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How To Make Him Fall In Love With You... Truths And Tricks | Asdfing
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How To Make Him Fall In Love With You… Truths And Tricks

Make him fall in love

There comes a time in your life when, even if you enjoy being single, you meet the guy that makes your heart beat faster. There is no right or wrong time to fall in love – it just happens. And then, all you want is to be around him. But, what if he doesn’t seem to care? Is there anything you can do to get his attention? Is there any way to make him yours?


Be yourself!

The first rule to make him fall in love with you is to be yourself. If he will love you for something, let that be your special character and your extraordinary mind. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Don’t do anything that isn’t you. He’ll find out that you are faking as soon as you’ll be tired of pretending to be his dream woman and start being yourself. What will happen then? He might not like what he sees; he’ll feel betrayed, and he’ll probably run from you. After all, you do have enough self respect to be loved for what you really are, don’t you?

Be confident!

Being yourself alone isn’t enough. You also have to believe in yourself. Many women remain single because of their low self-esteem. I once met a girl that wasn’t that pretty, but she claimed that she could have any man she wanted. She told me, “It doesn’t matter how you look, it matters what you think of yourself.” Later that night I met her boyfriend. They were on a long-term relationship and they seemed to be happy together. This woman was acting like she was wearing an invisible crown; and it was working.

Are you too shy and don’t know how to “promote” yourself? Here is a tip: think about what your good parts are. Do you have a great sense of humor? Then use it! Guys appreciate humor as mush as girls do!

Do not overreact!

When you like someone and you want to make him like you too, it’s very easy to make a fool of yourself. Don’t be too loud or too invisible; don’t laugh for no reason, don’t say just anything that pops into your head. That usually happens when you are too nervous about what he’ll think of you – there is no reason to be so stressed. Just relax, take a big breath and act like he is one of your friends.

Look gorgeous!

First impressions are always important. Not that personality and confidence don’t count, but looking gorgeous whenever he gets to see you, will make your life a lot easier. If you are one of those girls that can’t tell the difference between eyeliner and concealer, put your face’s fate in to your girlfriends’ hands (and makeup kits)! She will make the best of the beauty God blessed you with!


Be friendly – Smile and compliment him

The first step to make a guy like you is to get close to him. Who can resist the company of a friendly and happy face?

Have you ever noticed that although men compliment us a lot, we don’t do the same? Make the difference. Tell him how handsome he looks. He won’t see it coming, plus, he’ll understand you are interested (keep in mind that most of the times, guys don’t have a clue that we may like them). Jean Giraudoux said about compliments: “When you see a woman who can go nowhere without a staff of admirers, it’s not so much because they think she is beautiful, but because she has told them they are handsome”.

Listen to the boys!

I don’t imply that all men are the same, or that all see the same way, but it’s always good to take some good advice from the boys. Ask your friends if their girlfriends said or did something they liked, or hated. When you learn about common mistakes girls do during dates or during a relationship, just try to avoid doing them!

Play hard-to-get!

This is an old trick that never goes out of fashion! Make him jealous; don’t answer all his phone calls, and don’t be always available for him. Hang out with other guys too – let him believe you have many admirers. Men are competitive by nature, so he’ll fight for your attention. As soon as he does, he’ll start wondering: “Why am I jealous? Am I so interested in this girl?” You’ll know you have won his heart…

Play on your turf!

Invite him over to your place for a cup of coffee or a movie. You will feel very comfortable if you meet at your house. There are many things you can do if you stay indoors. What’s more, you can invite him to hang out with your friends. They are the people that know how to make you look even cooler than he already thinks you are! They are always in the mood to say something nice or tell some awesome stories about you.

Find out about him.

To get into his heart, you have to get into his mind first. Find out what he’s made of. Ask people that know him to discover what he likes and dislikes. Do you have something in common? Maybe you listen to the same music, or you both like to play chess. Take advantage of the information you’ve got. Challenge him in to a game of chess or start a conversation about the bands you both enjoy.

Let me tell you a brief story to justify why ‘having things in common’ is so important. I was out the other day when I overheard 3 guys in their 20’s. One of them was saying, “I met this really cool girl I think I really like. She drinks Red Bull too!” The others seemed to agree with him. I stopped and stared at them before I burst out laughing. Excuse me? What does drinking Red Bull have to do with anything? Funny as it is, every detail counts!

Get to know his friends!

To win his heart, try to win his friends first. For men, friendship is very important. Take it for granted that he trusts his friends’ opinions, and he faithfully follows their advice. If there is someone that can influence him, it will be his friends. So, the sooner you get to know them and the more they like you, the more possible it is to be with him!

And if nothing works…

We’re always looking into strange books and books that can help us overcome difficult situations. Lately I’ve stumbled upon a book that I have found very interesting especially for someone that has been separated with their other half but can’t stand it and want them back into their life. It’s a very good book with practical and real advice that can help you win your other half back. Just check it out here and tell us what you think!


