How To Seduce A Woman

how to seduce a woman

Seducing a woman is not an easy task. Unlike men, women don’t care that much if you are handsome or that smart, or even if you have money. Many men think that they can have any woman they want just because they are rich; but that’s not really true. In fact, women see things in a different way and all that matters is your mind. My grandfather used to say that if you wish to have sex with a woman, you have to have sex with her mind first. (of course, he used dirty words :p)

Let’s suppose that you just met a girl you’ve never seen before. Is there anything you can do to seduce her?

Get her attention: The first thing you need to do is to get her attention and your weapon for this mission will be your humor. But be careful not to overdo it, because there is a thin line between funny and ridiculous. If you lack humor, work on it. Humor is a must, and if you want to seduce a woman you need to have it. Try to approach her, and when the time is right, spit your line out to make her laugh! Look her in the eyes – if you are too shy to do that, look at her mouth; the common human eye can not see the difference! Do not give her inappropriate looks (don’t stare at her legs, chest, or bottom) and do not let your gaze wander off into space under any circumstances! As soon as she laughs, you need to walk away from her in less than 30 sec! Be sure that your funny line will make you the main subject of discussion among her friends for a while.

Seduce Her Friends: If you wish to be with that woman, you need to make a good impression on her friends. Depending on the place you met her, talk with her friends, dance with them, or even sing with them. Make them laugh or get their attention. Try to act normal and cool; don’t blow your own trumpet, be a little mysterious, but not that much – because soon or later they will think that you are a psycho! While you are talking with her friends, ignore her; I know that it is very hard, but you need to do it. Even if your previous joke made her think that you are flirting with her, now that you ignore her, she’ll start having second thoughts about it. It is important that she will never be sure that you like her. If a woman feels that you are an easy target you’ll lose the game.

The phone number: Do not ask for her phone number! The hardest part is to get her number. The ideal upshot of your first encounter would be if she asks for your number; but that’s kind of unusual (unless you are handsome and have a six pack, but then again it’s not that certain!) Anyway, you don’t have to care that much about it. Just think carefully, do you know any cool events going on in your town? Are you invited to any fancy parties? If not, you will have to throw a party and be sure that you will invite them… ALL OF THEM! You will have to ask for a phone number from one of her friends. If there is a man around, it’s better to go to him; if not, ask in general between them so you can give the tips on where the event is going to be. Make them believe that they don’t want to miss it, so everyone will come. As soon as you have a phone number, leave the place. Smile and salute your new buddies but don’t look back at her.

The event: The big day has come, it is time to use the phone number you have; call her friends. Explain them how to come and be sure that you sound friendly on the phone – remind them to bring everyone, but don’t focus on names. 90% your girl will be with them; if not, do not worry keep acting like we said before, so you may gain their trust. If your potential love shows up, its time for you to act! This time you may talk with her and spend some time with her! Offer a nice cocktail and make her laugh for a moment; don’t try to take her away from her friends, make her believe that you still don’t care that much and that you see her as a friend, although give her some strange looks – if she believes that you are just a friend, then you’ll have many problems to solve. When the time to go will come, tell them that it was very nice to see them around, and ask everyone for their phone number: I know it’s boring, but do it! Give them all a missed call but send an instant message to her mobile by typing your number and your name under it only. Believe me it will make her smile softly. Congratulations, you have her phone number!

Patient: I don’t know if you got an instant message back from her, but you need to wait at least two days to give a signal that you are alive, after two days its time for you to act. Call her this time, tell her that you know an awesome bar and you will be there with some of your friends, tell her to invite her friends too so you can go there all together. She will probably say yes, but if not don’t worry, wait for three more days this time and try again. I am sure she will say yes eventually; if not as I said before work with your humor and don’t be a stalker. The point in calling her friends is that when they are alone they will start talking about you for sure. While you are out, let your friend start a discussion about sex, participate in it and talk with confidence and style, you may beam smile at her while talking: sexual conversations are always good to show that you are not a guy with taboos.

The Date: After all that time, it is time to ask her out! Don’t use instant messaging. The best thing to do is to talk with her; show her that you are brave. Call her in the morning, ask her out for coffee. Tell her that you are bored. After the yes you will hear, look up some new movies; don’t choose something with blood or guns! Something softer will do. At coffee, tell her that you know about a great movie playing at the cinema, ask her to come with you. If she can’t that day, it’s not a problem: she will come sooner or later. When the night comes, go home, take a bath, call a nice restaurant you know to reserve a place for two. Go to the cinema, make her laugh, enjoy the movie – don’t try to kiss her there! When you are about to go home, tell her to follow you, go to the restaurant, give them your name, and you’ll be both shown to your table. You will impress her!

The Escort: You had an awesome night, but now its time to go home. You have to take her to her house: if you can walk, it’s the best way because you will both keep laughing and telling each other stories. If not, take your car or take a cab by saying you never drive after drinking. Walk her to her door. Say goodnight – you have to make for the kiss! After her response, Do NOT ask to come in! If she wants to, she’ll invite you. You have just seduced a Woman! You now feel lighter than air: You are in LOVE!

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  1. Keith Thursday - 10 / 01 / 2008 Reply
    Some interesting ideas here...will keep them in mind!
  2. How to Seduce Women Monday - 12 / 05 / 2008 Reply
    For me, I would say that seduction is in fact a very easy thing to learn but very hard to apply. Despite my success with girls, I often find when facing different girls, we need different types of seduction techniques.
  3. How to get a girlfri Wednesday - 28 / 05 / 2008 Reply
    I really liked the part of your article where you mentioned how it's important to seduce her friends. Often, winning over her friends is one of the most important aspects of a potential pick up and most authors neglect to mention this. Kudos!
  4. wtf? Friday - 26 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    WTF? This guy is a horrible writer. How did he get this job? Women dont think money is attractive? Is he seriously smoking something? This was obviously written by someone still in grade school.
    • Amanda* Monday - 15 / 03 / 2010 Reply
      uh im a girl reply to this to um i wouldnt care if kjzlfkgskdf* was Rolling in money, i wouldnt give im the light of friggen day if he didnt treat me right
  5. Conrad Dixon Monday - 13 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    Big thing to do on the date is to visit multiple venues over the evening... that creates a false sense having known each other for a long time. Peace, Conrad
  6. Jim Blackstone Monday - 21 / 09 / 2009 Reply
    To seduce a woman easily just put your cock in her mouth , thrust and ejaculate into her mouth or on her face.
  7. humour Tuesday - 22 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    Tr?s bon article, merci
  8. Jacinto Heit Saturday - 23 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    What a amazing post.
  9. LRS Saturday - 20 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    How to seduce a women...seriously...did you ask a women before writing this? you don't call me for 2 days...I've lost interest..However, you start calling everyday...lost interest...some of what you said rings true for both sexes...we all like a keep us guessing a little...
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