Sex Is Saving You Money!

Sex Is Saving You MoneySomeone said: “I love sex. It’s free and doesn’t require special shoes.”

I have noticed that lately, we talk a lot about sex. We try to explain it, we compare it to logic; we try to analyze sex as much as we try to analyze love. My opinion is that, when it comes to sex, analysis won’t lead us anywhere. But facts will.

So, what are the facts about sex? As mentioned above, sex is free. In other words, when you have sex on a Saturday night, you won’t spend any money. Otherwise, you will spend a small fortune. By inference, sex is not only free, but it also saves you money!

Let’s look at the numbers that justify this association:

You need: A movie from the video store so you can relax and sleep at night.

The research has shown: After sex, your body is always relaxed and you can sleep like a baby.

You save: About $340 per year.

You need: Aspirin, vitamins, and handkerchiefs at least once per two months when you don’t feel healthy or are under the weather.

The research has shown: Sex helps your immune system and it raises the IgA immunoglobulin level in your blood about 30%.

You save: About $210 per year.

You need: You need to visit your psychotherapist once per week.

The research has shown: People who have a lot of sex (before or after lunch), have a much smaller chance of depression.

You save: About $3,100 per year.

You need: Massage and shiatsu techniques – because of stress, your muscles don’t work correctly anymore.

The research has shown: Serotonin released during orgasm creates a great feeling of pleasure that sets you free from your stress.

You save: About $2,600 per year.

You need: Aerobic, yoga or martial arts classes, so you can start burning some of your fat and lose some weight.

The research has shown: You may burn up to 100-200 calories every time you have sex. If your partner is a stallion, then you may go for more!

You save: About $600 per year.

These are the facts. Now, if you sum things up, you’ll find that sex saves you about $6,850 per year! But, enough with the numbers! If you are one of those people who prefer having sex than calculating, don’t waste any more time! Or money… - genuine people, REAL LOVE
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  1. Mairy Saturday - 24 / 11 / 2007 Reply
    You got a POINT! SEX is saving your money! I ll better get starded! haha Nice post :)
  2. Chris Saturday - 24 / 11 / 2007 Reply
    We'll I'm not to confident about his financial figures and not quite sure which economy he based them off of but nevertheless Jimmy has produced a fantastic basis for calculating the maximum amount any reasonable man should spend per year to get sex. He obviously left out the dinners, movies, dating, nice car, hookers, or whatever is necessary to get sex.
    • Jim Brasti Saturday - 24 / 11 / 2007 Reply
      hmm...Chris, you just gave me an idea about another article! In this one, I was just talking about the standard expenses anyone can save simply by having sex:)
  3. bLuefRogX Sunday - 25 / 11 / 2007 Reply
    Too bad you're not a female or I'd start saving you some $$ immediately :D
  4. A.Faith Sunday - 25 / 11 / 2007 Reply
    my dear friend from Stumble Upon what I can say more than : bravo!!! well done! I've translated this article on my blog, (see the pingback above) and I really appreciate you for this wonderful "story". keep it coming!
  5. Claire Sunday - 25 / 11 / 2007 Reply
    You know, i was thinking of buying a car but i didn't have the money.. thanks for showing me a way to save some!! all i need now is a man!:)
  6. jenni Monday - 26 / 11 / 2007 Reply
    You're so full of shit. I spend an average of 65 dollars on condoms and birth control a month. Then once a year I have have a pap smear or my doctor will deny me my hormonal BC. The visit in itself costs me on average 400 dollars without insurance. Do the math. Altogether, that's a whopping $1180 a year on sex. That's not cheap. That figure excludes lube, sex toys or time spent on internet porn. Most people don't have a psychologist, a personal massage therapist, need a movie to fall alseep or pop aspirin every 10 seconds. You're figures only count for idiots making 200,000 or more a year that blow it all on bull shit. Be realistic. I spend way more on sex than all my fun pleasures. To be honest, I spend way less on illicit activities.
  7. Thoas Monday - 26 / 11 / 2007 Reply
    Sex is for free, indeed, what about before and after? I think maybe I get to spent a little extra on that Psychiatrist. :P
  8. StealthMarketer Wednesday - 28 / 11 / 2007 Reply
    You pay for sex one way or another. Girlfriend wants to eat out, new jewelry, cool clothes, won't date you if you don't have nice clothes, nice job, or nice car. You can get married and have children (sometimes sex leads to them you know) - last talley $150K for two (i.e., tutor, baby sitter, diapers, food, clothing, entertainment, extra curricular activities, vacations, doctor visits, birthdays, Christmas, etc.). All in all, it gets the heart pumping and makes life worth living. I've been married 20 years, dated my wife for 7 and it just gets better. Now, if you are having sex by yourself, I guess you could be saving some cash.
    • Cherry Wednesday - 28 / 11 / 2007 Reply
      Well, StealthMarketer , as a girl, i would like to inform you that i have my job and my money so i never expect from my boyfriend to pay when we go out or to buy me new clothes. Plus, i would date anyone if i liked him and i wouldn't care if he had a fine car or a nice job. These are not in my criteria. If you have a family or kids that's another story. Its your choice and you cant blame sex for that! I have no problem with you, but it drives me crazy whenever i hear that guys should pay some of our expenses(dinner, jewelry etc) Am i wrong?
  9. alberto Sunday - 02 / 12 / 2007 Reply
    Sex makes you feel relaxed and dont talk about it if it is cheap or expersive!
  10. Scorpio Sunday - 10 / 02 / 2008 Reply
    I had to say that this picture is absolute awesome! Well and of course Sex is saving you money! If you think how many hours you will spend at home than being somewhere else... it is normal that you save a lot of money!
  11. naga Friday - 12 / 12 / 2008 Reply
    HI i am naga frm india,i want sexul jop. i want more money.So plese send ur mail in MY ID.thanku
  12. I Don't Need a Wednesday - 08 / 04 / 2009 Reply
    Its saving your money unless you buy porn everyday!
  13. love Friday - 16 / 10 / 2009 Reply
    May this bring you love,peace,respect and success. just let love be
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