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  1. Unquestionably imagine that which you said. Your favourite justification appeared to be at the web the simplest thing to consider of. I say to you, I certainly get annoyed at the same time as folks think about worries that they just don't understand about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the highest and outlined out the whole thing with no need side-effects , folks could take a signal. Will probably be again to get more. Thanks
  2. natasha Saturday - 22 / 12 / 2007 Reply
    I am natasha i live in marina's house she is my bestfriend and she has a boyfriend his name is JT she love him very much I do to.
    • ella* Sunday - 12 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      well see thats the number one NO NO. jsut to let you know. friends mean more then dudes do and u will loose a friend
    • maya Friday - 31 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      chicks over dicks remember that and my friend sometimes "share" but when it comes to love that's a HUGE no should tell ur friend about this feeling towards him, but remember he is HER boyfriend not urs..there's plenty fish in the sea hun so go catch one of ur own. it'll taste better i promise.
    • Emily Saturday - 19 / 09 / 2009 Reply
      Hi Natasha i was wondering what is her bf's last name b/c i like a guy named JT also?
  3. Just A Word Saturday - 22 / 12 / 2007 Reply
    the part about making the guy jealous is not effective. actually guys will just lose even the little interest they had in you if they see you with many different guys. it's so easy for us to just switch our attention to another girl
    • Vegas05 Saturday - 02 / 02 / 2008 Reply
      Exactly, echoing 'Just A Word' it's a bad idea flirting or hanging out with other guys would more than likely diminish the slightest thought from this guy of giving you a chance. Remember YOU LIKE HIM, he probably didn't even notice you...
      • JealousyWorks Friday - 04 / 04 / 2008
        Hey, guys, what are you talking about? all men say the same thing:"If he sees you with an other guy, he will definitely switch his attention" i made a big mistake believing YOU GUYS once. So, i focused on the guy i liked. As a result, he got too confident about himself and so pleased he had one more admirer (that would be me) so he started playing with me(he was complimenting me but went out with other girls, he was calling me but didn't ask me out and so on. And i was feeling horrible. I decided to "drop the case" but a friend told me that i could give this a last chance because i liked him so much. She told me to try make him jealous. I didn't do much. I went out with some guy a couple of times in places he usually went(and yeah, he saw us!) but i let him believe that there was a new guy in my life. And it worked! In a few words, at first he was surprised (or should i say socked?) by the fact i was seeing somebody else but he ended up begging me:) As for how this story ended, it doesn't matter. I just wanted to say that Jealousy is a great weapon!!
      • abigail Thursday - 17 / 07 / 2008
        omg that exact thing happened to me like ok this guy started talking to me for like the past months and he seemed rly interested i me (supposly) he would compliment me too and take me to places and we would talk on the phone 24/7 so i thought he really liked me but time went on and he never asked me out he just told me he liked me and then i asked him what he really wanted with me and he said he didnt know then he started being indifferent with me and now i found out that he has a gf and i kinda feel bad about it because he just played with me i dont know what to do :[ my biggest mistake was to be to available for him like i kinda put him b4 other ppl so he must've felt like i was all crazy for him or something plz give me advice
      • Abby Friday - 07 / 11 / 2008
        In response to Abigail (my name is Abby too!) the exact same thing happened to me, I got in too deep and then found out he had a girlfriend- for 6 years! But I got over it a lot quicker because I just thought how much of an idiot he was....and think of the poor girlfriend, be glad your not in her shoes! So chin up, look outside and be positive, he's not worth the air he breathes!xx Maybe someone can help me, I have been put on a break from my boyfriend, who I know is the only person I've ever loved, I so don't want to lose him. We're both going through a tough time, he just started uni and I just quit. I said some horrible stuff because my course was messing me up and now I want to fix it desperatly I love him with everything I have and now I'm an emotional train wreck, help me please.
      • Megan Tuesday - 18 / 11 / 2008
        Almost the same thing happened to me... I liked this guy for like 5 monthes and we flirted and flirted and he told me he liked me like every time we talked. And I found out he went out with some girls during all of this and everything. I was so clueless. We hung out a lot too. I never really thought about jealously but now that I think of it I hang around a lot of guys and he seemed to always appear when I had guys around me. He did end up asking me out (we're still going out). But I think he was playing with me for a little while. But ever since we started going out we hardly talk and he seems completely uninterested in me when I'm around him. So im thinkin', how can I get him to like me more than he does?
      • ec Sunday - 07 / 06 / 2009
        jealousy is a great weapon...a re-echo ;-)
      • sandy Sunday - 08 / 02 / 2009
        I found a book on the internet which taught me a huge amount about relationships with men and also generally . . . how to make him fall madly in love with me by how I behave towards him . . . how to deal with relationship problems (disputes, infidelity . . .) . . . I am now practising these methods and I have to say that they work . . . I can’t believe it . . . it is as if I had found a mathematical formula which works like magic http://www.women’s
      • sandy Sunday - 08 / 02 / 2009
        I found a book on the internet which taught me a huge amount about relationships with men and also generally . . . how to make him fall madly in love with me by how I behave towards him . . . how to deal with relationship problems (disputes, infidelity . . .) . . . I am now practising these methods and I have to say that they work . . . I can’t believe it . . . it is as if I had found a mathematical formula which works like magic
      • Sarah Monday - 01 / 06 / 2009
        Hey :) My story is kinda different. I liked this guy alot, i thought he liked me too.. but some good girl friend of his found out i liked him (she wants to be more than friends with him) and told him a major pack of lies. and ofc, hes gonna believe a good friend right? so now he totally hates me. or so he said. but on a morning, hes always looking at me.. so are his mates most of the time. i dont know what to do, i dont know how he feels. grrr :( Sarah,,xo
      • Iris Thursday - 17 / 09 / 2009
        first u have to kick that girl's ass...and then u have to find a way to make him believe that nothing of those things are true find i way to be his friend again and then u know what to do right ?
    • sara Friday - 04 / 04 / 2008 Reply
      well making someone jelouse dont have to be seeing others guys it can be just behing around the and bhing likable, nothing more...but if the girl end up looking like she is interested in all the other guys then what you siad mught be true, but I guess making him jelouse might be a strong word...but ya I get the point.
      • Bunnie Friday - 04 / 07 / 2008
        I agree. "hanging out with other guys" could just mean being friendly and open and nice with everyone, and when you do that eventually other guys will flirt with you; you don't have to flirt back. But just seeing how you and that guy are so good with each other he starts to want you only for himself.
    • prettysmartfem@aol.c Monday - 12 / 01 / 2009 Reply
      I would have to agree there. Ive tried this strategy more than once. no good ever comes of it.
    • Peggy Tuesday - 07 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      It does work, but you have to know how to make it work. Don't act like you are available to all of these guys, but be friendly and let them come after you. If a guy switches his attention that easily, he is not worth it anyway. He has no confidence in himself. A man that has confidence in himself will see competition, and competition is what keeps most men interested. After all if no one else wants you, why would he?
  4. Claire Monday - 24 / 12 / 2007 Reply
    I once tried to make a guy i was interested in jealous. i did hang out with other guys( although i didn't have a relationship with any of them) and it worked! i think girls can make guys jealous that way but we must not overdo it.
  5. vartika Friday - 28 / 12 / 2007 Reply
    good nice tips
  6. Tory Sunday - 30 / 12 / 2007 Reply
    I've been interested in a guy for about a year now and we've been going on and off dating and somewhere along the line we stopped but always kept the idea.Now i've moved on more but still flirt with him, i talk to other guys more espically one and whenever me and him hang out and talk ,he gets jealous and competes for my attendtion.He would never admit that he is jealous though, but finally he knows how i felt that whole year. Good Tips btw espically the play-hard-to-get it never fails ;)
  7. tan Tuesday - 15 / 01 / 2008 Reply
    i never know you have the same tips as i do, but it does realy worked maybe some but its a good tips xz
  8. Sue Wednesday - 16 / 01 / 2008 Reply
    in a book store, run across a book, Men love Bitches.. if you get a chance..truly is not only funny, but true. Henry Rollins once said.. all men are stupid and all woman are evil! I think Id much rather be evil!
  9. Cheerleader Saturday - 22 / 03 / 2008 Reply
    Thanks for these tips. Love them
  10. Marce Sunday - 30 / 03 / 2008 Reply
    i'm kinda desperate... googling "how to make him fall in love" stupid, i know. but it worked 'cause i found this page and i really enjoyed reading it all girls kinda know those tips we know we have to get his attention, hang out with his friends and don't be anoying , etc but my situation unfortunadly doesn't fit with this i met this guy 2 months ago... he's with me in 2 classes at college and he's friend of my friends we started hanging out a bit i liked him rigth away... he's extremadly shy and quiet but when i'm him i he starts talking a lot and telling me about his life and every time he tells me something new about him i feel more related to him and i feel more atracted... one day i spent a whole day alone with him and we eneded having sex... it was awesome but i'm affraid he's not gonna take me serious anymore... i'm totally in love with him and he still is nice with me but i feel like he got what he wanted and he doesn't care about me anymore... so what can i do in this situation??? please help i'll be pretty obliged to get some advices... thanks byebye marce-mexico
    • Evi Friday - 04 / 04 / 2008 Reply
      Dear marce, thanks for sharing with us your story. Love stories and new relationships are always hard. But i have a question for you. If he is still nice with you, why do you believe that he doesn't care and that he "got what he wanted?" He is shy although he opened up to you. Were those conversations just to have sex with you?? If that is true, then you might reconsider if he is the one or not. However, you shouldn't jump to conclusions. From your writtings i understood that this is a recent thing. This relationship hasn't even started. After all, nobody knows from the begging how a relationship will go. Give it time! See how things will go and do not be disappointed about an ending that hasn't come yet. For the time, act cool and do not press him or yourself. What it's written in the stars, Let it be! Keep in touch and let us know how things will go:) Good luck!
    • Emma Monday - 06 / 04 / 2009 Reply
      Talk to him...
    • emma Monday - 04 / 05 / 2009 Reply
      Have you spoken to him since? If he avoiding you, just pretend like it never happened and just be friendly. If he still talks to you, but never hints that he wants anything more, probably you need to make him jealous. Date someone else for a while, hang around with goodlooking guys but always have time for him and make an effort to talk to him. If he makes if obvious he like you, then basically, it's just upto you what you want from him.
    • Tiffany Wednesday - 01 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      Hey sweetheart I know what you mean. I am not with this particular male friend anymore but we did stay together for quite some time. He got close pretty quickly and I didn't hear from him all of a sudden for a few days. I paniced and called him up. Nothing. Finally, he did call me back. He told me he thought we were moving a little too fast and he needed time to think things through. I told him flat out I normally do not move this fast and I would still like to try and see where this relationship goes. He agreed and we stayed together for almost a year. We ended the relationship because of other issues but it was the best decision I ever made. So in a nut shell, tell him how you feel about what happened, the worst he can say is he doesn't fell the same way. Good Luck
    • Peggy Tuesday - 07 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      Marce, next time wait until you feel confident that he has feelings for you. In the meantime, he has enjoyed the privilege of knowing you intimately. Makes sure he realizes that it was a privilege, and not something you do with every guy. Next time you spend time with him, tell him that you are not sure if you moved too quickly. Tell him that you would really like to get to know each other better before having sex again. If he is agreeable to that, he is really into you. Don't let a guy rush you with a bunch of lies. Give them time to prove their sincerity.
  11. Danya Thursday - 24 / 04 / 2008 Reply
    good... but how? how willl hee
  12. sara Sunday - 18 / 05 / 2008 Reply
    i really like this guy he is one of my best friends he is my friend since we were in grade 6 i actually think im in love with him i tried everything that's written here but it didn't work please someone help me, he is gonna travel after 3 monthes to get ingajed to one of his cousins but he doesn't like her and his parents told him that if he doesn't find a wife in 6 weeks they will make him marry that cousin of his, he told me that he is gonna propose for nicole (our friend) because he really likes her and he will propose for her after 2 weeks if his parents don't force him 2 get married, please i am begging everyone 2 help me, what should i do???
    • Lilly Friday - 23 / 05 / 2008 Reply
      My personal opinion: just tell him that you love him. Tell him how you feel. Love is never a waste. He doesn't have to understand, he just has to know that you love him. Tell him and let him think about it. Hope i 've helped you. Keep in touch:)
      • Abby Friday - 07 / 11 / 2008
        But what if he did love you and now thinks his feelings have changed? I got a message from him saying this: ' :) you make me so happy. You've shown me what love really is. Can't wait to see you and show you in every way. Sweet dreams Love of my life, you are the best thing that's happened to me ever' And then yesterday he told me I had hurt him and he never thought I could (got angry due to dropping off my course, or rather before I decided to) so now were on a break and I'm dying inside. I love him with every part of me, and i never want to be apart, he is my everything, what should I do?
    • Peggy Tuesday - 07 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      Time to move quickly. Tell him how you feel. Whether the answer is good or bad, at least you will know that you did give him the chance to be with you. If you don't, you will spend the rest of your life, wondering what would have happened, if he had known how you felt.
  13. Yvonne Saturday - 28 / 06 / 2008 Reply
    i met this guy about 9 months ago at wedding, at the end of the night we ended up exchanging phone numbers. My problems is that i'm in love with him, and i dont think he feels the same way about me. We talk on the phone about once or twice a week. In the beginning he would text me everyday, but he stopped doing that awhile ago. I'm just so confused. Any tipss??
    • Jo Monday - 30 / 06 / 2008 Reply
      well, that does not seem like a healthy relationship..first of all, do you know if he is married or has a girlfriend? Secondly, you just talk via phone? No dates, not anything? I think i have to know this stuff before i try to work out some tips for you!!
    • Jane Tuesday - 19 / 08 / 2008 Reply
      Honey, get to know him more.
    • wooooah Tuesday - 04 / 11 / 2008 Reply
      anyone who falls in "love" that fast is in for a serious relationship trauma. even if you say that you love him so much that you would live with this guy for the rest of your life, or possibly after this life, i won't try to convince you otherwise. just remember to take it slow and rationally, learn about him more. ignorance may be bliss, but it can end up biting you in the butt hard in the long run. just look at romeo and juliet. personally, i would call him or confront him in any way where you can tell his emotions. if he seems into you, then continue and maybe let it be known that you aren't doing anything friday night. if there's any sign of no concern, or sexual wants, you're wasting your time. unless you're that kind of girl...
  14. francine Thursday - 03 / 07 / 2008 Reply
    J'ai trouvé sur le net une méthode comportementale pour le rendre fou amoureux.......:j'ai testé et je peux vous dire que ça marche !!! Dans cette méthode on nous donne également des solutions pour problèmes de mésententes, les disputes et l'infidélité dans le couple... et du coup je peux dire que ma vie a changé... je vois les choses autrement ne suis plus une victime mais j'ai repris les rennes de la situation ...j'ai comme le sentiment d'avoir découvert une formule mathématique qui me change la vie vous passe le tuyau !!! Paola
    • Evi Thursday - 03 / 07 / 2008 Reply
      For those who do not understand French, Paola talks about a method that will make you happy via love. She calls it a "mathematic method" but, to tell the truth, there is no such a formula. There is not one formula of hapiness adressing to all of us. Above there are some tricks and truths that will help you get a guy's attention and they do work on the majority of men. But, if a guy will eventually fall in love with you, that doesnt mean that you 2 will live happily ever after. Discussion is the keyword Chemistry between you is the keyword Refreshment is the keyword. But this is an other story. It is an other article that will come soon in this site:))
  15. liza Monday - 07 / 07 / 2008 Reply
    i have a bf we've been 2gather for almost 2 years my problem here sometimes he made me feel that am not enough for him or i feel that he is with me only because i love so much and he would never find a girl to love him as much as i do.. i want him to feel that he really loves me and am more than enough for him but i dont know how?? i want to know how can i make him always think about me and be his 1st thing in his life like he is the 1st thing in my life?? am waiting ur help and thanx for reading my prob Liza
    • Sometimes Sunday - 13 / 07 / 2008 Reply
      I am surprized you are STILL in a relationship with this guy. If he thinks you are not good enough for him then he is not good enough for you. I can understand that you love him but you deserve someone better. Dont worry; love doesnt come once in our lives, trust me! Let him go and go on!!
    • Peggy Tuesday - 07 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      It sounds to me that you are being insecure. You may be wanting too much of his attention. We all have to be individuals , even when we are in relationships. You should never just mold yourself into another person's life. You need to still be you, and also enjoy being a couple. Perhaps he is doing that, and you are buidling your entire world around him. It is not fair to put him up on a pedestal that he can fall off so easily. Try not to be so clingy. Not only will he feel relieved not to be under so much pressure from you, but you will see a new interest from him in how you are spending that time you are not with him. Smothering only leads to a break up. You should not have to be with him physically 24/7 for him to love you 24/7. If he truly loves you, he will always love you, regardless of whether he is with you are not.
  16. Jozy Monday - 07 / 07 / 2008 Reply
    Dear Friends, not lovers not Friends. I met this guy at my work he seems very handsome and creative,he likes to make me laugh and to give me attention also he likes to call me like 20 times per day on the internal line, but he had to move to another country, we kept our connection, we chat we call we send sms.. like 2 dear friends. last august he came back for his vaccation and we spent the most beautifull month together like if we are dating but without saying it, i met all his friends he met mine.. the night when he had to return i told him that we cant be friends anymore and i have special feelings for u & i prefer to cut it, he replied that he Loves me too but he cant promise me any any any commitement for the time being coz he is now studying,.. and have no job or else but he cant imagione himslef without me, and we continued our special relation but as Lovers level across the seas. During this period he found a cool job related to his studies and things were going better with us, after a one week of silent he called me to say that he cant now Be My Man (it appears he lost his job), it is not fair for me and he needs me near him as a Friend coz he doenst want to lose me ... i accepted the friends flag waiting till the day we will meet again. i use some of the triks mentioned above to make him jeallous and each time it works (i got the reaction i expect) he calls me all the time he send me emails he waits for my replies ...but being far is not really helping me to get him back, this august he invited me to spend my vacation in his country, planning a whole Touristic tour "as Dear Friends", i am going and i will not accept to return without HIM...friendship doesnt fit me. it is all or nothing:) wish me luck and advise me.. what would be my approach? do i wait for for him to do the step ? or do i face him????
    • Sometimes Sunday - 13 / 07 / 2008 Reply
      Dear Jozy, i've been there. I met this guy who was studying in an other country. We fall in love but then he had to leave. It was very hard for both of us, i suppose its that hard for you. A nyways we spent the summer vacation together and it was amazing but during the winter we were apart. I decided to move to his country for some months usisng studiews as an excuse and we managed to be together. It doesnt matter what happened next, the point is that we are not in a relationship anymore. He still lives in his country and i returned back. My advice: You shouldnt care about the future;you should not pospone anything. Go find him, tell him how you feel and live those magical moments with him. If you are meant to be together then you will. Otherwise, you will go on with your life keeping his memory in your heart. All those fears about jobs, money, commitment and future are fake. Love is real. So live it!!! Good luck my friend!
      • clarissa Monday - 03 / 08 / 2009
        'Sometimes' are AMAZING. thank you for this.. even though you were not replying to a problem of mine... but your words are so true... you are so wise... once said in a film called 'Unfaithful': "be happy for this moment, this moment is your life" ...your words now have made me believe this even more and with also what my boyfriend always tells me.. dont think about the future.. you don't even know what will happen to you tomorrow. i always say i wont think for the future and what will become of our relationship but i do think about it, and i worry about it all the time...because this is the situation... we met 6 months ago and i have never liked someone so much. but we are at different points in our lives: i have only just finished my studies and starting training at the end of this year for my desired career, but it will take another 2 or 3 years before i get all my qualifications.. but he finished all his studies 3 years ago as he is 8 years older than me (but this i dont care about because your age is just a has no other meaning), and he moved from his home country to england 3 years ago and started up a business of his own. he tells me that he never planned or believed that he would stay so long in england but he is still here now. however he dreams of going back home, he wants and misses his family so much, i know. but he is not sure when he will leave england or if he will stay another 3 years again... and although i dont want our relationship to end i want him to be happy and i want him to follow his heart in life.. i just dont want to lose him from MY life. but i think im not ready to move from england to another country to stay with him... not yet anyway. i need to get my qualifications first and he understands this too, we have discussed it. but another things is, we have a difference in religions.. its not a big deal but its a difference if you know what i mean. he is jewish, i am christian.. and although we are together and he is not a strict jew, his family are traditional jewish people.. so our future together may not be bright because his family will certainly disapprove of us staying together in a relationship and even to propose marriage. with the concern of his families expectations and requirements.. i may not be able to marry him as i am not jewish. im not saying i WANT to marry him but i'd like a little "heads-up" as to where this relationship is going... right now i feel like im a boat on a rough sea.. everytime i look at him my jaw aches from this huge ass grin on my face.. i never believed someone could bring tears to my eyes from happiness...but its happened, and i cant let it go.. for my own sanity i cannot let this go.. but i cant help this sinking feeling. i dont know if there is a solution... but if you are willing to leave a reply.. please feel free to share your opinions. thank you for reading.
  17. Jozy Sunday - 13 / 07 / 2008 Reply
    Dear Sometimes :) really thanks u r reading my mind that's exactly what am thinking of .. HE IS THE ONE ... and i will let him know it, we will enjoy our vacation and i will keep all the thinking aside ...just US will matter in august :)
  18. Relationship advice Wednesday - 13 / 08 / 2008 Reply
    Thanks for an excellent post. I'm still making notes.
  19. -pnb Tuesday - 19 / 08 / 2008 Reply
    i met this guy at my working place,,,we became closer friends,,, wwe would talk to each other alot.. he later got transferred to another branch..but we still kept in touch we would call each other.. after a month he got transferred back to the same branch im working in...nut things changed.. we were no longer close.. i can see that he is busy...and yes he is still single.and he is a workaholic.. what do i do to get his attention and get him to fall in love with me??
  20. sis Tuesday - 19 / 08 / 2008 Reply
    I met this guys at a thanks giving gathering. He introduced himself and i think he was interested in me then, but we couldnt talk cause i had my whole family there. I never saw him again, until this summer at 2 d/f cultural conventions. Then i also was invited to his party. My friend his is cousin, but i just ound out he has a girlfriend. somehow i think he might be interested in me, but am not sure. I really like him and i dont know what to do. i need your help. please help me cause i have never actually liked any guy enough to want them around.
