Top 32 online Acronyms and Dictionary

Top 32 online Acronyms and Dictionary

How many times have you come across something like this picture above?
At first I did not understand anything on the Internet but now with the top 32 online acronyms dictionary, I can finally make it through!

Today when I was AFK, I made a coffee ASAP but anyway, I came back later and I was asdfing on my PC. Then I was chatting with a girl and I was like: A/S/L; She said nothing and then I was like: BB. After that, I was at this new forum and I was reading the FAQ, BTW it was something harder than I thought IMO. Then I started to play a game, and I was losing all the time; people start yelling at me like NOOB! OMG what are you doing? WTF! Well all I had to say was BBL, LOL. Anyway R U still there? I’m J/K!
CU all around!

OMG what do all these acronyms mean?

  • AFK Away from keyboard
  • ASAP As Soon As Possible
  • ASDF Whatever
  • Asdfing I am asdfing= I am making things happen
  • A/S/L Age/sex/location
  • BB Bye-bye
  • BBL Be back later
  • BRB Be right back
  • BTW By the way
  • CU See you
  • FAQ Frequently asked questions
  • M/F Male or Female?
  • F2F Face to face
  • Grats Congratulations
  • IMO In my opinion
  • IMHO In my humble opinion
  • J/K Just kidding
  • KK Okay, all right
  • LMAO Laughing my ass off
  • LOL Laugh out loud
  • NOOB Amateur (from “newbie”)
  • N2M Not too much
  • OMG Oh my God
  • PC Personal Computer
  • R are
  • ROFL Rolling on floor laughing.
  • STFU Shut the f*** up!
  • SRY Sorry
  • SUP What’s up?
  • TY Thank you.
  • WTF What the F****
  • U you
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  1. Abhinav Sood Wednesday - 20 / 02 / 2008 Reply
    Bloggers need to know these for interactive chat sessions [*Social Networking*] to save time when talking so that they can have more of it for writing blog entries. :D Cheers...

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