Dream Boy vs. Real Man

dream boy vs real manThere comes a point when girls get fed up of their relationship because their men are not who they expect them to be.
If you are the sweetly, romantic kind of girl waiting for your dream boy to do his dreamy deeds, then I guess it’s time for you to wake up.
Do not be disappointed when he doesn’t fulfill your fantasies.
He never remembers our anniversaries. Men, in general, are pragmatic.  They remember the magic day they met you, but from then on, he draws a blank.  So, if you are that kind of girl who wants to celebrate each and every week, month and year that you’ve been together, don’t keep your hopes up.
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Finding Mr.Right

finding mr. rightMany people are so fixed on finding their Mr. Right.  But what, and who exactly, is Mr. Right?
Some girls are compelled to settle for Mr. Right now for all the wrong reasons.  They just want to hook up with anybody, just for the sake of not being alone.  Some think they are not good looking enough and if a guy is interested in them, then why not?
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How to survive an exhausting day

hot to survive an exhausting dayHave you been swamped with reports to finish, deadlines to meet, banshee bosses and all the likes of a very hectic day?  Sometimes we all feel like we don’t know where to start and how to focus.  So, close your eyes, take a deep breath, lie back and take note of these handy tips, before beginning your day.
Tidy and arrange your workstation. A clean environment influences ones state of mind. 
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Philandering Partners

philandering partnersSome people are not so blessed with a monogamous relationship and so are often stressed about their partner’s (possible) deception.  In a situation like this, (remember, woman) you are strong and can work through this adversity.  So, think about these first, before going driving yourself crazy.
Step One: Stay Calm. Yes, I know it’s impossible to stay calm after finding out that he’s been having an affair, but the best help is to confide in a friend.  Sharing your problem will lessen the weight you have on your shoulders. A friend can also give you sound advice that will guide you from distraught judgment.
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The 7 relationship sins


7 relationship sins

We all commit relationship sins every once in a while; even if we don’t admit it. Whether it’s being lazy or having an affair, we all give in sometimes. How we can avoid them is easy; the key is wanting to. Like the well-known seven deadly sins, relationship sins are part of our everyday love life and can be overcome.


Right, so you’ve been together for a few months and everything is going well.  You’ve seen each other at your best (first date) and your worst (drunk/sick in bed); intimacy is no longer a problem and you’re comfortable enough to hang around the house in your pajamas all day long.  OK, so maybe you’re a bit lazy and don’t get dressed up much when the two of you go out. Or maybe you’ll forget to brush your teeth sometimes; maybe you’ll even skip taking a shower when you know you’re just gonna stay home and watch a film. What’s so bad with being comfy?

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Shoe Talks

shoe talks
There are certain telltale signs that shoes give off about women. Have you ever been anxious to talk to a woman but do not know where to start? To get an idea of what kind of person you are dealing with, take a quick look at her shoes.
If you meet a girl at a department store going around in flip-flops then most probably this chick is a laid-back, low maintenance sort of girl. A flip-flop is one of the most comfortable pieces of footwear a person can own.

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Keeping the Embers of Passion Burning

keeping the embers of passion burning

Do you feel like your relationship is as exciting as it was a decade or so ago?  Do you still feel that tingly sensation when he kisses you? Well, here are some tips to help you keep the spark alive!

The Element of Surprise. Giving each other little surprises is essential to keeping your relationship exciting.  It could be a sweet little note on the refrigerator or a small surprise when he comes home, like cooking him his favorite dessert.

My partner for example, usually brings home little presents from time to time, especially when he knows I least anticipate it.  I remember one time when he placed a box of my favorite chocolates in the laundry basket and then asked me to sort the clothes out.  I was a little miffed by his unusual request, but after finding his surprise it made my heart skip a beat.  A little outlandish but special.

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The Flavors of Love

the flavours of love

We’ve just gone through the holiday season, and we’ve all eaten so many delicious holiday meals – let us try to define love through its flavors. Wouldn’t it be interesting if we could have a tangible measure for love?  One that everyone else can understand when we try to describe it.  Let’s play a little game and define a specific taste for the love that we have now.

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New Feature: Asdfing Answers!

Hello there! We’ve just created the ultimate place for you to ask your relationship questions – for you, by you!

We’ve been getting so many questions sent to us every day and most of those about relationships! We thought that it would be a good idea to start a website beside asdfing that people will be able to easily ask (and respond to!) relationship questions. We thought it would be much better than just us answering them – if a question gets many replies from all of you, it would be much more helpful for the person in need!

So there you have it! Check it out and ask a relationship question or put in your two cents!

asdfing answers: Ask relationship questions or answer them!

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50 Happy Thoughts to help you through the day

happy thoughtsLet’s take a break from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and bring ourselves to Neverland, where Happy Thoughts could make us fly. Relax and take a deep breath.

Now, think of the hings that make you smile and start making a list.

Hope you find some happy thoughts among these:

1.     Helping an elderly stranger.

2.     A smile from a stranger’s baby.

3.     Catching your special someone staring at you.

4.     Accidentally finding loose change in your pants.

5.     Smelling something that reminds you of a pleasant memory.

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