    • Peggy Tuesday - 07 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      Sis, back off, for now. You do not want to be his side line girl. It is okay to let him know that, if he is ever available again to give you a call, but that is as far as it should go. You should never interfere in another person's relationship. For now, just move on and find someone that is free to see you. It beats being in a relationship where you have to share them with another girl. You deserve better than that.
  21. Jane Tuesday - 19 / 08 / 2008 Reply
    Ok, sooo, I met this guy at a party. We've been seeing each other and been talking for 2 month's now. The thing is, it seem's to me that he is rushing thing's with me. He say's that he's really attracted to me, and want's me to fall in love with him. I met his friend's and even his parent's. He once told me that he KINDA wishe's that I was the one and want's me to be the first one to be introduced to his parent's as his girlfriend. Craziest thing is, I've only seen him 6 time's out of 2 month's. We hardly talk on the phone, and we do alot of texting. Every time we do see each other, we're either, drinking with his bro's from his faternity, partying, or watching a movie alone. But when ever we get to have some-time alone, he like's to do all the kissing stuff and want's me to have sex with him. He doesn't force me or anything like that. He assume's we are going to have sex. We hardly do any talking. He mentioned that I have his heart and that he's really falling for me, and want's to get to know me. I persnally been through alot of hell, I mean alot. I've been only with one guy in my life. After that relationship, I became more shy than I usually am, and tend to hide my feeling's from this new guy I'm seeing. I really like this guy and I made sure he know's that. I promised him that I would let myself go and let him get to know me. The only problem is, that he's sooo used to girl's being so easy, and sleeping with him. I'm not. Of course I love the whole kissing stuff, but I'm not those type, that would have sex, with someone I just LIKE. I want to get to know him. I'm just sooo confused with the situation that I am in. I know how I feel about him, and told him that I'm not those type of girl's that would have sex just because I like a guy. Oh, another problem is that, he attend's in UCLA and has his own apartment, and I live in the OC and attend college in my area, and live with my parent's. Since I still live with my parent's, I have to respect the house rule's. I don't have a curfew or anything like that, but for my parent's, respecting the house is, cooking, cleaning, teaching me how to be a house wife, not to go out that much. ect. I let my parent's know about this new guy. My parent's were ok with it, but the only thing is that, my parent's don't like him riding a motorcycle. He doesn't have a car. You get the idea. My parent's want's me to be safe. Like I said, I'm sooo confused. I know I just like the guy, but, I don't know in what situation I am. Help plz. =/.
    • Peggy Tuesday - 07 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      Stand your ground with this guy. do not let him rush you into anything. only time will tell if you and he are right for each other. do not let him influence the way youtreat your family either. If he truly loves you and respects you, he will be willing to move at the pace you are comfortable with. If he is not, then he is not the guy for you.
  22. Ricky Yun Thursday - 02 / 10 / 2008 Reply
    This is awsome! look forward to more thanks!
  23. maddey Saturday - 04 / 10 / 2008 Reply
    I am good friends with this guy.We are both approaching middle age.I'm 43 & he's 37.but he won't commit to me.We hang out i see him everyday at his candy store.I go there & hang out with him everyday. We do stuff together all the time & text eachother & call eachother but i can't get him to come over or be with me as a boyfriend.We are still friends after 3 yrs.What can i do to make him want me & love me?
    • Peggy Tuesday - 07 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      Either he is not into you as much as you think, and only wnats to be friends, or he is seeing someone else. The only wy to know is to back off hanging out there all day, and see if he really misses you. When he asks why you have not been there, tell him that you assumed he was not interested in you, since he had not asked you out. Do not let him make you chase him. He should be showing interest as well. If he does not make the right move, I would suggest you move on and find a man that will show you the attention you deserve.
  24. Clio Thursday - 06 / 11 / 2008 Reply
    Maddey, If you get on that well with this guy, see each other every day, text and call each other ... then maybe you could take this approach: Don't go and hang out at his candy store for a week. He has become used to you being there. Make him miss you. Don't text, don't call. If he texts or calls, be friendly, but firm and say that you have to deal with something (don't tell him what unless you want to get caught out). Then, the day you do come back, make sure you are looking your best, wear a little scent and be just a LITTLE bit cool with him at first, but then - choose your moment and give him one slow look from one eye to the other, down to his mouth (at which point you wet your lip a little, as if thinking about tasting his mouth) and then back up to his eyes. And then say you have to run. Leave him wondering about you. Also consider the possibility that he may just not be that interested in you!
  25. ivy.// Sunday - 09 / 11 / 2008 Reply
    people are to curious about this sick thing that they may forget about the fears of fallen too badly,,,now tell me should i continue loving without security? "what if i fall so bad would he be there to catch me"??.....i dont wanna fool my self,, but i cant help it!! i know he already love somebody,, is there still a chance to have him??....
    • Peggy Tuesday - 07 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      Respect and love for yourself has to come first. If you are sharing this man with someone else that you know he loves, then you are doing yourself a great injustice. You deserve to the that "one special person" in someones life. You deserve to be happy and respected. Do not allow yourself to be used. If he loves someone else, you need to accept that, and find someone that will love you the way you need to be loved. You will never be completely happy until you love yourself enough to know, you important enough in this world, to enjoy happiness without this kind of complication. Love should not hurt.
  26. tee Wednesday - 12 / 11 / 2008 Reply
    help me, im a emotional wreck i met this guy @ my job he ask for my number and we started texin each other like crazy then we had sex (the best sex of my life) two times and then nothing he keeps saying hes busy but acts concern about me does he like me? or am i living in a fantasy?
    • ladypadmey Thursday - 25 / 12 / 2008 Reply
      dear tee,, Im lady padmey...... youre comment catch my attention,because of sex,hehehe... know what Im from Philippines so sex here is sacred thats why you catch my attention... I have a question to you, Do you really love the guy? since both of you belong to the same company, so you are able to know if he/she is really busy...right? the other one you said that he shows concern to you, remember action speak louder than voice....
    • Peggy Tuesday - 07 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      This is why many large corporations have rules against employees dating. It becomes too complicated. Unfortunately, if this guy really cared about you, he would be making time for you, even if it was a few minutes for lunch. Obviously, he wanted a sexual thing and is ready to move on to his next conquest. Some men just like to put notches on their belt, so to speak. Back off and don't let him make you his desperate victim. Pull yourself together, and learn from this mistake. You can't force him to be interested in you, if he is not. It is best for you to move on, without giving him any indication of the pain you feel. If he starts calling again, that will be the time to express the fact, that you did not appreciate how he played you, and tell him to back off. Don't boost his ego by letting him know that you have become his victim. Learn from it and move on. I am so sorry you had to esperience this, but beware there are many guys like this, so take your time to get to know a guy, before you give them the most intimate part of yourself.
  27. RachelX Wednesday - 12 / 11 / 2008 Reply
    SO I MET THIS GUY ABOUT 2 MONTHS AGO, he is great we get along very well, a lot in common. He is kinda cheap that is a turn off, we have to split everything which to me is weird. I know i screwed up by having him stay the night so soon, but i waited 3 weeks to have sex with him. We say were dating but were not in a relationship. We have been dating for just about two months, and he already introduced me to his parents and his buddies they all liked me. Question is when do i need to figure out if were in a relationship or how do i ask? Sometimes i feel like i cant get deep with him, i dont know if its me holding back or that i just cant do it. Its kind of like i feel like were in a rut, same old shit different day but i do have fun with him. I want him to go back to the very interested in me guy, he still texts me everyday but not as flirty. What do i do?
    • Peggy Tuesday - 07 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      Why wuld you want to be in a relationship with a guy that obviously does not "fill the bill". In your post you describe him as "kinda cheap" which you said was a turn off. Then you continue to say that you "feel like were in a rut, same old shit every day". To complete the story, you say "I want him to GO BACK to being the very interested...". Last but not least, you say that "he still texts me everyday, but not as flirty". All of these quotes indicate that you are dissatisfied with him. You can't take one good part of a man and change the rest of him into what you want. You have to either accept him for what he is. or find someone that suits you better. Even if you could get him to try harder, he would end up going back to being what he is, eventually. Then you would have wasted, possibly years, of your life with someone that was being phony, just to please you. In other words, you would be in love with a fictional character. Be realistic about the relationship, and make a decision based on what he is, not what you want him to be. Good Luck!
  28. RachelX Wednesday - 12 / 11 / 2008 Reply
    oh ya... AND HE INTRODUCES ME TO HIS FAMILY AND FRIENDS AS HIS FRIEND....that does not make sense to me, why wouldnt u just say this is RACHEL, not my FRIEND RACHEL? hellp
  29. Kia Wednesday - 19 / 11 / 2008 Reply
    Hi i was wondering how do you make a gay guy jelous? he is my EX but i came to find out that.... i still love him, we talk Mons-Wens-Thurs when his mom is not home. So when i was dateing him he relized he was still gay. So i ended up going out with another great guy, but found out i am still inlove with my EX!!!!!!! he was always jelious of him and makeing up storys and when i broke up with him he was happy.... There any hope for me? how can i hint it to him? that i still am inlove with him with out spilling my guts? tears.....
    • Peggy Tuesday - 07 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      You can't change someone that is gay. People are what they are, and you will just have to accept it. If you truly loved him, you would just be satisfied to see him happy. It would be selfish of you to ask him to give up his lifestyle for you. Just be supportive. You will find the right person for you eventually. Don't be in such a rush. Time takes care of everything.
  30. nazia Sunday - 23 / 11 / 2008 Reply
    i need help! ive been with my bf for over a year, and we are so alike yet so different- he's just so different to any other guy i've dated, he plays hard to get, doesn't ring me often as hes busy with work and family etc,we dont meet often, he still hasn't said he loves me!!! but wen we meet, its amazing, we still hav butterflies, his eyez sparkle and hes so caring, he doesn't say the words 'i love you' but he will always reassure me that we r strong as a couple and i have nothing to worry about- he neva buys me a bday present or anything - he cooks for me tho. he doesn't compliment me as much!! he's just not the typical man, thats why wat these sites say just seems of no use to me. i dont know whether he sees a future with me or not and whether we'l get married, becoz i so want that, but dont want my heart broken...
    • ilona Friday - 28 / 11 / 2008 Reply
      Dear Nazia i understand your problem.And here's probably why? he's sending a message to you like probably he loves you but something is in his head he cant stop thinking about. Like probably he might of forgot your birthday or something. Sincerely, Ilona
    • Peggy Tuesday - 07 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      If you are with a guy for over a year, and you do not feel free enough to just ask him where he thinks the relationship is going, there is a huge problem. Obviously, there is a serious lack of communication going on, and game playing will not resolve that problem. You need to deal with this openly and honestly. Open up the lines of communication between you and him. Without communication, honesty, and respect, there is no real relationship going on. Build on what you have now, so that you will know if there will be a future for the two of you. Start by asking him how he feels, and telling him how you feel and what you want out of the relationship. Best wishes for a great future.
  31. ilona Friday - 28 / 11 / 2008 Reply
    uh. this jealousy thing doesn't ever work just be yourself and he'll see who you really are
    • nazia Wednesday - 17 / 12 / 2008 Reply
      ur rite ilnoa, thers no need for silly triks and mind games- u shudn't have to behave in a immature way to get sum1s attention- just be urself, and if they c that they will appreciate u for who u r, and thats wat we want really- i wudn't want to be a fake and not be myself for sum1 to love me! i shudn't have to play silly games n triks- if the guy in my life doesn't c me for wat i am then get rid!! becoz hes wasting ur time in finding the rite one that will love you!
  32. CJ Monday - 08 / 12 / 2008 Reply
    help! b4 i went out with this guy, we wer great mates but wen we started goin out we started getting more distant in a way. We r both shy and i want him to make the first move, which i no he wants to cuz i found out from his mates. How can i get closer to him and persuade him to make a move?
    • maya Friday - 31 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      just make him comfortable. u two were on one level before u started dating, now ur on a whole new level and he's not used to that...girls get used to it faster then guys. do someting u both love to do and just let him no u really like him and taht ull always be friends...or something romantic...good luck
  33. alysia Friday - 12 / 12 / 2008 Reply
    hi alysia fall in love
  34. ladypadmey Thursday - 25 / 12 / 2008 Reply
    Im padmey,how to make ur ex boyfriend to fall in love again with you,cause you know its been 2 years sice he broke up with me and Im still love him right now, I love more my Ex than my present BF ... I cant forget him, I always wanted to, but my heart insist not to... I really love him. he is studying at bible school..he is now 21 and Im 19... Im waiting to heal this pain caise it really hurt me so mch... help me please
  35. ladypadmey Thursday - 25 / 12 / 2008 Reply
    Im so much disperate, I still love him... we broke up almost 3 years from now andI still feel the same... he broke up with me for his personal reason,he said that he doesn't love me anymore but then again he told me that he still love me and the real reason is that my family,cuz they dont like him...after a few months when our break I ask him if what is the real reason why he broke up with me and he said "I DONT LOVE YOU ANYMORE" oouucchhh.... It hurts...and now he just arrived from his bible school after 2 years, Im affraid of seeing him,but I got a plan and I think this would help me to get out my self from the darkness of love... Im planning to approach him and voice out to him all deppression I feel since he left. Do you think this would be effective,cause i know he is the only 1 hu cud understand me... I love him somuch, I want to forget him but i cant, Im tired of loving him without in return...Help me please.. anyone out there
    • Peggy Tuesday - 07 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      If he does not love you, there is nothing thaa you can say to make him love you again. You are only trying to make him feel guilty. Just move on, and try to make the best of it for now. Stay occupied with friends, family, work and hobbies for now. In time you will be able to move on. You may never forget the feelings you felt for him, but after awhile you will just appreciate the nice memories, and be able to find the right person for you. Love is not always enough to make a relationship work, especially when both parties are not in love.
  36. Deb Thursday - 01 / 01 / 2009 Reply
    Good blog
    • ladypadmey Sunday - 04 / 01 / 2009 Reply
      Hi Deb,, I really appreciate your comment eventhough its two words only... hehehe...// thanks.. anyway i cant recognize you by your name,,, iare you a boy or girl? you got a nice screen name dude...
    • stacy Saturday - 17 / 01 / 2009 Reply
      I so agree with you deb!chuckle.. (wink)
  37. heeeelp Thursday - 01 / 01 / 2009 Reply
    Well im quite young i would prefer not to disclose my age coz might shock readers but i think im in love with this guy who is 12 years older (is that too old?)and i think he loves me back, well im not sure if i can even call it love but im pretty sure we both have interest in each other. we call each other alot and txt alot and IM each other alot. We talk on the phone for like 3-5 hours sometimes until 6 am! i have known him for about 3-4 years and last year we went on holiday together (not alone) and spent alot of time together. From there i think we realised we liked each other. Occasionally we go out but we both sort of try and avoid the subject of us liking each other? Also when i used to like some other guy he was the first person i told. Few months back he asked me whther i liked someone and being me i just couldnt admit that i liked him so i lied and said no. So i think he knows i lied and i feel really bad but i just cnt confess to him i like him even though im like 99.9% sure we like each other. Also i always start talking to him 1st, like i approach him first and i can never tell whther he wants to talk to me or not coz he never starts the conversation. What should i do? Do i tell him i like him? several times i have tried to make him kinda say it first? but didnt work. If we were to go out with each other i think people wold be shocked quite abit because of our age gap. Some people already know...should i wait for him to say something or should i just blurt it out and then wait for the embarrasment..? ( i'm quite mature for my age, he is quite immature(?) well not immature but not really his age ) I also know quite alot of his family quite well but at times i dislike his cousins who i got to know him through. Any advice apart from stop having feelings for him coz i just cant :P
    • ladypadmey Sunday - 04 / 01 / 2009 Reply
      being in love is an exiting feeling,I've been there ounce but I failed...action speaks louder than voice,so if you really feel that he really loves you just let it go until he confess to you eventhough you feel the same for him, maybe he is ashame of admitting that he loves you cause he is older than you,he might think that you are not really compatible because of the age gap, and since you didn't say your real age,maybe there is something to do with that,maybe your too young for him thats why he just keeping hs feeling for you and dont have a plan to say it.. Or on the other side,,,he is not aware on what you feel for him,maybe you are just like a sister to him and you gave it another meaning that leads you of falling in love with him... and he really doesn't feel that he loves you maybe as a sister or friend because of age gap... But that is only my oppinion,Idont feel what you feel,so if you are pretty sure that he loves you,just go girl... go and tell it to him,if ever you got an embarasment at least you tried to be your self,and no regret at all... Go...G0... Dont mind what other people will say as long as you are happy... AGE DOESN'T MATTER specially in the name of love... GOOOOOOOO........
  38. tasha Thursday - 08 / 01 / 2009 Reply
    guys! help me plsss. i met this guy 2 years ago and we got closer a year ago after we met coincidentally. but the problem is hes been playing hard to get. sometimes he shows that he likes me, compliments me and stuff and sometimes he's not. He's avery busy man and he only sees me at night after he's work done and after going to the gym. That concerns me. why should we meet at night when he can leave out his gym-ing time to meet me and when we meet it's almost midnight and we'll be talking in d car and had supper in the car as well. we kissed but that's it. Not more than that. and he calls me whenever he wana see me and not like everyday, that will be once a month. I made an assumption he's a busy man hence he has no time for me. but until now, I still don't know him eventho it has been 2 years. oh btw he's 35 years and I'm 23.
  39. tasha Wednesday - 14 / 01 / 2009 Reply
    Ok so I'm in love wit my bff for the past 3 yrs. 2 yrs ago my sister and his brother got into a motorcycle accident and died. He started dating this girl and the heart break was too much so I distanced myself from him. He had a gf and I had a bf plus being around him was too much because when I saw him I just thought of my sister. Me and my bf got engaged and he calle it off and a few days later he called I told him what happend and he said him and his girl broke up 2. He always said he didn't see me like that but a week ago he started kissing on me and saying how much I mean to him. The next day he said it was a mistake and to let it go....I'm so confused what do I do.
    • stacy Saturday - 17 / 01 / 2009 Reply
      let it go tasha.. both of you have just gotten out of a hurtful relationship and it isn't wise to jump into another one with some baggages.... move on and get some healing first before getting into another relationshp.. that will be much healthier and more lasting....
  40. stacy Saturday - 17 / 01 / 2009 Reply
    I've been hanging out with this guy for three months. we've become really dear to each other like best friends. recently we started being very sweet to each other and i have assumed I've fallen in love with him. i told him im tired of not knowing where i stand because he knows how i feel for him. his response was, "you have become very dear to me and i like you a lot! but for now, all i could offer is friendship because I have some issues i need to deal with God first".. i just said ok and left him for three days. the 4th day, i texted him just to say hello and how he is.. " he said it seems that i havent texted him for a million years".. i apologized for being such a teenager and realized i have mistaken my feelings for him as a romantic one. I want to preserve the wonderful friendship but i don't want to fall into the trap of thinking that i am in love.. three months isnt enough to be in love.. have i made the right decision to keep the friendship? and be mature about the situation?
  41. xpand_vision Wednesday - 21 / 01 / 2009 Reply
    Hi, I'm a 22 year old girl, and to make a long story short, I've met this guy 7 years ago, we went out on a couple of dates, and then he stopped calling, we started dating again a few months after, and going to parties together, but then he got involved with one of my friends. He kept seeing me as a good friend. Then a year later, we met at a party and we kissed like crazy, all night long (it was amazing for both of us, he confessed later). And then silence..AGAIN. The next time I ran into him on the street, he had a girlfriend, they looked pretty much in love. They stayed together for 4 years. During this time I thought I'd got over him, but he appeared about a year ago we started talking on messenger, since he moved back home (to another city). It looked like he needed a friend, and I didn't want anything more from him either. And then a couple of months ago he started calling me again, and flirting, and we went to a couple of parties and skating and to pubs and such. He was quite pushy. So i went along with it. Why not? It could have become something more than just friendship, after all I used to be crazy for him. So I agreed to visit him. We had a great time and of course I had to sleep at his place. So we ended up having sex, which was great by the way. And this went on for about 4 days. It was a really intense weekend. He was really nice to me, which was weird because I'm used to dating assholes. So you can imagine I was really happy that dreams do come true after all. He said he wanted to continue, and we would come to Rome with me and stuff like that. The next weekend he came to our city, 'cause he had some courses here, and I knew he was coming, so I was waiting for him to call. He didn't. I started acting really clingy. I wrote him some angry text messages. He kept saying that he's busy. The last day he was here, we went out, with his friends of course, and he was really cold to me, and kept making fun of me. So after drinking too much I confronted him, and told him that I'm not someone you sleep with and leave behind, and I want a relationship, and I confessed about having a crush on him for a long time. It was a messy situation, he ended up screaming at me, and said that he knows me as an upbeat girl who likes to party.(which is partly true) I told him that I felt like he took advantage of me, and he said that he should feel the same way. Anyway, when he got home, we talked, and he appologised for being an asshole, and for obviously hurting me, and he said that he had no idea about how I felt about him, but he kept saying that this is not a good time for him to start a long distance relationship and stuff like that and that I misunderstood the whole situation.And if we lived in the same town, we could try. I know that sleeping with him too soon isn't the way to start something, but it has happened before. I didn't want to play games cause I got really hurt last time I did that. Now I feel like a total idiot. I don't even know what to say to him anymore, and we will have to meet next time he's in town, 'cause he has to bring back my cd's. I personally have a feeling that this could turn into something more if i'm patient (after all he found out how I felt about him, and realised that I'm not a party girl he could go on having fun with), but I'm on the verge of giving up, because I feel like a total idiot and we're in a really awkward situation. Maybe playing games is really the way to go. Maybe I should have turned him down some more, or tell him upfront about how I felt. I just wanted to see how he treats the situation without knowing these things...and I found out. So keep playing games and being yourself and being confident at the same time. I think after many shitty situations it pays off, maybe not every time, but eventually.
    • kai Sunday - 01 / 02 / 2009 Reply
      xpand_vision- that stuff is bad news, I'm sorry. But you should not wait around anymore. You are being yourself and confident, and playing games with /him/, when there are probably a dozen more guys who are looking at you and wanting you so much more. After seven years, this is not about patience. You may not feel like you're over him, but if he's mean and hurtful when you express your feelings (even if you're intoxicated) its not worth your time. Trust me, I've been there, I've learned my lesson. I hope this time, you learn yours. Best of luck.
