try to understand a man’s peculiarities.  A relationship is not always perfect and understanding helps patch up certain things. Of course, understanding should also go hand in hand with support.
Support:  Men and women, weak or strong, need support.  I remember these sayings: “Behind every successful man, is a woman” and “A woman isn’t complete without a man.”  Men and women needing each other is a world-renowned fact: let us try to be more supportive of one another while in a relationship. This makes one stronger and more confident in facing the adversities of life.
Kindness:  A little deed of compassion is sometimes enough to last a whole lifetime of good memory.  A woman is often attracted to a kind man.  I bet men also feel the same for a kind woman sometimes.  Altruism is an ancient value; it’s just we don’t really feel it that often anymore.  If people would just think about it, a kind action is always impressive and goes a long way when appreciated.
Good Looks: It’s a given fact.  Attraction often starts with appearance.  A good appearance doesn’t always have to mean a totally handsome guy or a knock-out girl.  It could simply be a person who looks nice, clean and pleasant enough to talk to.  Sometimes it’s all about charm, or the way someone talks or holds their own. A smile could also come in handy!  A smile always welcomes new opportunity and perhaps opens the door for a new love.
So, for those of you who are looking for love, I hope that this article has been helpful.  If you have already found love, please share your thoughts on this topic.  The winter holidays are cold; we all need someone to hold and keep us warm, especially this season.
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  1. minnu Wednesday - 16 / 02 / 2011 Reply
    very true , very true a hint of understanding can fix even messed up relationships understanding is very important for a compatible and stable relationship whereas if a man flirts or cheats you,with other people, then the man is really a degraded man and can't be trusted
  2. jamia Saturday - 09 / 04 / 2011 Reply
    why dears the man say's he love you when he dears't know you that much? but when U ask him why do you love me you hardly know me he reply to you ''I don't but is something about you''?

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