Hey my name is Robin and I’m from California. I worship story-telling. I stare at the sky all the time- clouds hypnotize me and I own the stars.

“Red Planet Skiff”

Breathing Martian air,
Never knew there’d be water.
Floating along the divided blue to my back,
Red circling my sides, strange sky face me.
A lake with no rivers;
Lakes without a river.
Warm liquid air. Cool chill metal water.
One beach One shore One boat One oar-
My sheet holds the wind to carry me nowhere.


Death gave me a present:
I’m King-of-No-Country.


Traveling the long staircase reading my map
I set down my bag of tricks
Kneeling humble before his arch God-of-New-Days
Two dogs see me, not; and see me, angry.


Looking out of a rolling glass ball
Over white dunes of sand.

Strange objects rise up through the shell, smoothly. Examine them,
we continue our journey.
The sphere changes its dimensions.
Strange things continue to pass through, even people. Outside is only white sand.

Blue sky before us, black night behind us.

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  1. Robin Kunstman Monday - 07 / 01 / 2008 Reply
    I was really inspired by Rumi, Marcus Aurelius and Jack Kerouac.
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