How to Recover From Your Breakup Depression

how to recover from breakup depressionWhen our partners break up with us, we feel lost. We feel like a big part of us has died inside. It’s not wrong to feel bad. It’s healthy, and reminds us of the fragility of life and our own humanity.

Here are some simple things that will help you get over your breakup, and start enjoying being single.

- Embrace it. The more you try to forget the things that happen and purposely put them out of your mind, the more you beat yourself up for feeling bad. You think it’s wrong and try to change your feelings. It’s not, though. It’s fine to mourn. You must do it, and feel the grief so you can finally get over it. It’s a normal process, and necessary so we can get over things.

- Catch up with family and friends that you lost contact with during your relationship. We’ve all done it; we haven’t called that old classmate of ours in a long time, and we haven’t gone out with our friends. Sometimes, we refrain from hanging around friends of ours that our partners aren’t fond of, for their sake. Contact them and tell them you’re sorry; they’re bound to forgive you!

- Do things you haven’t in a while because of your relationship. Go out every Friday with your friends like you used to. Go to that bar she hated, or that theater he couldn’t stand. We all give things up for the sake of our partners, whether they ask for it or not. Go back to your old self and remember what fun you used to have!

- Don’t go crazy and go overboard, but don’t be a prude. Don’t be afraid to indulge in yourself, or do something crazy you wouldn’t normally do. This point ranges from casual sex all the way to jet skiing and bungee jumping! Just be careful, and have safe fun!

- Avoid all contact with your ex-partners. This is very, very tough, but it’s crucial. It might even be the key to getting them back, or making him fall in love with you all over again. It will also make you feel better, and let you get on with your life. Of course you want to know how they’re doing – an email here and there will suffice, just to let them know you care and that you have no hard feelings. However, if the breakup was messy and they decided to hurt you, they don’t really deserve your care anymore, do they?

- Delete them as contacts from all social media. Each and every social media site and internet messaging program are very effective stalkers! You’ll find yourself slaving all over your browsers and clients all day, every day to check up on them. You don’t and shouldn’t want to know when they’re home, when they’re online, what they’re doing, and so on. It will also give you the sense of relief that they won’t be updating statuses on purpose just to spite you – since they can’t find you!

- Make new friends. Do new things. Say YES to things you normally wouldn’t, like going on a rafting trip or taking up a summer job on a faraway island. This is the perfect time to soul-search and re-invent yourself. Don’t be afraid of nagging or the complaining of a significant other anymore; just go out and DO it!

Use the “you” time you finally have to live as a better you, and effectively get ready for adventure in your next relationship!

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