  42. Megan Wednesday - 28 / 01 / 2009 Reply
    guys my story is so crazy and i dont know what to do..i will tell my story tomorrow cuz i have to study now..
  43. sandwitch03 Monday - 02 / 02 / 2009 Reply
    plsss somebody help me with thisss: this is my storyyy: im in 8th grade ( i no im kinda young but i still luvhim:)) and ive been knowin this guy for about 8 years, which means weve been in this school together since 1st grade. i started liking him in the beggining of this year( 8th grade) and i ended up in lovingg him with all my heartt.. : i ve never talked to him we just knew each others names and faces, as we knew each other for 8 years. this year he got a girlfriend, which he loved a lot, but broke up after 2 3 months, as she didnt love him. i didnt know how to attract him so i just kept staring at him like all the time.. he started looking at me too,,,,, i begat to like this and kept staring at him,,, when one day he sends one of his frends 2 me and says: why the f... do u keep loooking at me i told her that i could see whoever i like, not who i am told to.. then he wrote me an email : " f... u!" - was the email i didnt answer that but i was reeallyy heartbroken now i walk through the corridors of my school and try not 2 look at him any more.. but i just luv hhimm plss anyone can help mee? ....
  44. alex Tuesday - 03 / 02 / 2009 Reply
    All you really have to do is take a chance. what ever happens happens. you never know if he likes you, and thinks he doesnt have a chance with you. i have alot of experience. you never could turn out to be something amazing...
  45. sandy Sunday - 08 / 02 / 2009 Reply
    I found a behavioural method on the internet to make him fall madly in love . . . I have tried it and I can tell you that it works!!! With this method you are given solutions for problems arising from misunderstandings, arguments and infidelity in the relationship. . . . and as a result I can say that my life has changed . . I see things differently . . .I am no longer a victim but I am now in charge of the situation . . .I feel as if I have discovered a mathematical formula which has changed my life . . . I am passing on the tips to you!!! Paola ps : :
  46. pia Wednesday - 11 / 02 / 2009 Reply
    well i really ever fall in love just anyway mess around. but now i meet someone we be going out for 8months now and i think i love him but we "break up" about 4 time in the 8months togetther and the thing is i dont think he love me like i love him like in first 4month it was fun and all good. now im boring , crazy cuz i think that his playing me and talking to other ppl and we dont talk so much now :(. i just really wanted to work out but im goin to listen to some of ur tips cuz it really sounds good but if u have more plz hook it up lol thanks pia - nyc
  47. lady padmey Friday - 20 / 02 / 2009 Reply
    i already over come my ex boyfriend... im so much in love right now same as him to me but since i, ounce suffered from a heart ache i never believe on what he says... he said that he really love me, that he wont dump me just like my ex boy friend did, but how would you convince me to believe him? im so much afraid of what our relationship may end up,,, im really scared i dont want to be broke again coz its hard to fixed again a broken heart it takes a long time... and im not comfortable whenever im with him specially in public coz he is a good looking guy, im not saying that im ugly like betty lafea, hehehe... but the insecurities cannot be easily eliminate.. i hate this feeling, how would i love this person freely, scareless and without any insecurities? should i split up with him? help me////
  48. Eva Thursday - 05 / 03 / 2009 Reply
    well im not sure if its love but i feel somethin very strong to that guy. we meet in sainsburys, he works thre lol. well at first i find him on facebook and there it started, we text for a bit and then he asked me for my numba. Actually we were textin for few week but we never met by this time. and after like 2 weeks of constant textin i find out he has a gf. shockin. i was well upset and break down all contacts with him but last week he added me on msn and we was chattin for a bit. and well we spant last three nites textin to each other and we have so many things incomon... well i think he feels to me like to a good friend but i think i love him. im too shy to move on and i dont want to move on too cuz of his gf. well i really dont know if i have to start on him or not too.
    • Peggy Tuesday - 07 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      You should just accept his friendship. How would you feel if someone tried to move in on your relationship? How would you feel if your bf was having a relationship with someone else while you were together? If he were the type to carry on a relationship with you, while he was with her, how would you ever be able to trust him, if he left her for you? Think about it. He is doing the right thing by just being friends right now. If he decides later to split up with his gf, he may pursue you, but until then just try to be a good friend.
  49. Morgan Saturday - 07 / 03 / 2009 Reply
    listen you guys iam 12 years old and i have a huge crush on a guy in my dance school.okay please i need advice.people say that he don't guess what his birthday was up recently and everybody go a cookie except for me he asked did you get your cookie ?no said he came over and said pick one i got one when i left i said happy birthday. he said thank you.whe i pass by him he looks at
    • Jenny Sunday - 08 / 03 / 2009 Reply
      look just rlly get to know him on his b-day and tell him u look handsome more mature
  50. pRinsEsa Monday - 09 / 03 / 2009 Reply
    i just wanna get somme pieces of advice.. im inlove with this boy name raphy!!! were almost the same.. he loves to dance and i love also doing that.. he always says that he likes me!! but he is inlove with his ex and he has a gf now!! but he is not serious with his gf now!! and he is mad with his ex!!! he is always with me!!! i know i could take that situation as an advantage!! but i dont really know!! he is a playboy!! im afraid to flirt him!! but i really love him!!! we talk to each other!! he says im important!! i made him feel jealous!! he said he was but i dont know if he was saying the truth!!! i think im desperate but he told me that he likes me coz of being simple!!! but how can i make him mine if im simple!!! if i continue being simple he just likes me!! he wont fall in love with me!! he is flirt!! but in our country we care about virginity!!! i cant make love with him!!! he is so confident with me!!! i just wanna know!! should i stop loving him? even though it's really hard!! and i dont know if i can!! i'll stop thinking of him!! i'll focus my self to something important!!! or should i continue loving him? and them what? what if he is just flirting with me!!!??? i dont know!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! im stress!!
    • Eva Saturday - 14 / 03 / 2009 Reply
      hmmm.. well did u tell him u love him??.. if no do it.. and just wait wot his answer will be.. u never know... i tryed said the guy i was in love with him and we were together for while.. nice time.. well maybe he loves u and maybe not.. well if he will say he doesnt love u u should forgot him and if he will say he does love u... make a move! :D :D good luck x
  51. diya Wednesday - 18 / 03 / 2009 Reply
    I love a boy.I always try to impress him and he does the same. But he actually doesn't love me and doesn't know that I love him. Sometimes he doesn't care about me.I want him to love me.helppppppppp................
    • Eva Saturday - 28 / 03 / 2009 Reply
      how u know he doesnt love u??
  52. Sty Friday - 27 / 03 / 2009 Reply
    hi im sty, i have a chinese friend and he already ahve a gf but i fall inlove with him. I dont know if he do the same with me.
    • Eva Saturday - 28 / 03 / 2009 Reply
      ask him
  53. Emma Monday - 06 / 04 / 2009 Reply
    I NEED HELP. i can't believe im googling this.... but im going crazy. Okay, so here's my story... I was new in college... my first semester, My heart was completely broken cuz of this guy jack.... I dated him... and i felt i was falling for him.... february 14th comes and i find out he was dating someone else also.... the whole time. so I was trying to get over jack... I decided to try and be more outgoing and more straightforward with guys... Big mistake.... I met this guy in college. Ben, i spotted him on the corridor one day, he is tall and handsome. :) we made eye contact and smiled... for the next couple of weeks he would walk by my class room every time and look in... a couple weeks after we saw each other for the first time we officially met. it was great. we were starting to become friends and all... but then. his stupid friends started noticing that we were hanging out a lot.... and they began to make it extremely awkward... to make this short, I ended up being the "crazy", "obsessive" , "In LOVE with him" girl... i was so embarased.... i really did like ben.... but i never did anything but maybe look at him... maybe i stared to much... thats my conclusion.... and im embarased about it now.... but i couldn't keep my eyes off him sometimes. That was it tho... i didnt jump on him.... lol... i didnt make any uncomfortable moves or anything.... but it was extremely awkward... like to the point where i cant look at him. It's bad.... because i really do care for him. It was the worst before winter break.... it was extremely awkward... and i confronted him..... we decided to be "chill"... but it didnt happen.... it was still awkward... next semester came along and he is in 2 of my clases.... here is where it gets interesting..... at first we just ignored eachother.... and we still do... or at least we fake it. i have cought him staring at me a couple of times... and he stood up for me in class the other day.... against his friend, one of the guys who made up most the was odd... i didnt really react to it... and then.... the party.... i was at my friends house partyig.... he was not supposed to come.... but he did. we were all pretty drunk.... i was dancing... and i swear i heard his friends say. "Common Ben, Just Do it... " Ben: "I'm Trying, i cant just...(and he made a movement with his hands)" i saw this... i heard it... i guess im just going crazy... cuz he hates me. nothing happened that night... i was too scared... and the cops came and broke off the party soon after that inscident... the next day i saw him.... ignoring eachother again.... then i was driving and he looked at me and had a strange espression on his face.... i feel like an ididot even writing about this... but i can't go to my friends.... they will just tell me "It's weird" and the word would probably get out.... I dont know, maybe im just overanalyzing... i tend to do that.... but this time... i just wish i knew what he was thinking... he is one of those guys who was really shy in High School... and then got to college and got crazy.... He's still shy.... and he can't talk to me.... teh one time i confronted him... he was freaking out.... but i have never felt like this... for anyone... what started as a distraction... to get over jack.... turned into a bit of an obsession... im embarased, but I must say, i do play it off pretty well.... i think im sorta confusing him now... his friends think im over him... everyone does.... but im not... and m heart breaks... :( i dont know what to do... i feel so protective of him.... but i cant do anything... i dont do anything... i just watch as he does his thing... i hate this.... he is just giving me hope, and i'm not sure i want it... IDK what to think.. or do.... HELP!
    • jeje Sunday - 17 / 05 / 2009 Reply
      my comment for you sweetie..hemm yeah.. "Be More Brave" he is kinda guy who needs a girl first movement :) GO GOOOOO trust me mayb it will turn to sth amazing ;)
    • jeje Sunday - 17 / 05 / 2009 Reply
      my comment for you sweetie..hemm yeah.. "Be Braver" he is kinda guy who needs a girl first movement :) GO GOOOOO trust me mayb it will turn to sth amazing ;)
  54. LULU Thursday - 09 / 04 / 2009 Reply
    first of all...stop stressing out! WOW! It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Holy Crap...just talk to him. Go and have some coffee with him. Just you and him. Or go and just hang out at a park or something. TELL HIM EVERYTHING about how you feel about him. If it is meant to be, then it will be and everything will fall into place. If not, then hey at least you tried right. It is better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all right? You will then KNOW what the deal is and have gained life experience in the process. LIVE YOUR LIFE!!!!
    • Emma Saturday - 11 / 04 / 2009 Reply
      Lol.... Thanks. i know... i overanalyze. and i was just freakin' out when i wrote that. I'm just so tired of the mind games. i mean, its ridiculous! but im just done hoping. theres way too many fish in the sea. i now he's special. but if he cant pack up the courage and do something if he does indeed feel somehting... im done. idk.... i dont understand boys. especially Ben. but its cool... ill let teh chips fall where they may... Thanks again!!! Emma- Chicago
  55. emily Saturday - 11 / 04 / 2009 Reply
    ok, im in love with my best friend (whos a guy). every quiz ive taken says that hes in love with me. he talks to me all the time and he jokes and does all that flirty stuff. hes chosen me over his friends sometimes, and he texts me until, like, 1 am almost every night. ive even held his hand before and he didnt freak out or complain. he told me that he likes sum1 but he wont tell me who, and he keeps saying its somebody i dont know. ive asked his friends and they all sed that he doesnt like me like that. do you guys think its cus he told them not to say anything to me or do u think he rlly doesnt like me and is just my being rlly friendly cus hes my best friend who happens to be a guy? btw, im in middle school, soooo... yea...
    • Kayem Monday - 13 / 04 / 2009 Reply
      Talk to him, i know its scary. but talk to him. tell him how you feel. if he's a good friend he will stay by you even if he doesn't like you. He might tho. from what you said i think he does. but theres no way to know for sure. only if you talk to him. :) good luck!
      • haha Sunday - 13 / 09 / 2009
        talk to him talk to him talk to him talk to him talk to him!!!!is that all you say???????
  56. Kayem Monday - 13 / 04 / 2009 Reply
    This goes to Emma. First of all, i LOVE your name. now, as i was reading your comment i couldn't help but thinking of something REALLY similar that happened to me. like, EXTREMELY similar... its freaky. This guy i sort of had a thing for. he was the shy guy. his friends started to make it weird. and he started hating me. or so i believe... I stressed over it way too much and for way too long. until finally i realized that the best thing you can do is take a break from everything. look, i understand how stressful drama can be and im not going to tell you to just "get over it" i understand you probably cant. but take a break... dont be so "in the scene" they are as caught up in all the drama as you are, and if you sort of chill out, the whole situation will chill out too. trust me. it will. as for Ben... he probably is just missing the attention you used to give him. now that you sort of moved on.... he probably is just like "wait... what?" ... remember guys always want what they cant have. thats why the "play hard to get" trick works so well. :) Don't stress over this guy! he's an idiot if he treats you badly. he's probably just really immature. there's lots of guys like that. I hope I helped! and listen to LULU... and LIVE YOUR LIFE. It's way too short to waste it. Remember don't let someone who barely notices if you are well, be the reason that you are unwell. :) K- Cali. :)
    • LEE Monday - 17 / 01 / 2011 Reply
      Interesting but get a hold of me asap
  57. Kat Tuesday - 21 / 04 / 2009 Reply
    um i tryied to do all of those things but he still doesnt like me because i am younger than him and ha likes girls that are his age or older :(
    • Kayem Wednesday - 20 / 05 / 2009 Reply
      If he cant take the time to watch you grow, then he is an idiot and he is not worth it... he probably just wants to get laid... love, youre better off with someone else. ive had this happen to me, im teling you out of experience, i really liked this guy my senior year in High School... but he was already a freshman in college.... he treated me like i was a child... i fell for him so hard! and he still chose a trashy 12-year-old looking girl, who slept with him whenever he wanted it... over me.... he is a jerk.. :( every guy goes through that stage... where they are jerks.... and ass holes... and if he is not showing interest... youre better off forgetting about him.... trust me.... if you ever get with him... he probably wont stick around for long... :(
    • maya Friday - 31 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      i understand, i like this guy who likes older girls or sum1 at the maturity level he wants. i started off actin like i didn't know much bout anythin, which obviously crashed and burned even tho it works with other guys...i'm younger than him by 3 years....but we're becoming close friends. andt hat's wat i think is beneficial...friends first is better than just tryin to get him to like me. we slowly build a concrete relationship with friendship, then hopefully move on to something more.. here's a tip tho, don't seem like u want him so much or need him. when u hange out with it look him straight in the eye when talkin for longer than usual..don't act as young as ur age....but don't try to be so much older yourself and if he won't accept that then he aint worth it hun!
  58. Kayla Tuesday - 12 / 05 / 2009 Reply
    Dear whomever, Theres this boy I've been going out for two months. He's really sweet, shy, brave, strong, and a huge flirt. But that's the problem. All the girls are all over him. He sits in their laps, makes them laugh, and makes dirty jokes with them. Yes I'm talking about in school. But it would kill me to lose him. I guess I'm kinda clingy, or so I've been told. (not by him.) But I'm afraid if I back off too much he'll leave me. I normally see him before school and in sixth period. (we sit by eachother.) He seems to be drifting away from me although he tells his friends he still likes me. Help me please!
    • Kayem Wednesday - 20 / 05 / 2009 Reply
      talk to him. tell him how you feel.... its not ok... to be such a flirt.. i know a couple of those guys myself... its not fair to you. so, talk to him... but if he doesnt stop. maybe you would be better off with someone who will not do that. take a break.... see other people. i think you might be setting yourself up to geting very hurt. :(
    • Peggy Tuesday - 07 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      Sounds like he has a very outgoing personality. Just tell him that you feel he is disrespecting your relationship, when he goes overboard with the other girls. Ask him if he would just not sit on their laps. If you try to smother him, you will lose him. He is what he is, and that is okay, as long as he does not disrespect you. Just tell him that you would like to have a little more time with him. If he does not respond to your requests, you are not as important to him, as he is to you. In that case, it is best to move on and find someone that will give you the attention you need. Never show desperation, always be confident in yourself. That is very attractive to a guy.
  59. heleena Friday - 15 / 05 / 2009 Reply
    im 17 and i have a boyfriend and i love him that much...but im not pretty sure if he feel the same way too... weve togther for 9 months but i have heard a lot of murmurs...and if i ask him he always denying it...what should i do make sure hes not telling a lie and to make sure that he feel the same way too??please help me and tell me the best thing to do..
    • Kayem Wednesday - 20 / 05 / 2009 Reply
      Sweetie, if you cannot care about those rumors!!! really! its probably jealous people trying to mess up your relationship. the big question is, Do you trust him? because if you do then all those stupid rumors are not true. Remember boys hate drama, so dont make a big eal out of it... he might freak out. and you might loose him for something that was absolutely unecesary. My advice to you TALK TO HIM, i know you already have.... but you need to talk to him... and not blame him for anything... tell him, "look, i believe you, about what they are saying... but it still bothers me, it still makes me think... and im uncomfortable" see what he does.... talk to him but about the way it make YOU feel.... dont start blaming him and telling him "THis is what they told me!" be nice... because guys hate it when you bring drama down on them. try that... I hope it helps! <3 xoxo Kayem- california
      • B-MORE'S FINEST Monday - 29 / 06 / 2009
        I have this bestfriend how i’ve known since i was a teenager now im 20 and he’s had plenty of girlfriends and i like him, but he gives me a really good feeling and it’s like he does petty things to piss me off and he tells me we are “best friends” and im not suppose to like him. Everyone keep telling me to leave him alone because he treats me bad or whatever but that’s my baby and i love him. He’s nice when he wants to be nice, he’s like i love you. It’s kinda confusing because idk what to do, and i talk to other guys too but everytime i talk to other guys i think of my bestfriend and he’s the only guy i want to be with. How do i make him my boyfriend with out him trying to get at other girls? I love this dude alot!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME PLEASE!
      • kayem Wednesday - 01 / 07 / 2009
        Oh, sweetheart, you are head over heals into this guy. and he knows it well. he's got you eating out of the palm of his hand. Here's the thing. guys like competition, they like challenges and playing the game. with you, this game is well played already. you seem to be completely available to him and thats what i think you should change. you say you see other guys, but maybe you should try giving one of those guys a chance. It has happened to me. you love a guy, and you are completely blind to all other boys... and that guy you love has so much power over you, you know he's the only one who can break you heart--and break it good. He says he loves you, and he probably does if you have been so close for so long. But he's playing you at the same time. He needs to realize what you mean to him. and you never know what you have until you loose it, right? so, you need to make him think he's loosing you. stop being so available to him. don't answer all his phone calls, go online a little less often. don't ignore him. but don't make him your priority either. Take chances, if another guy comes into your life, give him a chance. i know you love this other guy but it seems to me like its an illusion you have been going crazy over for a long time. life is very short. dont waste your precious time on someone who plays with you like that. you will find that you will never be over this guy. but give yourself a chance to meet someone other. I have always believed that theres many "the one" guys. and although you might think that he's the only one for you, you will soon realize that there's many fish in the sea. :) i dont mean to be harsh, just trying to give you some advice, im not seeing the situation first hand, so its easy for me to judge, take what you find constructive. Good Luck. be happy! xoxo ~K
      • B-MORE'S FINEST Wednesday - 01 / 07 / 2009
        OMG, you are so right, i'm blinded by the other guys because the guy i "thought" i loved i only had eyes for. That is crazy, i'll take your advice though, matter fact, i just deleted his number out of my cellphone even tough i know it by heart, but i deleted it anyway. All my friends are like your mad at him right now but your in love with that boy girl omg! I'm like NO IM NOT I DON'T LIKE HIM AT ALL HE IS VERY INSECURE. It's like come on now your about to be over your teenage years and you're still acting immature. ugh wtf. Other guys try and talk to me and it's like no no no you're not "the 1", but i think that's why i'm single is because i can't find "THE ONE" i don't want anymore guy friends that just want to be "friends" i want to be in a relationship, and most dudes now days, dont want a relationship they just want a friend with benifets no fuck that i don't want that shit i want a long term relationship. I so appreciate the advice your giving me, i really do. People told me along time ago to leave him alone when he first made me upset, but i didn't want to listen to them i wanted to find out on my own. Now this time i'm leaving him alone!!!
      • kayem Thursday - 02 / 07 / 2009
        I'm galad I could help! :) xoxo
    • Laura Friday - 12 / 06 / 2009 Reply
      I have the same problem too only I'm 12! and I'm not going out with anyone!
  60. Miley Tuesday - 26 / 05 / 2009 Reply
    Ummm, the jealousy part. Are you sure that would work? The reason I ask is because my friend Katie got a realtively new BF a few years back, and he saw her hugging a bunch of guys in her youth group because they were trying to confort her, for her cousin was awfully sick in the hospital. When she saw him she went to say hi, maybe give him a hug and he walked away. Later sent her a note saying it was over.... o.O Though, he was being an amature, though.... o.O Haha! We sure made him jealous that night! xD We made her look absolutely BEAUTIFUL and he wanted her back... It was sad though.. I do not get why he dumped her for hugging guys in her youth group... seriously, grow up. -_-
    • Peggy Tuesday - 07 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      When immaturity gets in the way of a relationship, it is usually out of control anyway. He probably did her a favor for now. Maybe when he matures a bit, he will make a better bf.
  61. xpand_vision Tuesday - 02 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    when these things get too complicated, most of the time they don't work out. If you like a guy and you're only making eye-contact, there's no real communication and especially if there are dark rumors flying around about's not going anywhere. I've had tons of these experiences. You just can't work on it. No way. Either it comes naturally or it's not worth all the uncertainty, guessing, obsessing...these things just lead to chaos. And would you like to start a relationship based on chaos? I know I have, and it left me depressed for a year and a half. It got me nowhere. It's true that I got him close, and I could say that he's my boyfriend, but basicly that's it. It was over long before it started. I'm not saying that my experience is a rule, generally, this is what happens. I've seen it happen to me, to my girlfriends and so on. Sorry for my negative outlook on things, I just had to speak my mind. And good luck to those, who have a little more going on, than just eye contact and a few "hi"-s. This is my point of view on the last few comments... you have my permission to hate me :P :)
  62. carole Saturday - 06 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    whats someone suppose to do if incase you love this guy and the time you only met was for about for 3 times only laiter u discover that he went abroad.when you communicate he seems not very interested but shows no hatered.but itruley have feelings for him please advice.
    • Tiffany Wednesday - 01 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      This comment is for Carole, Tell him the truth. You always feel better when you tell the truth. You don't want to be looking back years down the road from now wondering if you should have said this or done that. Worst case scenario, his feelings have changed, but at least now you know. Good Luck
