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Keeping the Embers of Passion Burning | Asdfing
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Keeping the Embers of Passion Burning

keeping the embers of passion burning

Do you feel like your relationship is as exciting as it was a decade or so ago?  Do you still feel that tingly sensation when he kisses you? Well, here are some tips to help you keep the spark alive!

The Element of Surprise. Giving each other little surprises is essential to keeping your relationship exciting.  It could be a sweet little note on the refrigerator or a small surprise when he comes home, like cooking him his favorite dessert.

My partner for example, usually brings home little presents from time to time, especially when he knows I least anticipate it.  I remember one time when he placed a box of my favorite chocolates in the laundry basket and then asked me to sort the clothes out.  I was a little miffed by his unusual request, but after finding his surprise it made my heart skip a beat.  A little outlandish but special.

You and Me time. Busy with work or kids? No matter what the reason, give your relationship some time.  Take a quick break from your daily routine; once a week wouldn’t hurt.

Go on a date and try to leave all your worries behind.  Just talk about the two of you as if you are the only two people on the planet. Go HHWW (Holding Hands While Walking) on the beach or for a walk in the park and just catch up. Sit down and gaze at the stars together. Talk about how you have both evolved into the people you are now. This will surely recharge your relationship and remind you of those first days when you were first discovering each other.

Cuddle.  A hug always brings comfort- psychology has proved so.  Cuddling with my loved one while watching TV or before sleeping at night while talking, brings me this inexplicable feeling of content.  Even if you’re not really into much physical intimacy, always find time to cuddle – it’s like vitamins for the soul.

Kiss.  Studies have shown that kissing your partner is responsible for the reduction of stress, increasing relationship satisfaction and lowering of cholesterol levels. Kissing can also cause adrenalin glands to release epinephrine (a hormone that makes the heart pump faster) and norepinephrine (a hormone that gives the body sudden energy) into the blood giving you an adrenaline rush. So, next time you see your partner, give him a long lingering kiss and see if that won’t make him smile.

Indulge in Foreplay. Nobody should be too busy to forget about the joys of foreplay.  Take time; don’t have quickies just to get it over with.  Foreplay is one of the most intimate forms of human bonding and sometimes we all need reassurance that we are still wanted.  When you indulge in foreplay, explore each other and tease each other; give each other a massage or blindfold you partner so you can heighten your other senses. You will certainly keep the fire burning until you reach the best part.

Sex.  Most couples feel so comfortable with each other, they even have their own routine in bed!  Take note, our goal is to keep the passion alive.  Be more adventurous and always try to find something new (feeding your partner strawberries or a little role-playing might help).  New positions will refresh your libidos and make you yearn for more. Sex is very important in an intimate relationship and should never be taken for granted.  Show your partner that you still want him and try to find time to satisfy each other.

What are your secrets in keeping your relationship interesting?


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