To Lie or not to Lie?

To Lie or not to Lie?

There are several occasions in life where lying is much wiser than telling the truth. I am sure that almost everyone tells a simple lie every now and then. In a world where honesty is overestimated, we should ask ourselves: could a white lie harm so much? Even better, are there some situations where it’s better to lie?

At work! It’s not the wisest thing to call your boss first thing in the morning and tell him that you were too bored to come in to work today, or that you’ll be late for work because you’d like to drink a cup of coffee first! A simple lie like a crazy traffic jam or an inevitable family obligation will do the work. Don’t overdo it with “employment lies” unless you are a lawyer or a politician (then you may lie as much as you want, and get paid for it).

In case of cheating! Did you cheat on your wife 20 years ago, and haven’t told her? Have you kept a secret from your husband that if you confessed now, you may risk your relationship? You don’t need to create problems out of the blue, 20 years later! Keep your mouth shut! Be the good spouse that you always were!

To the kids! Not only kids can not realize the truth in some cases, but little kids can become extra evil: let’s say that a kid’s father is a pimp, and doesn’t hesitate to tell his child the truth; do you know what will happen at the school as soon as the whole class will find out what this kid’s father is doing? Give the kids some time, let them grow up. They will understand soon enough what’s going on!

When it comes to art! In the view of a painting that everyone admires, for example. Doesn’t matter if you’re standing in front of a monstrous painting, the best you have to do is to say that it is very good and admirable! I have been in the same situation the few times I decided to visit a gallery; once, I was looking at a whole blue painting with a black dot in the center. When I asked what it depicts, the painter said, “It’s the Titanic, of course!” When I later asked where exactly the Titanic was, he said, “Deep in the water!” No a joke!

To your guests! It’s your birthday, and everyone is bringing small, horrible cheap gifts? You need to say how great you feel that they care about you, and don’t forget to thank them for the crap they brought! After all, you have to show that you appreciate their gesture!

To your parents! You shouldn’t lie to your parents in general, but there are small things or, better yet, “unnecessary details” that they shouldn’t really know about. If they ask you if you’ve eaten just say yes; don’t make them wonder if you are starving and why you don’t take good care of yourself. Let them also believe that you are still a virgin! If they know that you have a normal sex life they will be almost sure that you have some horrible sexually transmitted disease.

To your grandparents! Don’t even think about telling your grandmother that her food sucks! Just chew and shallow!

Friendship. Have you slept with your friend’s girlfriend or boyfriend, and the whole thing was a big mistake? Excuses like “I am sorry, I was drunk” should remain unspoken. I know you suck! But don’t confess your “mistake” for any reason. You will lose your friend faster than you think. And if you are too bored to go to their party, make sure to find a good excuse like “there was an accident, nothing serious” – but you were the only witness and you have to wait for the police! After that you may do whatever you have planned.

However, a lie (whether it’s little or monstrous) is not always the solution, even if you can get away with it. However, telling a simple lie for a good cause isn’t a great false step.

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  1. gabriel Thursday - 31 / 01 / 2008 Reply
    what a load of crap ive been bold actually very bold at times,lies are the biggest insult take the pain and confess,otherwise your aliar and thats taking from the others life ,thats not your right in any circumstance,my opioun take or leave it
  2. Alex Sunday - 05 / 12 / 2010 Reply
    Very informative post! Thank you so much
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  • The truth is out there on the net « Deusto's Littera Media - December 21, 2011

    […] Everyone tells a little lie now and then but Cornell University Professor, Jeffrey Hancock, recently claimed to have established the truth of a curious proposition: we fib less frequently when we’re online than when talking in person. He asked thirty undergraduates to record all their communications, and all their lies for a week. When he tallied the results, he found the students had mishandled the truth in about one-quarter of all face-to-face conversations, and in a whopping 37 per cent of phone calls. But when they went into cyberspace such as Facebook, only 1 in 5 instant-messaging chats contained a lie, and barely 14 per cent of email messages were dishonest. Obviously, you can’t make generalizations about society solely on the basis of college student’s behaviour, and there’s also something odd about asking people to be honest about how often they lie. But still, Professor Hancock’s results were intriguing, not least because they upend some of our primary expectations about life. […]

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