  63. Laura Friday - 12 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    Hi everyone, I am a 12 yearold girl who realy fancys this boy called Jake and he was sating at me in English class. When my friends asks if he likes me he says, "No why would I want to fancy that ugly tramp?" In our school if you do those thins around a boy they will think your dumb! I really need help I'm dying!
    • Tiffany Rae Thursday - 02 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      This comment is for Laura, I am 24 years old but I do remember it being very hard for me at 12 with the boys. I had an afro, big thick glasses and braces. Ugg! Not a good combination. Boys at that age are going through changes and don't know how to handle it. Honestly, I won't worry too much about it. Just ignore his insults. I would walk right up to him and tell him flat out, "Hey you keep starring at me in English class, if you do like me great! If not, stare at someone else cuz I am not going to waste my time on you then." Then turn around and walk away. You will respect yourself and he is bound to respect you for it too. Now worst case scenario, he he doesn't then he honestly is not the guy for you and he just doesn't understand that you are a wonderful young lady and he is missing out on a great friend. I wish you the best of luck. Let me know what happens. Tiffany Rae :)
  64. Iris Tuesday - 16 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    So...mine is a different situation. There are 2 guys.THey are best friends and they are my friends too. The first is very sweet,gentil,smart(kinda),sometimes shy,romantic,has a sense of humor and laughs a lot.He is a football player and one of the most beautiful guys at school(who has a lot of fans).We talk everyday and he kinda told me he loves me. The second one has a sense of humor too(sometimes dirty),he's cute,smart(kinda)and a flirt.He's the captain of the football team and most of the girls like him,because he knows how to make them fall madly for him.He always plays with me...I play with him too to say the truth.When I make him mad he comes and kiss me. I don't know what to do with them?I'm going crazy with those 2! Love, Iris
    • B-MORE'S FINEST Thursday - 18 / 06 / 2009 Reply
      aww Iris, thats cute, i think you should talk to both of them and see which 1 treats you better.
      • Iris Wednesday - 01 / 07 / 2009
        well...i have already done that...and got nothing.It's always the same situation.
    • Tiffany Wednesday - 01 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      In my opinion, if they don't get it by now, I don't think they ever will. When you tease a guy right off the bat--as a friend--they register that as "Ok just friends". Honestly, you could tell them flat out no BS "Hey, I wanna try to be more" but then you run risk of rejection or worse lose the friendships. If you want to take that big of risk and you think it would pay off, go for it! If not, keep them as friends. Who knows? Maybe one day all of a sudden one of them will realize you are exactly what they are looking for. That's what happened to me. Good Luck
    • Peggy Tuesday - 07 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      Look for sincerity in their actions. If they are just playing games with you, then you really don't need to be dating them. They may just be playing a game between themselves to see who will win you over. Don't be the butt of their joke or their competition, if that is what it is. Decide which one you want to date, and which one you will make a friend. Those games can get very complicated, and are very typical of high school boys, even girls too sometimes. Don't let drama take over. You should be enjoying your high school years.
    • Iris Saturday - 18 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      Thnxx for the advice Tiffany and Peggy!!The first one now is just one of my best friends and his dating my gf...and the second one became my guy and i'm happy with him!! problem is resolved i think...
  65. B-MORE'S FINEST Thursday - 18 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    I have this bestfriend how i've known since i was a teenager now im 20 and he's had plenty of girlfriends and i like him, but he gives me a really good feeling and it's like he does petty things to piss me off and he tells me we are "best friends" and im not suppose to like him. Everyone keep telling me to leave him alone because he treats me bad or whatever but that's my baby and i love him. He's nice when he wants to be nice, he's like i love you. It's kinda confusing because idk what to do, and i talk to other guys too but everytime i talk to other guys i think of my bestfriend and he's the only guy i want to be with. How do i make him my boyfriend with out him trying to get at other girls? I love this dude alot!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME PLEASE!
    • Tiffany Wednesday - 01 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      Well first of all, what type of petty things does he pull on you that makes you pissed off? Is it things you could over look down the road if it were to become more serious? If yes and if he is truly the one you love and you can't live without, tell him in a way that won't make him run for the hills. Men don't like women planning out the rest of their lives if they are not ready to commit themselves to just one person. Maybe he is ready to commit but he is scared to tell you and that's why he is dating so many other girls. See if you will take notice of him. All you can do is ask, "Hey do you see us ever dating or becoming more serious?" Worst case scenirio he says no. And if you can handle that and you still can stand to be his best friend afterwards, great. But you have to prepare yourself for the worst and hope for the best. He just might surprise you. Good luck.
  66. prinsesa Saturday - 20 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    you know what guys...... im deeply madly crazely inlove with a guy.. some people say, just accept the fact that we are not meant to if it is just like that..they dont know that it is not as easy as they think..i still hope that someday he'll realize that he loves me.. this qoutation fits for us.. "its just like you dont want to expect but ur still willing to wait..damn!!!!!!" this is my story... my prince courted me last summer... i really love him....... but i didn't say "yes".... i know im fool....... because i really love him.. i think i have been loving him for 5 years.. he is my first love....... will u blame me for what i'va done? these are my reasons.. his inlove with his ex.. im afraid that if we will be together then his ex will ask him again (flirt him)....and my price is still love her..there is a big possibility that he'll go back with her...what about me? maybe he'll leave me.. and when he was courting me....i didn't feel the sincerety.. and now he is mad at me.. i dont know.. but im still hoping... that one day..he'll ask me again..damn!! am i right with what i did? was it right? im fool i know.. but i just wanted i relationship where both of you love each other.. im just afraid to have a relationship with my prince.. coz i know that he is madly inlove with his ex... guys...need some advice.....
    • xpand_vision Saturday - 20 / 06 / 2009 Reply
      I am absolutely sure that you did the right thing. I know it hurts, I've been there. But just think about it. You are together and you can't really enjoy the relationship, you always have the feeling that he's thinking about her. It would have been a nightmare. I've been in this situation, and I did the same thing, I sabotaged things and I didn't even know I was doing it. In the back of my head I was terrified that we'd be together and I would just suffer because of these thoughts, and... what if the ex wanted him back... he would surely have dumped me. Although it was hard, and after 2 years I still have feelings for him and sometimes I even miss him, this was the best for my sanity. I would have gone mad...It was for the best...yupp..I'm sure of it!
  67. Chelsea Sunday - 21 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    There was this guy that started liking me and I learned this through a friend of mine. She ended up introducing us and we were to shy to talk so he got my number and we texted just fine for a while. Well eventually he tld me that he wasnt ready to be in a relationship but that he still really liked me... I was confused because I had never been on any kind of relationship before. (I'm 17) And he said. "Trust me, I really do still like you." I was like wth... okaaay... But anyway, a month later he stared dating this girl I'm pretty sure out of pitty (because she had a crush on him I guess and she has a crappy personality and is very unattractive) Well, one day I wore a short skirt, A red tank top, and a little black jacket. I wore my hair down and fixed all nice and had pretty makeup on and a nice necklace etc. Well he ended up staring at me and slammed his head down on the table and his friend looked over at me and was like, "Haha I know what your sad about now!" I totally made him want me back just by looking really pretty and flaunting my stuff a bit :)
    • Iris Saturday - 18 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      Haha I have done that once but in a different way...he started following me like a puppy Haha
  68. Tiffany Tuesday - 30 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    After reading that article, I am in a situation where guy meets girl, there is an instant attraction, "instant relationship", guy backs off and says, "I want to be just friends and take it slow." Okay, fine. I called him the next morning and told him, okay I understand. I left my phone and computer off for most of the day. He got so concerened about how I was feeling, he logged in just to chat with me at school in class. He told me he just had to talk to me and then he asked me if he could talk to me after school. Believe me, if a guy ever tells you "lets just be friends for now", give him the silent treatment for a little while. They always come back :)
    • afriad Saturday - 01 / 08 / 2009 Reply
      haha you're a lucky girl he's a really nice guy tiffany! It makes my heart melt when i know he's ever thought of me and how not to hurt my feelings ( i think he's feeling bad and thinking of how to reject me without upseting me if u saw my story below.. lol.. that's my assumptions just from how he looks at me! ) =)) awwww... guys who are gentle but not soft girlish! have you ever dated other guys before? or is he the first one..
  69. hannah Tuesday - 30 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    theres this guy ive known for six years. ive always liked him but i never actually told him. i always flirted and he flirted back. everyone knew that we liked eachother but we never did anything about it. his sister is my best friend and she doesnt want us to go out. she always stopped us from being together. i got so mad that i stopped caring what she thought(were still best friends but when it comes to her brother, i dont care what she thinks). one day, they moved to another state. i come and visit them ,but only once a year. im going to see him in two weeks and im staying at his house for a week. i want to know if he feels the same way that i feel about him and i want to play hard to get at the same time. how can i get him in only a week?
    • Peggy Tuesday - 07 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      It is really hard to keep a long distance relationship going. What happens when you need a date to some event, or when the holidys come around and you are alone? Just enjoy his company when you see him, keep in touch, and let nature take its course. Perhaps they will move closer again, one day. In the meantime, do not tie yourself down. You would be missing out on so much!
  70. Tiffany Tuesday - 30 / 06 / 2009 Reply
    Honestly, kind of dance around the idea. Try to catch his glance: wear a cute outfit, flirt with him... nothing huge right off the bat. Peak his interest sometimes. Tell him you need some advice for someone else or someone you potentially have feelings for. Men love competition. By the end of the week, if he hasn't come out right and told you I have feelings for you then I guess its his loss. Honestly, you drive him crazy enough, he won't be able to resist you. That's what happened to me and now me and my guy are happier than ever. Good luck
  71. sophia Sunday - 12 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    i've been trying to find someone in a situation similar to mine, but nothing yet... this guy, i met him at a party about a year ago and then didn't see him again. i saw him again at another party about a month ago, and after dancing together and flirting we exchanged numbers. since then, he's come over to my house and hung out (just joking around and watching movies). but the other day i went over to his house and we sorta fooled around..he took me out for coffee afterwards, and then drove out to the beach for a walk. it all seemed absolutely perfect! but now he doesn't txt unless i txt first... and he sends one word replies, just 'yep'. i'm worried that he isn't interested? we didn't have sex, and he didn't hint at it either.. I want to ask him out but i'm scared he'll reject me. he's a really aweome guy, and really freaking attractive! but he's always going to parties or going out with his mates. always busy! help?!
    • ella* Sunday - 12 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      well look gurl. he's just not that into you. do some more hanging out. go to the movies. go out to eat.
  72. ella* Sunday - 12 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    well see its this dude i liked and i never seemed to like him. i turned him down about 10 times already and he still tries and talk to me so on day i thought liek maybe i should just give a chance. so i sat on the porch with him for about 2 3 4 hours at the most maybe even 5. then things start getting deeper. the first night he tries get a kiss cuz i told him that i loved kissing. idk what gave him the right to kiss me lol.. but it was kewl i rejected him first kiss. a couple of nights lata i sneak him in the house and up to my room,,NTHN happend. he's a kewl person he comes out and tells me the truth and sometimesi cant handle the trut. now DRUNKEN WORDS ARE SOBER THOUGHTS> so one day while he was drunk he asked me and said what if i was a hoe. im like what do u mean. he lke im the type on of nigga that will marry 3 girls and not give a fuck. he like im the type of nigga that will slang my dick to any body. now he's so admiring that i smiled ut when he said that last part the smile dropped. i didnt know what to say. im the ytep of girl that will let stuff build up till i explode and now i have so much to say to him.
  73. ella* Sunday - 12 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    well see its this dude i liked and i never seemed to like him. i turned him down about 10 times already and he still tries and talk to me so on day i thought liek maybe i should just give a chance. so i sat on the porch with him for about 2 3 4 hours at the most maybe even 5. then things start getting deeper. the first night he tries get a kiss cuz i told him that i loved kissing. idk what gave him the right to kiss me lol.. but it was kewl i rejected him first kiss. a couple of nights lata i sneak him in the house and up to my room,,NTHN happend. he's a kewl person he comes out and tells me the truth and sometimesi cant handle the trut. now DRUNKEN WORDS ARE SOBER THOUGHTS> so one day while he was drunk he asked me and said what if i was a hoe. im like what do u mean. he lke im the type on of nigga that will marry 3 girls and not give a fuck. he like im the type of nigga that will slang my dick to any body. now he's so admiring that i smiled ut when he said that last part the smile dropped. i didnt know what to say. im the ytep of girl that will let stuff build up till i explode and now i have so much to say to him. what do i dop abouty this stuff. i scared if i cuss him out he gone stop talkin to me im mean i was really feeling tis guy and all and not he's just too much
  74. Cheyenne Thursday - 16 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    Is this psychic? There's this guy I really like, we both like the same music, I like to play chess, and he saw me drinking Red Bull. These things are all up there in the truths and tricks, does the person who wrote this know him, or me? I met him just over a year ago, I have seen him one more time since, but he didn't say anything, and I have emailed him telling him I like him (very foolish thing to do, he rejected me, but says I'm a lovely young lady and he wishes me the best for the future). I still like him though, I don't think I can get over him :(
  75. Georgia Friday - 17 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    I met this boy I like, Jack - about a month back now, with some of my friends and some of his friends. Anyway, we spoke about school, music and stuff like that, and what we're into. We like the same subjects, and similar music, and we got on quite well. I didn't see him for about 3 weeks afterwards, and when i saw him he was with a load of his friends again and he was like "woah... yeah Georgia hey :)" and we spoke for like 2 minutes and I thought "oh well thats it i'm not going to see him again for ages!" And then i did see him again - twice that day :D, and he gave me some of his candy :') XD anyways, I added him on facebook a few days ago, and asked him if he was coming out on friday night (today) and he said yeah, asked for my msn and we spoke for atleast an hour, so tonight i'm going to meet up with him and his friends, with some of my friends but i'm worried he doesn't like me :/
  76. aliza Saturday - 18 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    hi i m a sad very sad 16 yr. old gurl !!! i luv dis guy sice last 6 yrs.,we r in same scool same class but sections diff. . . i was jus 10 den in 5th std. . . my 1st yr. i neva told him i lykd him but my bffs new,my bff n me had a fite,so she went n tol him evrythin i think i was in 6th. @ DAT AGE HE USE 2 ROCK evn our seniors respected him,kewl @ everythin,i was reeeli dumb! soo he felt insulted cuz every1 teased him wid my name,den he got oly 1 thing INSULT ME!!everywer hez used 2 call me bad words n blah da very nxt. yr. i started da jealousy plan dat was i dated dis guy he loved me we did dis 4 2yrs. n he was xtremely jealous,no more insults,infact he used 2 say his frends dat i m pretty n blah,so dis all happend 4om 7th grade till 9th,i felt hez damn jealous so i shud give it a try i ditched da guy i was datin,n xpected him cuz dese 2 yrs. wer marvellouse he stared @ me,always talked abt. me,hated it wen ny boy evn use 2 use luk @ me!BUT HERE'S DA TWIST,as soo i finished da plan he came 2 kno d8 i always luved him neva luved da guy i dated!!n i was such a fool every valentines day.his b-day i used 2 send him cards n gifts sayin UR SECRET ADMIRER he use 2 tear it n he evn knew it was me,den afta dat he started evrythin again bad words,insults!! we have neva been in same class BUT DIS YR. DA 10TH GRADE HEZ IN MY CLASS n by luck our teacher made us sit 2geda he neva talkeed 2 me in my life n not evn nw,but we still luk in each oda eyes alot,TOPSECRET- my bff is also hez bff,so i always ch8 wid him as my bff n wat i notice is every min. he brings me in between but talk rubbish i mean neva says my name ALIZA but BITCH evn evn in class alot bad words! i hav tried evrythin,i luk damn gorgeous cuz he juss keeps starin @ me wen i dress up plus i make myself available 4 him always wereva weneva infact evn da same FLIGHTS 2 our native conutry as we have everythin in common-religion,nation,likes,dislikes WE CAN NEVA TALK!! nw temme wat m i suppose 2 do 2 juss make him asl me OUT!! cuz talkin or tryin sumthin related IS TOOOO LATE!!=( n i cant 4get him!!! sooo plzz help mee!!
  77. Preston Hunter Wood Sunday - 19 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    well, what do i do about my situation bcuz im a bi faggot. i had this really awsome girl but i was a faggot 2 her and now ive decided 2 turn 2 guys
  78. Preston Hunter Wood Sunday - 19 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    well, what do i do about my situation bcuz im a bi faggot. i had this really awsome girl but i was a faggot 2 her and now ive decided 2 turn 2 guys.
  79. confussed n wv Tuesday - 21 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    hey ya all this guy i went to school with asked for my number one night the next he asked me to go to a concert with him and we had sex that night a day went by and he text me and then the next day he wanted to hang out so we went to the park and just set there and talked then we rhode around in country and he took me home ever since for about 2or 3 months he has text me every night we hardly talk on phone but he is really different he is like very backwards and smart i like him but we both just got out of a relationship i told him i liked him alot he said he liked me alot to but he just don't act that interested well sometimes he does see i don't see him that often i been out with him like five times in like 2 and a half months but he asures me that he likes me alot just really messed up from the other gurl and wants to go slow if i don't text him one night because he was cold he will make sure he text me and is really sweet he is so hot and cold i am confussed and i am an open person and he isn't so i wrote him a im offline message one day and told him i didn't get him and that i was confussed he tells me he isn't messing wit my head and he likes me i don't know but ever since the that second date at the park when we didn't sleep with each other he just wanted to spend time with me i have been really into him and i can't do the ignore tip and he is cold if i don't and ever since that day we have went out at night not late at night but we have had sex every time since i am lonly though and i just want this guy to want me help confused
    • maya Friday - 31 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      so u both got out of bad relationships....take some time to be chill, u 2 should just be friends. u shouldn't have had sex yet because now he already got wat he wanted and wat he wants from u is sex. so what if you realy like each other? take it slow, don't have sex, and just enjoy being single. that's my opinion
  80. Cassidy Lee Friday - 24 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    PLEASE tell me what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to help my grandma at bible school and the only reason i keep going is cus of this really cute guy from ireland.. hes awesome!!! i wanna talk to him but he probablly already knows i like him.. his mom told my grandma that he likes girls that play hard to get...... HOW DO I DO THAT?!??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!! ( ive never really had to before)..... HELPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • kay Sunday - 04 / 10 / 2009 Reply
      haha everybody tells me im easyy but i guess just don't be too open, if he says lets hang out just say i'll think about it or give me ur number and we'll see what happens something like that.
    • Souldn't say Monday - 26 / 10 / 2009 Reply
      Playing hard to get: Try Not Looking at him when ye do talk.. Don't seem very interested... Talk to other boys around him... ect..
  81. Liz Friday - 24 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    There's this guy that works at a movie theater, i had seen him a couple of times i liked him right away kuz he kinda looked liked my ex boyfriend..anways one day i asked for his phone number and he gave it to me from there on he started texting me 24/7 We didnt get to talk alot about each other just basic stuff. Then i got to meet his parents no label though..things were going great i really liked him and i thought he liked me too. One day he tells me he wants to make love, i thought it was cute since usually guys dont tell they just try and see if you'll let i said i wanted the same. We go to his house and well we have sex. After that day he totally changed it wasnt the same, he stopped textin every 5 minutes, i guess he just stopped caring. I notice his change imediatly and i tell him how i feel, he tells me he likes me but that he's not sure if he wants a relationship right now since he doesnt really have the "time" goint to school in the mornings and workin in the afternoon. I tried to make him jealous and at first it worked but then he changed again. Now he texts me once every week and i feel sad cause i really like him...what should i do....?
    • afriad Saturday - 01 / 08 / 2009 Reply
      HEllo Liz! Errr i hope i'm wrong, but seems like he isn't that guy you thought he was to be.. maybe you still haf feelings for your ex boyfriend and hoping you could find comfort in him? Coz after sex and he reduced the amount of contact, could it be that all he wanted from that day you got his number? Or hopefully it's because you're being paranoid and thinking alot about it (you know, like there's tonnes of stories bout how their attitudes change after sex) and he actually feels you both know each other well enough after the love making to not have to keep texting as often now.. try talking to him abit, tell him how you feel since you guys are already in a relationship.. perhaps ask for an off time relationship whereby you know he's ard for txting and calls when you wish, there's no need to always meet too. say you will drop by once in a while to visit him at school? I'm quite amateur at dating.. haha, but seeing how my friends become couples, i do feel guys may not be that bad as the reputation they have because of the black sheep flingers.. like they do haf feelings just like us too?
  82. stressed Thursday - 30 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    Me and my ex became friends because we were having some problems. The problem was that I was taking advantage of his love for me and hurting his feelings a lot. I didn't value him so I never paid attention to his feelings. I always want him to do what I want and never did what he wanted. Now that he only wants to be just friends, I want more then that but he always reject me whenever I ask to be more. He says he still loves me but only as a friend. He's talking to other girls too but only as friends. It makes me jealous and hurts me so I create a lot of "drama" for him. That's driving us apart more. I really love him and want to be with him but I don't know what to do to get him back. He only thinks of me as friend and nothing more. I can't move on because he's the one that I want and need him in my life. I've tried to make him jealous but it doesn't seem to work at all. I want to move on but my heart doesn't. We're like the total opposite of each other. Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Thank you!
  83. afriad Saturday - 01 / 08 / 2009 Reply
