Dealing with Jealousy in Your Relationship

handle jealousy in your relationship“My boyfriend is insanely jealous.”

“My girlfriend tracks my every move.”

“My husband thinks I’m sleeping around with all his friends.”

“My fiancee thinks I’m interested in other girls.”

How many times have you heard all this, or said them yourself?

Here are ways to deal with and handle jealousy within your relationship.

– First and most obvious, talk about it. There’s no better way than to find out why your partner is jealous. It could be because they are so deeply in love with you, and not because they think you are doing anything wrong.

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How to Deal With Relationship Conflict

resolve relationship conflictAll couples come to conflict. It’s just not possible to avoid it; no matter how much in love you are, or how well you get along or how much you care about each other, we’re all bound to come to rifts in our relationships. It could be anything from just a simple mix-up, to a severe disagreement. But don’t fret! It doesn’t have to be as bad as you fear. It’s not that hard to resolve relationship conflict.

– You first of all must understand that you are two different people, no matter how alike you are, and it’s practically impossible to be on the same page all the time. Until direct brain connection is invented, we’re unfortunately going to have to accept the fact that we’re going to have separate ideas from everyone else in the world!

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How to Pick Cool Christmas Gifts

cool christmas giftsIt’s that time of the year again, and we have to think of what gifts we’re going to give to our significant others! Sometimes we come to a crossroads, even though we know them so well and know what they like. Here are some tips on choosing a present for your loved one.

– Take some time to really think of their interests. What are their hobbies? What do they search for on the Internet, what television shows or kind of movies do they watch? Are they into sports? Do they read books, and what kind? This is a surefire way of finding something that caters perfectly to their tastes.

– Think of their softer side. Even guys may want teddy bears, or the most practical woman. Christmas gifts can be more cuddly and emotional. How about a Santa bear with a cute little Santa Claus hat? It’s enough to warm anyone’s heart this holiday season!

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Why Women Are So Keen On Marriage

why are women keen on marriageDid you know that in Ireland, on February 29th of leap years, it’s a tradition for women to actually ask men to marry them? Why are women so keen on marriage, though? What’s a signature, a notary public and a piece of paper have to do with love and life? Turns out that men and women have a totally different idea of what is important in marriage to them.

– Women need to live and feel that extra romantic step. Truth be told, apart from discussing having children together, a marriage proposal is just about the most romantic thing a woman can think of – this is why there are all these stories of extravagant and crazy proposals, and not just the normal, perfectly romantic fancy-restaurant-down-on-one-knee stories.

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How to Recover From Your Breakup Depression

how to recover from breakup depressionWhen our partners break up with us, we feel lost. We feel like a big part of us has died inside. It’s not wrong to feel bad. It’s healthy, and reminds us of the fragility of life and our own humanity.

Here are some simple things that will help you get over your breakup, and start enjoying being single.

Embrace it. The more you try to forget the things that happen and purposely put them out of your mind, the more you beat yourself up for feeling bad. You think it’s wrong and try to change your feelings. It’s not, though. It’s fine to mourn. You must do it, and feel the grief so you can finally get over it. It’s a normal process, and necessary so we can get over things.

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How to Seduce A Woman – 4 Powerful Techniques

how to seduce a womanWhat guy does not dream about being able to seduce beautiful women? On some level, all men want to have women find them attractive and appealing. We all want to feel confident about our ability to make a woman feel attraction towards us, and this is really what discovering how to seduce a woman is really all about. Sure, there are techniques and tricks that some guys use.

But what will really help you out the most though, is realizing that seduction is all about intense sexual attraction. When you can trigger enough attraction in a woman, then seducing her becomes relatively simple and easy. You won’t have to bog yourself down with trying to learn a whole bunch of routines and techniques.

Here are 4 tips on how to seduce a woman that will lead to YOUR success when it comes to seduction:

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How to Keep Him With You and In Love

keep him in loveSometimes, we feel like it’s a terrible task for us gals to keep our guys in check. They seem to grow bored easily, be afraid of commitment, and tend to cheat on us. We feel insecure, inferior, and awful about ourselves and our relationships. However, don’t fret! It’s not hard at all to give your man the things he needs to be happy and, keep him faithful and with you!

– Give your man freedom. I know this may sound like the opposite of what you’re trying to do, but trust me. At the first sign of “enclosure“, a guy will want to bust his chains and set himself free.

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Why do we still call it a Man’s World?

women in societyIn today’s modern, high-technology, ever-changing world that statistically proves time and time again that women get to the top of the fields they enter – leading consumers in the marketplace, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers in almost all home financial decisions. Despite all of this, the real question remains; why is it still a “man’s world”? Why do the majority of decisions, control, and height of paychecks lay in the hands of men? Or even – since us women are being put in more positions of power and decision making, why do we still allow it to be a man’s world?

First and foremost, this article will start with examples of women in education, in work and in business, and women as consumers. Then, we’ll hopefully conclude on why it is still such a man’s world.

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Funny Relationship Quotes

funny relationship quotesSometimes we need to sit back and look at our relationships, no matter how easy or tough they are, in a different light. Add a bit of humor into the mix! After all, why should we always take things so seriously? Here’s some funny quotes on relationships that will hopefully bring a smile to your face, and give you a humorous look on the bright side of things. Enjoy!

I want a real relationship; not a Facebook one. – Anonymous

A lion wouldn’t cheat, but a tiger wood. – Anonymous

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Best 40 Relationship Quotes

relationship quotesThere come times when we are just left speechless. When what we feel is so strong, that we can’t even dare to think of trying to put it into words; whether it be for family, friendship, romance, your new found love or your life partner. Sometimes, we just let the greats speak for themselves: they’ve already put those wonderful feelings into words, which live on through their own personal quotes. Enjoy.

Love me when I least deserve it, because that is when I really need it. – Swedish proverb

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