Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Alive

keep your long distance relationship alive

“Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Alive” is part of the Long Distance Relationship Series.

You’re in it, you’ve been in it for a while; now it’s time to keep your long distance relationship alive and interesting! This needs work. When your significant other is halfway round the world, it’s even tougher than normal. You both lack the physical contact and so it may often seem hard to remember the reasons why you’re involved in the first place. That’s why it’s important to remind each other.

To love, care for and desire your partner is the golden key to keeping your long distance relationship alive.

Sending e-mails and talking on the phone is all good but you still want to hold them in your arms, smell their scent and run your fingers through their hair. You don’t want to forget all the little things that give your relationship meaning. Apart from sending gifts and talking on the phone, you could try these little tricks.

  • MAKE A WEEKLY DATE. Set a day each week which you spend together. You could play cards on line, cook the same meal, rent and watch the same film or listen to the same radio show. Your lives in different cities can be so different, it’s important to feel that you still have things in common. Sharing experiences that unite you, despite the distance, can bring you closer.
  • Next time you see each other, LEAVE LITTLE NOTES in their luggage, in garment pockets or around their house. Every time they find one it will be a pleasant surprise.
  • SEND EACH OTHER A BELOVED OBJECT of yours to hold on to until their return. This sort of works like a guarantee, plus it shows you trust them. It also provides comfort when you miss each other. It could be a scarf, a small object or a stuffed toy; anything personal and dear to your hearts.
  • E-MAIL A DIFFERENT LOVE QUOTE EVEY DAY. This way they know you haven’t forgotten them and it gives them a reason to smile every morning when they open their inbox.
  • SEND EACH OTHER A WEEKLY VIDEO OR AUDIO CLIP WITH NEWS, updates, thoughts and reason you miss them. You could play your favorite music in the background or sing them a song you wrote for them on the guitar.
  • SEND THEM A BLANK JOURNAL to write in whenever they feel they need you close, but can’t talk to you on the phone. It’s not always easy to synchronize your lives from afar and there will be times when you’re not able to have real time contact. This will make up for the distance, plus it will help your partner get things off their chest.
  • SEND A LOVE LETTER EVERY WEEK. Love letters never go out of style and there’s nothing better than a handwritten letter, expressing all your feelings of love and longing.

There are many ways to rekindle your passion for each other. Just because you have a few states, countries or even continents between you, doesn’t mean your love can’t remain strong. If you truly love each other, the distance will hopefully make your heart grow fonder. Face it like a challenge, overcome your communication problems and handle things together. The key is commitment, trust and honesty. If you follow these simple tips you can help keep your long distance relationship alive.

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