    Hi everyone! I got to know a guy at uni beginning this year, and he was a rather serious and mature guy with lots of discipline in his studies and other fields of commitment despite being younger than most of our peers. and he's the shy but still rather outgoing type. really thoughtful too, and younger than me by a year. he did mention casually to someone that he wouldn't date a girl older than him. anyway, my close friends know about my liking for him, and all of us including this guy attend a sports club together. I don't know how to behave around him coz i think he knows too, his peers sensed it as well. i feel so dead now =( thing's he's been quite nice about it, like taking the initiative to saying hello (my name) and everyth when he sees me standing around, but that's all the conversation went.. another thing to be honest, I don't know if this would take me out of the "I'm in love" category, but surprisingly i don't really like talking too much when he's around, but i really really enjoy sitting near him, feeling his presence and security of him being around me.. and hearing his voice when he's talking to other people.. and no it's not a brotherly feeling, i even had a wild though of kissing him by force one time! (but it'll freak him out and its prob realli disrespectful to him too so thought aborted :)) i was hoping he wouldn't know about it so that i could still continue being casual friends and maybe knowing more little details about his life and stuff like that.. how/what should i do about him now.. if i told him i think it's gonna be flat rejection (i'm not really pretty and think he finds me a little silly coz i blank out quite often) oh my goodness... i wish we could just enter a relationship now! HELPPPP....
  84. peg Saturday - 08 / 08 / 2009 Reply
    I'm in a long relationship,we see each other every 2 months,and I stay with him a month at a time and I feel that we are getting very close, however my question is how long does it take a man to fall in love with you, sometimes i think he is but he won't say. All he says is it takes guys longer. What should I do? We know each other for two years, started seeing each other since nov.Oh and i haven't said the L word yet either.
  85. Melina Thursday - 13 / 08 / 2009 Reply
    I’ve cracked the code on how to make a man fall in love and hold in my hands the long lost secrets of the courtesans, geisha and French; How to Make a Man Fall Madly in Love
  86. HELP ME Thursday - 20 / 08 / 2009 Reply
    Ok, So.. I have this thing for a Baseball Player at a college im going to transfer to in a couple of Months. Me and Him text and have talked on the phone once cause hes super busy with baseball. I was worried he had plently of other girls to hang out with, but he always talks about taking me out with all of his buddies and that i wont have to worry about paying for anything wherever we go. Surely there arent other women or they would see us tailgating and going out together.. But he's made it clear he doesnt want a relationship, just to have fun. I dont call or text first.. Im 100% sure i will not sleep with him if the option is thrown at me.. But with his baseball schedule, hes going pro in january and him being gone, do you think even trying the "tricks to make him fall for me" is even worth my time and heartbreak? Or do any of yall honestly think something could happen if i put my foot down and take control. hmm? please help me
    • vennice Friday - 21 / 08 / 2009 Reply
      hei sis i know how you're feeling.. well why don't you give it a try. if you think he still likes you then go for it, some good relaationship starts with dating then maybe he'll realize that he really likes you and would probably decide to be in a relationship with you but if he doesn't seem to care anymore then don't waste your time
  87. vennice Friday - 21 / 08 / 2009 Reply
    well i think the best way is to make him feel that you so like him cause how will you make him like you unless you make him feel that, then when he become so confident then that'll be the time to make him jealous. See we fall in love with guts because they make us feel that they are so deeply in love with us so i believe it'll work for them too... but my situation is a bit diff. the guy is a close friend of mine. He's sweet to me but he's also sweet with our other friends, but when our friend ask him who among our group would he probably like he said its would be me. He fells inlove easily, if a girl is sweet to him but im afraid if i do it might ruin the friendship if he doesnt feel the same way. what am i to do?
  88. sherina Saturday - 22 / 08 / 2009 Reply
    hi, my situation is a bit weird, i met this guy through coincidence, and ever since I've met him i'm crazy in love with him, he says he loves me too, but its only been 6 months. since the first week of our relationship he started telling me how he's in love with me, how could someone be in love with you in a matter of a few days?? is it possible?? i mean he is a real gentleman he treats me with respect, he comes from a very well brought up family.. but i don't think he could be in love with me so fast cause he broke up with his ex like about 2 weeks before i saw him, maybe he was just vulnerable!! maybe he thought he loves me when he was just probably using me to get over her and to make her jealous..... but he says he loves me so much, and wants to spend his life with me, wants to marry me next year, but its only 6 months, and he's already started hitting me!!!! if its like this now, how much more worse can it get??????? i do everything for him, he sleeps by me, i cook and wash his clothes, i guess i basically cater to his every need!!!!!!!!!!! i dont know how do deal with this...
  89. Aimee (: Wednesday - 09 / 09 / 2009 Reply
    Hi well im really confused because my relationships tend to last a really short amount of time. but today this guy came up to me and we started talking i know its really early on but im confused because i know he's quite a bit older than me and im just worried that im a game to him? i dont know if anyone knows what im talking about. x
  90. haha Sunday - 13 / 09 / 2009 Reply
    talk to him talk to him is that all you say?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  91. kay Sunday - 13 / 09 / 2009 Reply
    talking to a person and asked if we were friends and he said "we r friends with feelings towards one another"....hmmm i dont get it!!? wthh does that have to do with anything if i want to hook up?! help please.
  92. Kim Wednesday - 16 / 09 / 2009 Reply
    There is this guy at school whom was in my class last year and I have the bigest crush on him, we talk and laugh together but it's always me that starts the conversations, but when I do he seems happy about it and we have fun talking. the thing is he is not the shy type; he is funny, nice, cute and a little conceited lol but it's part of his charm... so I don't get why he doesn't come and talk to me!!! I also would like to have more than 2 minutes discussions with him and for him to consider me as a potentil girfriend but I'm not the best at flirting so yeah. OH and once he even wrapped an arm around me!! but thats after I kicked his bag asking if he wanted some gum! lol but since that day no more contact (he slightly touched my arm once but it's no big deal...) AND little detail that sucks one of closest friend told me recently that she had some feelings for him, but I had feelings for him way before she told me about hers exept I just never told her... I know for sure she doesn't have a chance with him though... What should I do?! sometimes when I see him I have this uge to hug him XD and did I mention that he is funny!!! lol now i'm repeating myself who's gonna read this anyway? lol
  93. sherina Wednesday - 16 / 09 / 2009 Reply
    hi, my situation is a bit weird, i met this guy through coincidence, and ever since I’ve met him i’m crazy in love with him, he says he loves me too, but its only been 6 months. since the first week of our relationship he started telling me how he’s in love with me, how could someone be in love with you in a matter of a few days?? is it possible?? i mean he is a real gentleman he treats me with respect, he comes from a very well brought up family.. but i don’t think he could be in love with me so fast cause he broke up with his ex like about 2 weeks before i saw him, maybe he was just vulnerable!! maybe he thought he loves me when he was just probably using me to get over her and to make her jealous….. but he says he loves me so much, and wants to spend his life with me, wants to marry me next year, but its only 6 months, and he’s already started hitting me!!!! if its like this now, how much more worse can it get??????? i do everything for him, he sleeps by me, i cook and wash his clothes, i guess i basically cater to his every need!!!!!!!!!!! i dont know how do deal with this….... ladies, i need some help, cause the more i fall in love with my boyfriend, its the more his past keeps haunting me,,,,,,,,,its like he's such a sweet romantic guy....but he has some bad ways, i dont want to lose him under any circumstances, but i dont know if he's all that serious with me as i am with him, i mean, he has met my whole faking family more than twice, and i never has so much after 7 months met his parents, i only met with his could i be so sure he's even serious about me!!!! its like i cant even go home by him, but he can come by me what ever time he feels like, he even has keys to my apartment,i feel as though i made a very big mistake by letting him meet my family so soon,,,dont you people think so?? but i truly have fallen in love with him , and yet i dont think he sees it!!!!
    • lilia Sunday - 25 / 10 / 2009 Reply
      well, it seems clear to me, he doesnt love you. But he want to be with maybe you do all this stuff for him and he knows you are really in love with him(guys are not stupid, they know when a woman desperatelly loves them). He know he is not gonna lose you that easy and he has "find a snug berth" in you. I would like to tell you what you already now: there are more men out there that will fall in love with you as mach as you ll fall in love with them that they will treat you better and you would be so much happier.
  94. ANISHA Monday - 28 / 09 / 2009 Reply
    wow, this is great advice, thanks <3
  95. angelica Sunday - 18 / 10 / 2009 Reply
    hi friends,i don't know how to admit this but i have fallen in love with this english tutor of mine in a coaching dat i go to...and it's been rily long..since i have liked him but i have absolutely no idea wat he feels for me...actualy i am one of his favourite students and he has alot of expectations from me...i tried to be a lil friendly thru mailing but since den i have seen a change in his attitude towards in i feel he is avoiding me...doesnt even respond to my mails and if so den very rudely...he is only a few years older than me,unmarried .... now i have clearly got the hint dat he wants just a student teacher relationship with me...but somehow i cant think of losing him coz i rily love him.....plzz somebody who truly knows wat to me out here...btw i havent told him dat i like him...i think he has guessed it....plzz plzz plzz tell me what to do...he is very unpredicatable coz of which i'm rily scared of him at times...plzz tell me how do i get him to like me or atleast develop a healthy friendship wid him for life..coz i simply dont want to lose him :_(
  96. Souldn'tsay Sunday - 25 / 10 / 2009 Reply
    I'm fifteen and like a nineteen year old guy, who's my older brother's close friend. We chat a lot on Bebo, Msn, twitter and he even texts me. I don't know, if he's see's me the same way. Should i just totally give up and move on? Or what? My friends think i'm crazy, but he's soo sweet. Everytime he's over i can't keep my eyes off him. I've had my heart broken before and I don't want it to happen again.
    • evi Sunday - 25 / 10 / 2009 Reply
      well, even if he likes you, it might be difficult for him to admit it or even make his move. For a 19 year old guy you are young. and the fact that you are his best friend's little sister make it even more difficult. My opinion: move on with your life and see what happens with this guy in a year or two:)
      • Souldn'tSay Sunday - 25 / 10 / 2009
        thank you.. :) I defo see where you're coming from.. just needed an outsiders opinion.. :)
  97. angel Tuesday - 03 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    he is my Neighbor, i met him 3 months ago in the first time he told me dont believe in love and dont wanna getting marry, because theres another woman broke his heart before, in the begning we used to spend most of the times and do everything together, like cooking, eating, playing and sleep in same bed every single night, i felt in love with him, and i could hardly told him but his answer was he dont love and will not love any woman and he started crying and telling me how much he hurt before, everything i do he remember her and cry i ask him if he still loves her but he always say he dont love her and he hate her,in the time he knows he changed one time treat me good and time dont talk to me, and whenever i go my home he calling and tell me to come his home,and i feel he getting jealous and being angry with me whenever he dont find me in home,one day he tell me we are just friend and in the next day my friend calling me and asking to see me, and he got very angry and go out of home, and at night one time he hold me so hard and sleep and one time he tell me please go little far my arm hurt me, and one time when he was sleeping i heared him talking and saying i love you, and in next day he ask me if he was talking at night? i told him yes and he ask me if i understand when he said i told no i didnt understand, because i wanted him to tell me whaile he is awake, im very depressed because i really loves him so deep and he really puzzle me...i forgot to notice he dont ever kiss me just in begning and i asked him his answer was..because i dont kiss to not love you and no make you love me. i am very hurting please help me.
  98. ChrissyB Thursday - 05 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    I like this guy al lot, has asked me out on two dates, we had sex on the second date and we are planning on going on a third date, he said that he when he dates a girl they usually don't become his girlfriend until after the fifth date, I am afraid that he is slowly starting to see me as a friend because when we don't see each other during the week, we text and I find myself not knowing what to say to keep the conversation going, and he doesn't ever ask me any questions unless he is horny and thinking of me, I ask him things when I think of questions and he just answers them and never asks anything back. I am starting to think he is only using me for sex, I am afraid to say something since most of the time when I assume a guy is all about the sex, they get kinda mad and say that they aren't and they kinda act like I was weird for saying that. I guess what my question is what can I do to make this guy want a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship with me? and does it sound to you like he is all about sex?
  99. carebearlulu Thursday - 05 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    i have a problem. I have this guy i like so much i always try to make small talk with him and i thought he liked me cuz we would flirt. Im shy and i know he is a bit reserved. It took some time to know how a respectable man he is. Someone i would see my life with because he is a good guy. One day i was crying and he wanted to know what was wrong i really couldnt tell him because he might freak out or something. Then one day since he was leaving into the army i had to do it. So i told how i felt about him The only thing is that he views me as a sister. I want so much more. Please help. Thanks.
  100. confused Friday - 06 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    So I really like this guy and I have slewpt with him twice and all of our friends are mutual friends and yeah. every time we have sex it gets more and more awkward and I dont know what to do because I like him so much...HELP
  101. Rachael Saturday - 07 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    i need help!!!!!!!!!!!! there is tis guy that i sit next to in reading and science. i am one of the five girles that i know of that are absolutley in love with him. so my story is: during our open notebook quiz in science, i couldn't find the last answer to the quiz. mumbling this to myself, he heard me and actually flipped and pointed to the answer in my notes! im still in shock because it happed yesterday. i don't know if he likes me though, because he smiles at me and talks to me, but he is a flirt, so it is impossible for me to know and i have no experience at all. i know my parents wouldn't object to him thoug, he is in my exellerated math class and is the nicest guy i have met i am in 7 grade and am 13 please tell me what to do
    • melody Sunday - 15 / 11 / 2009 Reply
      if hes a flirt why would you want to be with him beacus e if youu guys do get together at one point what if he flirts wih other girls ? i am also in 7th gade !
    • Giselle Wednesday - 18 / 11 / 2009 Reply
      i think he likes you!!!!! that what happens to me alot just be your self and be calm just be pretty and smile at him
    • mallie Wednesday - 18 / 11 / 2009 Reply
      I really like this guy I HOPE IT WORKS Good luck to all you girls out there! Mallie xoxoxo
    • Mackenzie-Areah Wednesday - 18 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    • sharon Sunday - 22 / 11 / 2009 Reply
      hey rachael, i totally know how you feel, when the guy you like does something sweet and you just cant stop thinking about him after that. honestly, i dont think you can determine whether a person likes you or not just by judging the little facts. reason being, there are many different types of people in this world, and the way they show their affection may be different. Example, a guy that i first liked was an absolute jerk to me, i almost gave up on him until he asked me out on my bday. We dated for 2 years, but things didnt go too well. And my second bf on the other hand was the sweetest thing ever! so really, you cant depend whether he likes you by lookign at how he flirts with you. Since hes a boy magnet, my best suggestion would to be make yourself STAND OUT to him, MAKE HIM WANT YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE DIFFERENT FROM ALL THE OTHER GIRLS. basically be yourself, because i know sometimes we cant control how nervous we get when the guy is around, and we start to act wierd, try not to! just be yourself :) if you need MORE help you can email me hope i helped:(
    • kate Thursday - 03 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    • abbi Saturday - 05 / 12 / 2009 Reply
      ok i am like in love with this boy at my school and i have never talked to him before because i am too nervous.i have never had a bf before so i am kinda of scared of what 2 do!ive heard from my other friends that used 2 go 2 school with him that he is very sweet and kind.well yesterday he sat next to me during an assembly and i didnt take the advantage 2 tlk 2 him!but im afraid that if i did ask him out he might turn me down because well im not skinny but im not fat fat either!and i dont know what to do about it!i cant stop thinking about him! im 13yrs 7th grade
    • kate Monday - 07 / 12 / 2009 Reply
      I've FOUND OUT A BEHAVIOURAL METHODE TO MAKE A MAN FALL IN LOVE...I've tried it and believe me ...that really works !!
    • alex Saturday - 19 / 12 / 2009 Reply
      7th grader here also. my suggestion to you rachael is to do what i do: get a close relationship with him, not boyfriend-girlfriend, but close. but see if he flirts with other girls alot, you said he was a flirt, but at least check it out. just don't make the mistake i did by telling him your best friends crush's name just because he gave you the puppy-dog eyes.bad for you friendship with your best friend.
  102. Christine Sunday - 08 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    1- Try to show him that you don't see him that boy whom all the girls love , treat him as if he is your friend that you don't know well 2- Never show to him that that you are jealous that he loves girls , make him feel that this makes no difference to you , even if you are burning inside but pretend that you are cool and that he is the last man in the world you would think of him' 3- Never start the conversation , if you started once , wait till he starts twice 4- When you are syanding in group , tell him " ah , really thanks a lot for helping me once in the quiz , you're the best "vand then turn yoour face and talk to others and wait till he talks to you 5- Try to interfere in his life but in a smart way abnd in my opinion the smartest question is " How was your weekend ? he'll tell you a small brief how it went , like the places he went or " I stayed home" and start chatting in this topic about families or friends .. you'll find conversation lasted for hours and you knew lots about him 6- After the previuos conversation try to take his opinion in anything you are confused in " If you were in my place , what would you do ? " 7- Try to gain the love of all your common colleagues so that whenever he sits with anyone and your name is mentioned so all the people says " she is cute , helpful ... "
  103. angel Sunday - 08 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    what would you do if the man you love Disappeared?? was his birthday,it was very normal day, he was with his friend in home and i talk to him on phone he said he will go out to play pool with his friend i told him please dont be dont come back home latly he said no i will come back latly today and let me be free i told him okay baby enjoy your time and we closed the phone, this is was the last call phone and the last day i saw him, he disappeared this is the 3ed day he didnt come back home i keep call him over and over he dont pick up the phone till his phone closed, its lost the charge, i dont know any of his friends phone numbers i dont know anything, i search in papers to look for any friend number i didnt found, im counfused and miss him, i dont know where did he go, is theres something bad happend to him or he did this to give me time to forget about him,or mabye he spend his birthday with another woman, please give me your opinion.
    • Christine Sunday - 08 / 11 / 2009 Reply
      What a strange story!! Please ask yourself these questions : how was your relationship before that day ? was it going smoothly ? was he planning to continue in this relation ? did he ever loved and cared for you ? After you answer the above questions you'll find the answer to your question whether he is doing this to let you forget him or not. If your relationship was perfect, you were his only love , just make a visit to his home, knock his door , if he opened , try to understand from him what happened and NEVER to show to him that you are upset , just inform him that you just needed to make sure that he is fine and leave him immediately and put in your mind that you must forget him. If no one opened ,try to ask his neighbours about him , maybe he travelled or something , maybe something bad happened to him. Good Luck
  104. sammy Sunday - 08 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    its been 10 months with my boyfriend and he has never given me flowers, and it bothers me. im not the needy type who needs to be showered with gifts. i am more of the giving type. but on our year anniversery i would like him to know that he should buy me flowers. how can he get the hint? -15yrs old, and hes 17.
    • Christine Monday - 09 / 11 / 2009 Reply
      Hello Sammy , Did he use to get you flowers in your anniversary before ? If yes , maybe he is trying to get to you new things so as not to be bored or maybe he feels that women usually like perfumes , bags , skirts ... Men usually beleive that these presents are more appreciated. Anyway , you can just give him a hint by an indirect way , example if you passed beside a flowershop , say loudly: " that's so romantic , i adore flowers , this is the way how men show their love to the women " just give a try and see his reaction Good Luck
  105. Rachael Sunday - 08 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    thanks for the tips. but i am really shy and carefull with the guys i like. im always afraid to do something wrong.
  106. Christine Monday - 09 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    Dear Rachael , I know how you feel , but sometimes being shy won't attaract the guys' attention. Whenever he is standing or sitting near try to convince yourself that he is not there , meaning that don't put in your mind that he is doing nothing but staring at you so you need to be careful every single moment , try not to think in that way because you'll be tired , feeling shy all the time and won't have confident and as a result you'll take a side.... Only think that you are yourself,standing alone .. You are a PRINCESS standing ( confident , talking to everyone around , funny , helping anyone who asks for a help ) .
  107. Kristal Monday - 09 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    theyr'es this guy i'm talking to for about 3weeks now , but hes a singer and we live 2hours away from eachother , he calls me like once , twice a week . i cant get him off my mind , so far i sent him two love letters , but i dont wanna go to far and scare him. i have this strong feeling that he's worth it all. and my mind i cant give up on him. we talk on the phone about our days ,things that happened on the news , jokes ,mmm sometimes silly problems . i email him sometimes but i never get a reply . i dont know what i should do . please i need some guidance . im 19 yrs.(female)
    • Christine Monday - 09 / 11 / 2009 Reply
      Hello Kristal , You are in a longdistance relation and in my opinion , long distance relation equals longdistance friend :) meaning the following : 1- You must succeed to let him feel that you are his close invisible friend so after some months you'll be the only person whom he'll run to talk with whenever he is upset or tired and this will be acheived by : a- You said that you have a talk once or twice a week so why don't you increase the number of calls to be triple or fourth but on condition to convince him that you are just calling ONLY to make sure that he is fine , he is doing well , his job is fine and let the call takes its flow. b- Why don't you have chatting , msn , facebook once aday , you are just friends , keep talking in general topics and then go step by step to your private lifes ( work , studying , what you both like , childhood memories ......) Finally , just remember movie : " You've got mail " and how the chatting and invisible talks changed their lifes ;) Good Luck
  108. Ally Saturday - 14 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    This may be alittle long, but I'll try to keep it short. Sorry! There is a guy that I met a while back on this Christian dating website (it is completely SAFE, I promise). We started talking a little bit on the website, then he asked if he could add me on his facebook. He eventually added me on Facebook, and we have been talking every now and then. Just two days ago, when we were talking on Facebook, he sent me this video to watch and after I saw it and we were laughing about it, he meantioned how he never has a dull moment at his house and how we have the similar sense of humors. I told him that even though I am currently living really far away for college, it didn't mean we couldn't talk over the phone, so we exchanged numbers. So after that, he called me and we talked for about two or maybe 3 hours ( I think?) and we both found out that we have alot (A LOT!) in common and that we can not only make each other laugh, but that we are also very compatible. He got really quiet at times, which worried me, but only to find out it was only because he was so shocked at how compatible we are. He said he only wishes that we didn't live so far apart from each other (he lives in the Midwest and so do I, but I am going to college in TN and we live in separate states). He suggested that if I ever come up to where he lives and meet his parents ( does that mean anything?) that we talk about our friendship with them. I told him the same thing. I was wondering if he was suggesting that I could possibly be someone he could see spending his life with. Idk. He also complimented me some. He thinks I'm beautiful. He also said that I am at the top of his list ( ??? What does that mean?) when I asked him after telling him he is at the top of my list ( he's # 1 on there, but I told him # 2, so he wouldn't get any ideas). I really like him alot. And he has been there for me so far. He tells me I am very important to him and that he can't wait until we talk again over the phone soon. What should I do? What does this all mean? Should I do something? Do you possibly know how much longer it could be? I don't even know if he likes me yet or not. How do I find out if he likes me or not? What should I look for? Thanks! Ally
