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The 5 Most Common Sexy Lingerie Mistakes Women Make | Asdfing
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The 5 Most Common Sexy Lingerie Mistakes Women Make – What to look out for when you’re strutting your stuff

top 5 sexy lingerie mistakesGirls, no time to lose; flaunt what you’ve got, wearing the sexiest lingerie around! This topic may sometimes seem taboo to women, because we’re always so self-conscious about how we’re going to look, if our lovers will like what we’re wearing, if we fit into our old (or new) stuff, and so on. Here’s a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to mistakes made when choosing or wearing lingerie: try to avoid these when you’re up to flaunting what you’ve got for your erotic romps.

- Getting lingerie a size too small. We never like the fact that we’ve grown a size, but being honest with ourselves is our best bet. Yes, we’ll lose the weight, eventually. We don’t have to put off buying nice naughty underwear just because we don’t feel we look good. Try things on, feel comfortable in the clothing you’re going to be strutting your stuff in.

- Going overboard and getting something that’s not your “style.” Sure we’d all love to fit in PVC or vinyl, but come on girls, it’s not “becoming” on all of us! Be subtle. Don’t go for extreme stuff unless you’re comfortable with it. Remember: Sexy doesn’t have to mean extremely kinky and uncomfortable!

- Buying cheap stuff. Remember, cheap material tears easily (keep this in mind when you’re going to be all frisky – unless you want it to tear off easily!), and could chafe your skin if it’s not hypoallergenic or is made of only synthetic materials. Don’t forget to buy something that will be able to survive through hot washes (you’ll want to throw that baby into the laundry before you put it on your naughty bits!). Of course, if you’re into tearing lingerie (I sure am!) make sure to buy a few pairs of whatever you’re going to be ripping up!

- Buying stuff that’s too expensive. Real silk with real lace and real pearls? Get real! You won’t want to have to worry if what you’re wearing tears, gets a bit discolored or dirty; in general, you can’t think about the lingerie’s safety! This stuff has to be industrial strength for wear and tear! Yes, we want something classy and beautiful, but not so pricey that we feel like we have to take care of it. You should be able to be carefree and not feel like you’ve lost a fortune if a stitch tears.

- Not being confident enough. With a million thoughts of “oh I don’t think I’ll look good in this” and “I’m not sure if he’ll like it”, you won’t get anywhere. You could get yourself the best lingerie in the world, but it sure won’t look as good if you don’t flaunt what you’ve got! Of course it’s a risk whether your mate or lover likes it or not – it’s a “no” until you earn the “yes”!

- Choosing not to go through with it because of a little plump here and there. There are so many tricks for this! Candlelight, scarves, baby oil – you can do so many things to hide that extra fat or accentuate your awesome bits! Worried about your tush? Slather baby oil onto your chest – you think they’ll notice you’ve gained a couple of pounds? Worried about your arms? Use a silky scarf to be naughty and uncover yourself just a bit at a time! Candlelight is great because you can use shadows to your advantage.

So just take these things into account when you’re buying, trying on, and wearing (flaunting!) lingerie. When that moment comes, the only thing you’ll have to think about it who comes first!


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