Inside the Mind of a Married Woman

the mind of a married woman

If you think that married women only think about the next thing they will cook for breakfast and how to iron their husband’s suit, think again.  Married women these days are not as doting as they used to be.  Sure, we would love to be a Martha Stewart perfect homemaker, but we do have our career and social life to balance as well.

I have been married to a wonderful man for seven years. I was a devoted wife and mother four years ago but my college education had created a need for me to strive to be much more than just a housewife.


I graduated from a reputable school in the top 20 of my class. I have always felt the need to excel in academics; sitting around babysitting a toddler and nursing an infant wasn’t really as academically astute as I wanted it to be. Don’t get me wrong – I really love my children, and watching them grow was fulfilling enough for me.  It’s just that I felt at times that there was a growing void in my brain.

So after my second baby’s first birthday, I decided to look for a job. Eventually, I got accepted.

Aging Gracefully

After a challenging day at work, (and checking my children’s homework, my husband’s report, preparing dinner, reading bedtime stories and tucking everyone into bed) I would look at myself in the mirror, checking the fine lines of triumph in balancing all the aspects of my life.

But then again, I’m a girl.  After rejoicing my accomplishments, I always rub my face with an ample amount of Retin-A to slow the signs of aging.  I, of course, want to look beautiful for my husband.

Other Guys

There are times when some men can’t tell that I’m married and engage in silly, casual flirtatious talk.  It is fun to keep it on for an hour or two, but I always manage to snap myself back to reality no matter how attractive the other person is.
It’s good to feel wanted, but I am always grateful that my husband not just wants me – he adores me.


A married life wouldn’t be complete without the worries of a mother.  Even though I am working and my children are at school, I still cannot keep myself at ease being separated with them. Are they eating their lunch well? Did they understand their lessons? Did they get into a fight? Did they hurt themselves?  So every lunch time at around 12:30 pm I always make it a habit to call them and check up on them.
I am so thankful for the powers of modern technology.  Now I can see my daughters (digitally face to face) as I talk to them on the cellphone.


This is the last one I would like to tackle as this proves to be the toughest one for me to manage.  I am a shopaholic, and always have a hard time managing my own finances.  Nowadays, a husbands’ salary is not enough, so wives must help out.
I always put my family’s expenses as top priority and my needs second.

How about you? What are your thoughts on married life?

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