    • alex Saturday - 19 / 12 / 2009 Reply
      he likes you
  109. Tayla Saturday - 14 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    Hi! I need help. There is a boy I like and I talk to him on the phone a lot. I was on the phone with him yesterday and he told me he was going to ask another girl out. He asked for my opinion and I said ok then ask her out. But I don't want him too. If he does I would be okay but... I think he likes me
    • Christine Thursday - 19 / 11 / 2009 Reply
      Hello Tayla , You did the right thing :) but the question here , did he go really out with that girl or just he was asking to test you ?!!!!!
    • Charli Monday - 30 / 11 / 2009 Reply
      go up to him and say i love's easy and simple.maybe one day he will ask you out and on the first date he would probably kiss you!
    • alex Saturday - 19 / 12 / 2009 Reply
      if he likes you then why didn't he ask you out?
  110. brittney Monday - 16 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    hi my name is brittney lane i am 14 year olds and i have a crush on a boy in my school and i can't stop looking at him
    • Christine Wednesday - 18 / 11 / 2009 Reply
      Hi Brittney It is a good step that you keep looking to him so for sure he noticed that so the ONLY solution now is to ignore him completely , don't even look at him , let him notice that you care no more for him , there is something changed in you and just wait for the result... Good Luck
    • Charli Monday - 30 / 11 / 2009 Reply
      me to. it's the same with Jacob he's so cute once he and I were sitting next to each other in music class and he was so tired that he almost fell asleep on my lap.Then I had to say who ever you touch you love but just staid there on my lap!
  111. Tamika Wolgamuth Tuesday - 17 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    Hi, I really like this guy, and I'm trying to win his love. but i don't know if, he feels the same way about me. He got me a necklace, and said it better not ever touch a man. we been talking for 9 months n I'm ready for more we are not going out yet he said he don't want a girl right now. i don't know what to do, i don't want to hold on to something if there is nothing there. What should i do?
    • Christine Wednesday - 18 / 11 / 2009 Reply
      Hello Tamika, Maybe he just broke up from a relationship and just need time to go through this. I suggest that you have to reduce your calls and talks slowly , meaning if you are used to have a call twice , make it once ... let him feel that he can lose you , whenever men feel that the girl is available all the time and can do anything for them , they turn their face to you , but if you let him feel that he can lose you , he'll come back to you Summary: try to disapear slowly from his life and check if he returns to you so he really needs you but it is a matter of time , if he doesn't care so i think it is better to forget him :(
  112. alyssa Tuesday - 17 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    hello, im in 12th grade ive never had a relationship. Ihave been told by sooo many people that im pretty and such, but for some reason i cannot get guys to like me. there is this one guy i really like!!! im kinda shy and i come out of the shell when i get to know some one. We have period 1 togethe and sit exactly oposite of each other and can see each other. and sometimes we lock eyes but neither of usever smile at each other :(. help. i also have 4th with him thats DECA so we run the school store. Yesturdayi finally talked to him for like the whole period, and i luaghed at his joke >< lol, and i thought all was good, but today he had to do a project and i barely spoke to him. I really need some help to get him to really notice me, any advice would be awsom thanks so much Alyssa
    • Christine Wednesday - 18 / 11 / 2009 Reply
      Hello Alyssa It is one of the best feeling to have eye contact with the one you like :) My opinion , just go on talking with him and never mind if you started every time by the talk as you are just friends and having nearly same class , try to be talkative and funny with him ( always put in your mind that he is a freind ) , always ask him if he needs a help ( boys always like this question !!!! ) try to make the eye contacts once a day don't keep watching him all the time as this make them feel mad ;) Good Luck
  113. Ally Wednesday - 18 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    Hi Christine! There is a guy that I met a while back on this Christian dating website (it is completely SAFE, I promise). We started talking a little bit on the website, then he asked if he could add me on his facebook. He eventually added me on Facebook, and we have been talking every now and then. Just two days ago, when we were talking on Facebook, he sent me this video to watch and after I saw it and we were laughing about it, he meantioned how he never has a dull moment at his house and how we have the similar sense of humors. I told him that even though I am currently living really far away for college, it didn’t mean we couldn’t talk over the phone, so we exchanged numbers. So after that, he called me and we talked for about two or maybe 3 hours ( I think?) and we both found out that we have alot (A LOT!) in common and that we can not only make each other laugh, but that we are also very compatible. He got really quiet at times, which worried me, but only to find out it was only because he was so shocked at how compatible we are. He said he only wishes that we didn’t live so far apart from each other (he lives in the Midwest and so do I, but I am going to college in TN and we live in separate states). He suggested that if I ever come up to where he lives and meet his parents ( does that mean anything?) that we talk about our friendship with them. I told him the same thing. I was wondering if he was suggesting that I could possibly be someone he could see spending his life with. Idk. He also complimented me some. He thinks I’m beautiful. He also said that I am at the top of his list ( ??? What does that mean?) when I asked him after telling him he is at the top of my list ( he’s # 1 on there, but I told him # 2, so he wouldn’t get any ideas). I really like him alot. And he has been there for me so far. He tells me I am very important to him and that he can’t wait until we talk again over the phone soon. What should I do? What does this all mean? Should I do something? Do you possibly know how much longer it could be? I don’t even know if he likes me yet or not. How do I find out if he likes me or not? What should I look for? Thanks! Ally
  114. Ally Wednesday - 18 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    Oh, I forgot to meantion that he said if anything were to ever happen to me and I died, he would be very sad. Does that mean anything in relation of maybe him liking me? Thanks! Ally
    • Christine Thursday - 19 / 11 / 2009 Reply
      Hello Ally , how are you doing ? really enjoyed reading your story as i think to find a person and chat with him is a nice feeling making you feel safe :) Everything in your relationship is going fine but with a quick rate so i suggest you have to slow a bit , meaning don't convince yourself that he is the one till you sit and talk to him face to face , (as you know chatting is different than meeting face to face ) Try both as much as you can to meet each other once twice ... hundreds time till you know each other more after that you'll get answers to your questions , you'll discover if he is really serious in the relationship or not , if he is the one or not Good luck :)
  115. alyssa Friday - 20 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    hello again! its alyssa so let me tell you what has happend yesturday i noticed that he was really haning around another girl, and they were flirting :( and i heard that they had a thing" last summer :(, and i was bummbed. but later that night i was fbooking him, from the messages and it was from my phone, and we were talking and stuff, and i sent him a question or something and after that i sent another messages saying : this would be so much easier if we texted" and then i got a reply to my message before the one i had just barely sent about texting, and then a few minutes later i got another message with his number with an exclamation point. So then we texted for a bit, and i said good night to him and he said "NIght!" just like that, so what do i do now, today we kind of ran the register together but didnt really communicate, should i text him or wait for him to text me, i doubt he is intrested in me, but still!!! HELP
    • alex Saturday - 19 / 12 / 2009 Reply
      text him. don't be embarassed. i sen't my crush a super long text explaining how my house caught on fire last year, go for it, i garuntee the outcome will be positive. :)
  116. Kiki Friday - 20 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    i am like lovin this guy right now and he is my friend but we kinda bearly talk !!!! wut should i do plz plz plz help me win him over so he can ask me out without me going CRAZY!!!
  117. Lexy Driessen Saturday - 21 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    Hi christine im having trouble getting my ex back...i broke up with him because he never acted like a boyfriend...but i still love him, i told him i liked him still, i go over his house every once in a while...but he has a girl friend...we were at a basket ball game at school with a bunch of friends including his girlfriend. I was crying alot cause they sat right behind me saying stuff that he told me.i kno all his friends, im in his group, i am close friends with his BEST FRIEND and i told him, he said that he wishes he and i were together again, because he supports me when i need it, (I dont like his bestfriend)They were about to kiss today, and i was lucky i barged in before it happened. Help me? I honestly need to kno what to do cause i cant take it anymore...he always ask me what wrong when he knoes whats wrong...cause i told him...i just want things to go back to when we were together...
    • Lexy Driessen Saturday - 21 / 11 / 2009 Reply
      we still talk, he said he feels bad for making me cry and everything i tell him its not his fault, but he still begins to say it was all his fault, when he finishes walking me home form school every know and then he Hugs me, and when he notices im sad, he hugs me goodbye and says "Feel better alright?" and i always hug him cause he likes hugs he tells me i couldnt hug as much anymore cause he has a makes me really sad...
  118. Candi Saturday - 21 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    I'm 38. 3yrs ago I met this man that changed my life. I was unhappily married & hated going home. Then D & I met at the lake. I was with hubby & family, yet my brother & I had been admiring his boat for yrs! Anyway he got my number we dated for 6months heavy I fell hard. Then he slowly backed off we saw each other once a wk then 1 a month. We always talk about retiring where we would go. We go heavy again then same pattern. This went on for 2 1/2 yrs. I know in my heart, gut he's the one. He always said you not free..well I was in middle of divorce when met he made me see clear, I was unhappy! In nov of 08 he got laid off of his $200K year job, I didn't care never did about money, we again got close. I've still never heard I love u back. He moved to WY to help family summer 09. He emails & calls every couple wks same talk future but not now. He comes see's me once a month. I'm lonely tired of waiting for him, think he still loves ex wife who's remarried. So I email said I can't wait going home to see family & tim. (Ex in high school we still talk & have hooked up when home) D textd & called 2times asking if I was moving there what's up? He was jeleous happened ro also be the day I won in court full custody & divorce finally granted. I email & told him. He said feelings for first time last night, is it he waited for me to be free or jeleous I'm going hom & seeing my ex? I love this man & know like I did with my ex hub I will marry him, just not sure he feels same? Keeps me around for Sex? Which is amazing! Or we have so much in common talk for hrs? I'm lost! Give up or keep holding on?
    • sharon Sunday - 22 / 11 / 2009 Reply
      hey candi, to be honest, if i were you i would hold onto him. ESPECIALLY when your so sure hes the one, from reading what you said up there you sound inlove but impatient with him. but you know what.. you gotta be more patient with this. i dont think he says i love you because hes not the type to say i love you every 2 minutes like those other guys that make it cliche. but to be honest, theres this guy i liked for 6 years and i waited for him until my bday a few years ago, i decided to ask him out( because he always gave me signs and looked at me as if he liked me too) but he ended up saying no to me. after that day, i was able to let go of him and got over him. IF you dont wait for D, you will question in your head, "what wouldve happened if i DID hold on?" trust me, that sucks, so if you really love this man, stop overthinking, be patient and wait for him. :) if you ever need me to help you out with anythign on your mind, you can email me at Im not an expert or anything, but back when i was in highschool, all my friends looked for me when they had love problems, or just problems in general. And id love to help you, even if i dont know you!
  119. lost Sunday - 22 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    so my boyfriend was my bestfriend from kindergarden, dated for 2 years or so. but hes been an ass, he went insane on my parents, punched holes in the wall, and hes even aggressive on me now! he has lost all his respect for me as i have for him, but all this time he wasnt there for me, HIS BESTFRIEND was. yes i know, ITS HIS BESTFRIEND..! but seriously, i think i am starting to like his bestfriend and im not sure what to do. Is it wrong? IS there something i can do to start this spark of me and his bestfriend? i really wish i can have a chance with him... hes always been there for me and now ive fallen for him.. HELP!!!
    • Iambeautiful Monday - 23 / 11 / 2009 Reply
      you should say goodbye to your boyfriend and need time to think !
    • alex Saturday - 19 / 12 / 2009 Reply
      lost, dump your boyfriend. he's going to hurt you. go for his friend. not your fault your boyfriend is a b****. for your personal wellbeing, physicly and emotionaly. plz do. i'm begging you over my laptop. hope this helps you :)
  120. alice Monday - 23 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    Hi There is a guy in my university(Not my classmate,but In the same age),and I think I like him a lot. For the first days when we saw each other we smiled.But I don't know why he suddenly changed his behavior.Now when we saw each other he try to get out of my sight.He looks at me but when I look s.where else.I really like to say how to feel about him but with this behavior I dont know how!!! By the way,he is a humorous guy in his class and good with all girls but not me.Please help me....
  121. taylor Tuesday - 24 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    im 11yrs. old in the 6th grade and i REALLY like this guy in my reading class! we only have that one class together but he always sits right by me and mocks me playfully. we easily get into deep conversations forgetting about everyone else that happens to be in a group with crush and my self both share a male friend who talks to my crush like everyday on the phone. our friend told me that my crush said he loved me and thinks im cute but is afraid to ask me crush flirts with me and me onlyand is always touching my belongings and asking me for stuff hes so cute but when our friend asks him does he like me in front of other she says no while laughing it off. how do i get him to admit he likes me? im too afraid to ask.
  122. alyssa Tuesday - 24 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    anyone wanna help ,me
  123. Svenah Wednesday - 25 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    Help. I am in love with this guy. Hes all I can think about and when I'm not with him I feel so sad and he's all I can dream about. I want him to break up with his girlfriend(my best friend). When shes not around we hes always flirting with me, and he said he cant live without me, and the only reason hes with his girlfriend is because his parents are making him marry her. What should I do?
    • svenah Wednesday - 02 / 12 / 2009 Reply
      Please help me I dont know what to do...... PLEASE HELP
    • Mahwish Wednesday - 09 / 12 / 2009 Reply
      hay hm i dont know either i m really confused about to i really like that guy but when ever i see him i just got nervous and start doing stupid things mean talking out loud and laughing for no reason..i dont know what should i do...?
    • alex Saturday - 19 / 12 / 2009 Reply
      svenah, if he's getting married to her, then i'm not quite sure what you can do. if he flirts with you when his girlfriend is not around, then he is a two-timer. there is a 99% chance that if he was with you and you wern't around he'd flirts with someone else. my suggestion is forget about him, he won't be a good boyfriend or husband. i'm sure there are other boys in the universe for you to meet. but i know what you're thinking, "how the heck could you expect me to just forget about him when i love him so much?" try it, it's hard, but not impossible. or you could be a wedding crasher and lundge at them when they are about to kiss each other, that would be funny. but anyway, you will find someone eventualy. he is not the last guy on earth, remember that. i don't know how i managed to give you that advice, i'm only in the 7th grade. i hope this helps! good luck.
  124. emma Friday - 27 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    I went out with a guy for just over a year, at the start it was great. then we stared fighting over stupid things, things that really didnt matter. anyway to cut it short we went on holiday and when we can back he broke up with me. I didn’t talk to him for a few days, but then i rang one day to see if he was doin okay, got talking abit, a week later we where back together. i went to leave once, i just didnt know if he wanted to be with me and it got to me and he cried, i said sorry and that if he wanted to be together we could, but i wanted him to be sure thats what he wanted. that night i rang and he said it was really what he wanted. things where better but i’ll admit i turned into a bit of a *****. i decided he deserved better than that and i was gonna cut it out, but that was too late as he broke up with me, he was unhappy. he says it wasnt my fault, it wasnt the fights, or me being annoying.. he just didnt want to be with anyone. he had texted me the night before saying he was happy and he was proud to have me as a girlfriend and that he loved me. as soon as we broke up he said he didnt love me anymore. he said some horrible things to me. he said there was no chance for us, that made me a little crazy.. then he said me reacting like that ruined any chance there was, though apprently there wasn’t a chance anyway. at one point he said im just a girlin his collage class.. i stopped talking to him for a week, didnt contact him at all. then i gave him a ring and asked how he was doin said he was okay ect. obv we werent friends but i just wanted to check in. i went to go and he was like “ohh you where off.. the other day” (we go to collage togther) and he was saying things to keep me on the phone. next day i chatted abit with him in collage, that night i had to phone to see if the class was on the next day he said yes and i went to go again he was keeping me on the phone a little longer. today in collage it was good, got to talk and stuff. i texted askin if he wanted to go for a drink on monday after collage and he didnt text back, so before i went to work i phoned him just to say not to worry about it it didnt matter.. just incase he didnt want to but didnt want to say, i didnt want him worrying about it.. but before i could he was all “i have no credit, i’d love to go” and i was gonna go get ready for work and knew he had to but he kept me on the phone longer again. i'm not texting/ringing him tonnes.. but tonight i rang him for a sec just to say sorry about everything like after the break-up and stuff (i didnt want that hanging over me) he said i didnt need to say sorry ect and then he kept asking about my weekend plans ect and talking. i would love to have him back, and this time i wouldnt be so horrible, i’d appricate him like i used to. but am i wrong in thinking he’s glad im back talking to him, and maybe theres a chance? also part of me thinks mndays a date, coz we are not friends so its not just friends hanging out, i dont know coz i didnt say the word date or anything and now its too late to bring it up.
  125. Tessa Friday - 27 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    hi!!! im so fustrated and i need your help so here is my story . i know this guy for a lontime now and when i was nine we were in love and every body at school knew that i really did loved him and he was my first 'love story'.any way after three years of studying together every one had got his own way but this year we come back talking to each other and we ve talked many time he was always reminding me of our love and this excursion that we went together(it was so special) and i think that i felt in love with him again is that even possible??some times l feel like he is really interesting to talk to me but most of the time i feel like im pushing him to talk i just keep asking about different things but i feel like he is trying to answer with shirt answers !! than the other days i was with myy freinds and i saw him you know my heart stopped beating and i even remember what did happened my friends told me that he just said hi and that he said that he was sorry cause he didint recognize me at the beginning!! he kept loking at us even when we got farther!! than yesterday when i was chatting with him he told again that he was sorry and that he wanted to stay talking to us (my freinds and i) but he was in a rush) im soo confused and i dont know if he loves me the way i doo so plzzz can you help me understand his attitud ???
  126. Charli Monday - 30 / 11 / 2009 Reply
    I love this guy at park ridge state school and his name is Jacob Keiler and he really acts weird around I'm using this website for help on getting him to love me as well.
  127. tanya Tuesday - 01 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    one of my best friends said he loved me and wants me to be dating with him, but i love him as a friend and i dont think i'll can love him as a boyfriend because i doont like him as a boyfriend.. i told him just no i love u as a friend. waht should I do?? i wont be able to tell him i dont like u, he will feel bad :S should i not talk to him any more or what?? plz help me !!
    • alex Saturday - 19 / 12 / 2009 Reply
      WHAT EVER YOU DO,DON'T STOP TALKING TO HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! that will ruin the frindship. simular thing happend to me, it is awkward, i know, but just because you don't feel the same way doesn't mean you should reject him all toghether. PLZ DON'T JUST STOP TALKING TO HIM!!! FOR YOUR PROSPARITY DON'T DO IT. hope this helps. :)
  128. emzz Tuesday - 01 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    Me and this guy have been friends for two years, last year i liked him but he had a thing with my mate. After that we kinda drifted apart, but then on saturday we went out just me and him and it was so good! He walked me home and we were play fighting and then he was hugging me from behind and i was leaning on him and then i look at his face and we both went silent and both moved our heads closer but then some man walked past and we stopped. We stayed talking for an hour then i had to go in, wen we hugged goodbye we hugged for two minutes then i went in, help me! I dont know what to do now. Please help!
  129. maria Wednesday - 02 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    theres this boy that i talked too and he recently broke up with his girl but is still stuck on her and i really like him. the other day i told him that i didint liek him because i didnt want to ruin our friendship but we have started talking more...its a slow process but i dont know how to make him interested in me. help!
  130. phoen!x Friday - 04 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    i love someone but in the phone,the first time he saw me by video call,it was 3 am nd i wasn't lookin good ' what can i do ??? p.s : he saw alot of pic 4 me i was so breety !!!!
  131. alyssa Friday - 04 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    hello ive got a problem, there is a guy i like and he is kind, sweet and funny. We have to classes together and in the first one we sit directly opposite and we can see eachother but when our eyes meet neither of us ever smile or anything. But i finally got his number and i text him all the time and he always texts back, but he never texts me first. however in class i can never seem to talk to him in person. Like will be standing next to eachother being silent not saying anything!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. right next to each other and neither of us says anything, grrr, but wheneve i ask for his help he says yes, but im so confuse because i dont know if there is anything at all????i mean he is such an amazing guy but i feel like a retard around him, One time i texted him asking if i was being annoying be texting him and he said no! and told me to stop being so self conscious and not to worry so much. wth is that supposed to mean. Please i need some seriouse help alyssa age 18
  132. phoen!x Saturday - 05 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    i don't find my reply :(
  133. adele Saturday - 05 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    people, i really need so confused... there is this boy who flirted with me like for a year and a half now... i was always cold to him and stuff... when he found a girlfriend i understood that i liked him... when he texted me i told him that he nearly made me like him...i never told him i do like him though, but he told me that he likes me... he then broke up with his girlfriend and wrote to me straight away...he flirted with me and stuff, and i flirt back...only by text msgs though... He goes to my school, we dont talk in school, but we smile to each other when walk past... we live a bit far away from each other though, but he was planning to come to mines last weekend, and then he told me he couldnt because he had coursework,..he was then gonna come to mines today but his mate decited to go for a meal, as its his birthday... Today there is also a social, a lot of people are going... he is going too, but i couldnt make it,..i asked him to not go social and come to mines, but he said he already bought a ticket...i said its only five pounds and he said that he can come another night... i told him that i just wanted to see what he would choose, and he goes sorry, after that i go that he dont have to sorry i was just testing him to see if we could move forward,but he he doesnt like me enough, and he text me back saying that i know that he does... i dont know is he only saying...and he is always nice to me and i know he wants to be with me... but im too scared, because im not sure does he only want to get off with me... do you think he likes me???
  134. Terry Saturday - 05 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    Hi girls! I think I've ventured into something way too complicated in the relationship realm. I've just recently discovered that I have feelings beyond friendship for my 6 yr long best friend. So after debating for a month or so, I've decided to confess to him. His response was "ya, let's give it a try." But then it's not because he sees something special in me that will make it work, it's more because he doesn't see anything in me that won't make it work...and he's never had a real girlfriend in his 24 yrs of life, lots of crushes but he never acts on his crushes, so he's kind of a very passive guy. Obviously, that reason to starting dating is not good enough to me and i almost just said, you know what, let's stay friends. One of his friends told me that according to him, he can see himself with me 40 years down the road but he just doesn't know how to get there consider he's inexperienced in this entire dating thing and we are currently attending school 5 hrs away from each other and are both extremely busy. I want this to work out badly, if it doesn't, I'll risk losing my best friend. I was 100% determined to make it work when I decided to confess to him about my feelings. So now we enter the awkward stage, he knows I like him and want to pursue him and I know that he doesn't like me in that way yet. He said he could fall in love with me, but I just don't know how to make him see me as more than a friend. Both of us don't want things to change while still trying to make this relationship work, but I know something has to change. If everything stays the same, how will he ever see me differently? I just don't know how to act around him to make things different. Should I hold his hand? Give him kisses on his cheek? Or should I start giving him phone calls morning and night? I don't want to be annoying and I really don't know what to do at this point. So any comments will be appreciated. Please help?!
  135. JULIA Monday - 07 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    HELP!!!!! there is this boy who i have been crushing on for 2 years! i go to the girl school and he goes to the boys so i cant really talk to his friends. i have been talking to him on IM and we hav become great friends! suddenly, he isnt talking to me that much and im getting kinda frustrated!!!!! is it possible he is playing hard to get with me, or has he just found a new galfriend to talk to? we saw each other last weekend and i saw how one of my friends was flirting with him so do you think she is trying to get his attention? I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIGNED -Julia xx
    • alex Saturday - 19 / 12 / 2009 Reply
      plausibly. if i were you, i would talk to your friend.
  136. Angela Monday - 07 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    HELP ME!!!! theres this cute guy who is the class clown and i am head-over-heels fOr him. My friends think hes an idiot (they dont know i like him) and hate him except for my best friend Lola. She thinks he likes me but there is NO WAY he will open up to anyone. IT IS KILLING ME TO KNOW IF HE LIKES ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOME ONE PLEASE TELL ME "GUY SIGNS" THAT WILL SHOW IF HE HAS FEELINGS FOR ME!!!!!!!! -confused 7th grader
  137. Zoe from winsconsin Wednesday - 09 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    HEY! ok so heres my problem. i reaaaalllllyyyy liked this guy for like a year (im a senior in high school) and we started texting me,and im not gonna lie it got kinda intense and i thought i loved him (i know it sounds corny) and we texted alot still. then i was coming home from a basketball tournament and saw that his car was driving behind us. i saw only him in the car. so i pushed down the widnow and waved to him like an idiot. little did i know that his friends were in the car too and saw me acting nutso!theyre popular and dont talk to me. rahh! soooo after this incident, he rarely texted me. ok i know i acted like a goofball but still..was it that big of a deal? about a month later he started talking to my archnemesis.shes a bitch im not gonna lie. and now theyre dating pretty intensely. i honestly want to punch them then cry in a corner? idk im confused about my feelings and he is so cute and absolutley PERFECT!ive never been in a relationship but i was really close before i effed this up and i regret my actions like crazy! what do i do? should i win him back? ive tried to get over him but i see him everywhere at school! HELP! Zoe :(
  138. Kiara Thursday - 10 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    Me and my boyfriend started dating in August, we met at a bday party and found that we had a lot in common. At first I was a bit shy towards him, but I opened up a couple weeks later. We stayed on the phone for hours, and every morning before work he would send me sweet texts messages about how my day was going. When I got off I couldn't wait to call and talk to him. So now its Dec. and things have not gone well, I got mad about something he said to me and just blurted out "lets just be friends". He's called me twice since then, and I haven't heard from him anymore. I regret what I said because I believe I have hurt him and myself now I don't know what to do. I didn't mean to breakup with him, I did it out of anger. Does anyone know what I should do, I am very stubborn and my friends tell me I should put my pride aside and admit that I was wrong. I love him but this is what is going to be hard for me, admitting that I was wrong.
  139. Snowflake Monday - 14 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    I like this guy, who I know from school. We confessed feelings for each other on facebook chat a few days before we graduated, and until he got back from his holiday overseas, he was always saying that he wanted to take me out. When he got back, we didn't even talk for a few days (i was waiting for him to contact me, first!)and then everything was kind of flat. now he's been home for over two weeks, and we haven't been out yet. I asked him to the movies, and he cancelled a few hours before we were to meet. Since he's been out partying and stuff with other people (other girls, grr) and we haven't spoken since. It's been four days. I really want to make him want me like crazy, then tell him I'm going out with another guy that night, lol, to make him jealous. playing hard to get. whats going on with him? -.-
    • alex Saturday - 19 / 12 / 2009 Reply
      do that but don't be so evil with it.
  140. VeroniCa Monday - 14 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    I am 14 years old.A month ago i felt in Love with a boy that i am not his style.My friend knowing how I love him said him about me.Because he didnt know me he wanted to met me.We met at school but when he saw me he didnt say a thing and left.He said to my friend that he didnt see something to interest him.Now he just see me in school and i cant do anything to make him be interested of me and to pull his importance.Please if you can help me with anything or tell me what to do reply me! I need help because i am a shy girl and i havent done something like that for a boy before.I know because i am not his style he dont look at me..but i want to make him see who i am and se that i am pretty.Thank you
    • Caoimhe Thursday - 17 / 12 / 2009 Reply
      Hey.. Listen, I'm kinda in the same situation. I;m fifteen and in love with a nineteen year old. But if he says he sees nothing, then why would you want to be with him? I'd say ignore him and see what happens.And trust me I know it's easier said than done. Best of luck. Remember, if he doesn't see how great you are, someone else will. And that person is probably better;) xx
  141. DIZZY Thursday - 17 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    I have a problem and i need help. I have been dating this guy for a month now. We are both in nursing sch, although he is going to medical sch nxt yr. He claims he likes me sooo much, me on the other love him and i told him that too. I failed one of my tests and he was blaming himself saying that because we spend time together and stuff like that. After words, he stopped answering my calls, he would text me when he feels like... some times i wouldn't hear from him in like days, then we would see in school and he would pretend nothing is going on. He told my friend to explain to my that he is only doing this so that i would read and after the semester we can contnue with where we stopped. one day, he found out something that isnt true and he texted me and when i replied he was like this is the reason why i am closer to my books like i am holding him or what. I dont know what to do. I am tired and i dont know what to think now. WHAT SHOULD I DO. I NEED HELP!!!!!
  142. alex Saturday - 19 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    HELP!!!!!! i'm going nuts over one guy. he might like me, but i'm not sure. we always laugh and talk, we even have an inside joke toghether. i have his number, it was his idea for me to have it. he asked me if i want his number. i'm so confused.
  143. alex Saturday - 19 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    also my friend is jealous-competitive. but she likes a total spaz so...but she used to like my crush, but he despised her. she is really mean sometimes to me and to my crush, always saying nasty things about him and such. SOMEONE HELP ME please. thx
  144. bri ! Monday - 21 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    Kso.. i like this guy who allready has a girlfriend.. he seemd to like me back As well as he kissd me and we did shit him and his girlfriend started to fight more and more couldnt say that ididnt like that because idid everything seemd like it was falling into place also me and him life about 5 houses up.. it was perfect but this girlfriend is kinda inlove with him and the yahve been going out for a year.. me and him couldnt stay awayfrom eachther.. but then istarted to relize icouldnt do this anymore because he was still with her? and ijust wanted him.. so i have giving up for a while.. but now he says he “klnda liked me” when before he was willing to brake up with HER he calls me everynight.. because he doesnt know what to do… HOW DO I GET HIM FOR ME AND NOT HER iwould never do that to anyone.. but this guy is diffrent. i have never had this happen to me HELPPPPPPPPP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Karly Thursday - 31 / 12 / 2009 Reply
      if i were in your position, i'd tell him that i didn't want to do anything with him until he broke up with her and until then, we'd just be friends.
  145. &tay Monday - 21 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    i had this boyfriend, but we broke up i started to relize that i need him back but he got a new girl but there done now we are always together.. but he thinks we cant betogether but trust me i know for a fact that he does like me what do i do to get him to acually be with me
  146. alice Monday - 21 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    Hi There is a guy in my university(Not my classmate,but In the same age),and I think I like him a lot. For the first days when we saw each other we smiled.But I don’t know why he suddenly changed his behavior.Now when we saw each other he try to get out of my sight.He looks at me but when I look s.where else.I really like to say how to feel about him but with this behavior I dont know how!!! By the way,he is a humorous guy in his class and good with all girls but not me.Please help me….
  147. Melonie Sunday - 27 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! theres a really cute, funny guy in my homeroom and i have a huge cruch on him. he calls me his "locker buddy" cuz his locker is right next to mine. hes super nice and hes been flriting with me. but the last week i saw him, he was in a really bad mood and asked out my worst enemy :( my friends say that hes trying to make me jelous but it seems like he doesnt even like me anymore. :( help help help me please!!!
    • Karly Thursday - 31 / 12 / 2009 Reply
      maybe he didn't have those feelings to begin with. maybe he was just being nice and a good friend.
  148. amadis Sunday - 27 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    My boyfriend doesn't buy me things flowers nothing romantic - not even any compliments. He didn't even buy me a birthday present. Ok so he pays when we go out and he calls me every night holds and kisses my hand when we sit togeter.. am i overreacting?
    • Karly Thursday - 31 / 12 / 2009 Reply
      honestly, i'm not trying to be a jerk or anything, but he probably just wants some.
  149. Autumn Wednesday - 30 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    i've had a crush on this guy in my class since the begginning of the year and last month he told me face to face that he really likes. I told him how i liked him too. But things got awkward becasue i don't really want a boyfriend, i just wanted to be good friends with him. So i ignored him for a while. Then he came up to me again and said that he was pretty pissed i was ignoring him and that he wanted to still talk to me, and that we could be friends if the whole relationship issue was to weird for me. but then a few weeks later he sends an e-mail that says:"i can't live like this anymore, i know you always say you don't want a boyfriend and you always say that i'll find someone speachial.... but... that person won't be you!I really like you, more then i should!" When i told him i didn't like him like that he started to get deppressed. I can't even look at him anymore, he's so sad. And i feel just terible, i think he hates me now. what should i do to win him back as a friend at least?
    • Karly Thursday - 31 / 12 / 2009 Reply
      if he can't accept what you tell him, then you can't do anything about it. the best thing to do is tell him the absolute truth. except put it into nice words. and if he keeps talking to you, just talk like friends would. no smiley faces. just nice friend talk.
  150. Karly Thursday - 31 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    I've known this guy for quite sometime. and i've liked him the whole time. the only problem is, i'm in nineth grade and he's a senior. i've liked him for about a year. and he always talks to me and acts like he likes me. but i'm pretty sure he's just putting on an act. cause he's been doing it for a while. he did it all last year and all this year. and he does it to a lot of girls. but it's different with me. whenever other people are around, he's not afraid to talk to me and flirt with me, even though i am only fourteen and he's eighteen. and even when other girls are around he still sits with me and tells me how he's looking out for me. all the time. and i don't know what i should do. like it's a for real crush. and he's the only guy i've ever got nervous around. i'm really good at advice, i just never know what to say to myself.
    • xLoveHelperx Sunday - 31 / 01 / 2010 Reply
      Well he sure notices you and cares for you so im guessing he could like you. dont be nervous karly the age well age is important it depends how much age gap yours aint really bad just dont do nothing sexual he could get into alot of trouble with the law just remember that im saying that just incase anything does go on between you too but hey just dont be nervous be confident girl! he sure notices you that means alot and cares for you and if he flirts with you he oviously thinks your hot! you said he does it to alot of girls but you said hes not afriad to walk up to you and speak to you and flirt with you infront of everyone that i think he does like you.! Remember Be Confident! does he give you alot of eye contact when you walk passed him are if your near him?
  151. daisy Thursday - 31 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    I really like this guy, we chat on small things regularly and he's very friendly to all. But i have a feeling that he knows that I like him. He sometimes pops out of nowhere and talks to me. We crack jokes and even sing together....he often catches my hands playfully.......but i really want to know if he like me....... i don want to mistake his frenship for to really find out.......hlp pls
    • jinks roll Monday - 04 / 01 / 2010 Reply
      just play kool
    • tipsy Monday - 18 / 01 / 2010 Reply
      girl what you need to do is ask him if he likes you then hang out with his friends one day but don't get to close to them or they will want u to you have to ask him out like skating and then look in each others eyes and kiss at the end find out if he has anyone in his family that your related to girl don't be afraid !!!!! xoxo sincerly Tipsy
    • Alex Wednesday - 10 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      I think this boy really likes you but you sould take it slow and play it cool get closer to him and if he does the ame then go for it and ask him out.
  152. amanda brook Thursday - 31 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    pls help me...i have been in love with this boy since s4 but he doesnt know....and i am not sure whether he likes me anot ..and all my other class mates keep saying i like him but i dont dare to admit it so i kept saying no.. but i really like him and nxt yr will be the last yr that i will be with him.....we always fight and i dont really act as my self in front of him and to other ppls i do that bcuz i am afraid that they dont like me...and i really wanted him to fall in luv with me and say face to face with me i luv u..and i actually had two crush..the other one is i was frens with him since kindergarden and until now i still like him....once i tried to tell him that i like him in facebook..he was not freaked out but he sounded like he dont like me and jus say it was a joke then he kept ignoring me since then....but i knew the is bcuz all the ppl keep saying i luv him and he jus wanted to help me so he ignored me....but now we're just best frenz..and i still like him!!!and so i pretended to be my other fren and chated with him and he can chat with her that means me for the whole day and once we tried to be together i meant by bg and gf and i turned him downed bcuz i wanted to convince him to like me not to like my friend that means me....and he is so cute and very pls can i win their hearts?? help..
    • amanda brook Thursday - 31 / 12 / 2009 Reply
      btw..i am s6 nxt yr that means 2010 s6.
    • xLoveHelperx Tuesday - 02 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      Hello Amanda Brook, Well the problem is you need to be yourself dont be afriad if people wont like you. There's always someone that dont like you thats with everyone its a part of life hun. the only thing i can say is confess to him and say to him by you ignoring me ur just hurting me so you oviously dont care about my feelings and if he still feels the same way then just think to yourself i'll rather be friends then be nothing. Or you could just play hard to get but its up to you really hope that helped :) x
  153. jinks roll Monday - 04 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    hi am married bt i dnt get along wit me hubby bt we hav a child she is 27mts old and i met this guy he so nice 2 me i think he is more inlove wit me and he knws d things that i like alot and i think i like him 2 bt d thing he is also married amd has a son
    • nisha Saturday - 16 / 01 / 2010 Reply
      Hi, Congrats on getting married and having a lovely baby. its not advicable to get into extra marital affairs. you will be a bad example for your kid. anyways apart from this you can take some tips to make your relationship with your husband to work it out on a better way 1) smail at him keep me at wase and let him know that he is special to you, you hv initially have disappointments but on long run he will realise. 2) understand his likes and dislikes. enhance his likes and demolish his dislikes. its a tough run but its worth the race. 3) talk to him, enquire about his day at office. 4) priority- compliment him for his looks, and for his good habits. 5) when your out with him, while taking a long walk make sure you hold his hand atleast for some time. he might ignore but dont be disheartened, it will be alright in a short span. hence enhance your relationship with your husband and dont get carried away with another man's care for you. who may know it might just be for short span. you might not only be a reason to break your relationship but also may snatch away another lady's love. love your life with your husband, he will love you more than your self..
    • jane stone Sunday - 24 / 01 / 2010 Reply
      wow! this is what scares me the most...married people girl its crazy out thre hey life is dangerous dump the husban and go for the guy!
  154. lizette Monday - 04 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    its hard for me to forget my bestfriend but the problem is we had past..and now i know for a fact that he is very happy with his 8 year of relationship with his girlfriend, my problem is why is it hard for me to move on?i know that its enough and i know that it is impossible for him to love me back..this is so pls..
    • nisha Saturday - 16 / 01 / 2010 Reply
      this isn't crazy girl.. but this is how life moves on. you can't do anything about your past. but you can always judge your future. don't ruin your present for a person who has been a lost chapter in your life. go out into the sunshine and say a hello to all your friends. plan a get together. spend lots of time with family. if your working then make sure you speak to all of them who makes you feel comfortable. love your self. pamper yourself with your fav clothes, food and space. its difficult to forget the past. but it even more important to move on..... who may know probably there is somebody out there made for you and waiting for you to reach him. dont get this out of your hand just because your past is holding you aback. ENJOY LIFE AND BURY YOUR PAST> that is life
  155. Julz Monday - 04 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    I've been friends with this guy since grade 8 and I've always really liked him. We argue a fair bit but most of the time it's just a 'play fight'. I'm absolutely in love with him but he seems to like every girl but me. He's always saying how hot this girl or that girl is. I never bring this up in case he figures out that I like him. I really want him to love me back so what should I do? - Julz
    • LULU Thursday - 07 / 01 / 2010 Reply
      okay c i am having the same problem he is just trying to make u really jealouse and i think he is just waiting 4 u too ask him out but u should wait to c if he ask u out i am sure he like u it is obveous from what u said -lyric i am 11 soo think about it thx
  156. rebecca Wednesday - 06 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    i am 14 i have a realy big crush on this boy at school ive asked him out and he said dont no the big problem is my ex still likes me and he is getting jelous bad he keeps tellinng me that this boy i like has said nasty but i no he hasnt all my friends no hes lying and so do i its not fair on me because i get stressed out and upset worrying what hes said only to find out the next he has said nothing.
    • Kimberly Sunday - 17 / 01 / 2010 Reply
      thats how kids are, sweetie. boys will get jealous and go into competition and us girls get stuck with all that stress. Best thing to do is wait on relationships until you're a little older. the older you get, the more boys will mature and start thinking about long-term relationships. You'll get though, stress. : ) jusst keep your head high and always have the utmost self-confidence!!
  157. LULU Thursday - 07 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    ok thats a good thing to read t iz sooo amazing i never thought of guys like thats and girls wo read this i am only 11 and have a ton of crushes but i have this speacial one we know each other really well but i dont get am i apise to ask him out or is he apose to ask me out which 1 plz plz help me thx
    • tifffffffffff Thursday - 07 / 01 / 2010 Reply
      bailey is that you?
  158. tifffffffffff Thursday - 07 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    if its not im sorry its just that i have a friend thhat is 11 and sometimes she goes by lulu.... she also sortA has thhe same probelm as u ............ weird.
  159. yordy Friday - 08 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    am crazy by my ex.but try to forget and hang out
  160. yordy Friday - 08 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    plz help me.i don't believe my boy.but he is innocent,i don't know why every time nag with him.i can't live wiz out him.he love me too much.he is honesty.but am trying to good for him bt i can',always i think may be he go another lady one how can i do trust him?and change my behavior?am so sensitiv.plz help me?
  161. JB Sunday - 10 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    i like a dude at school but i dont know what to do arroud him to make him like me. and some other girls like him. how can i win him?
    • ouafae Wednesday - 13 / 01 / 2010 Reply
      hello JB,i'm ouafae from morocco and i will try to help you,this is something i did and helped me a lot: step1:look in good way,just be pretty in your own way,love yourself before anyone loves you. step2:make eye contact,and this is very very important,you must hold his eyes for 5seconds and look away,then look again at him,if he still look at you,well you have a chance,and maybe he is just wondering about your look,so be nice. step3:this can do something,you should walk alone next to him,and carry some heavy objects,pretend like you need some help,if he knew that you need help he will come and help you,and careful now if he came just say:"hi i'm really sorry for bothering you,thank you"and when you are walking with him say something funy and when he smiles say that you like his smile,or:"you have nice smile" good luck
  162. heather Tuesday - 12 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    I'm 13 years old and I think I'm in love with one of my bestfriends, I told him I loved him before and he said 'I'm really sorry, but I have a gf.' I told him that it was ok. Nothing changed between us, amd the next time we talked, he said his gf broke up with him. I got kinda happy about that, but I hugged him and tried my best to comfort him, and I told him I was sorry she broke up with him, and he said 'Oh, it's ok. Theres this really hot girl that goes to school with me and I like her, so Im gonna ask her out.' That upset me and I said 'You're such an ass hole. You're single now, you know I like you, you know me, yet you wont date me. You'd rather date someone you dont even know. Goodbye.' He said 'Wait, so thinking a girl is hot that isnt you makes me an ass hole? Im sorry, I just dont feel the same way.' After that we didnt talk for 2 to 3 months. Then we did, and everything was already back to normal. Just before he was leaving I said 'Bye ass hole, I love you.' I've said this before, but this time he said 'Bye lesbien, I love you too' And then I kissed him and he just acted surprised. Yesterday I saw him and he ignored me. Does he love me?
    • ouafae Wednesday - 13 / 01 / 2010 Reply
      i'm raelly sorry to say that but he's not in love with you,he was just acting friendly with you,but you never know,sometimes you can't get what boy wanna tell you,he maybe like you as well,so why do't you try to make him jealous,and see what he's reaction,and makeover yourself when you do that good luck
    • jane stone Sunday - 24 / 01 / 2010 Reply
      srry but he doesnt love u, he may flirt or act the way he does but he doesnt love u. and u flirting back saying he is an asshole even though when he was saying that he liked that hot girl hewanteed u to reply calm b ut upset not fucken crazy! k? good luck
    • Suzy(: Monday - 25 / 01 / 2010 Reply
      Uhm Im soooo sorry hunni, But being mean and everything doen't help the situation. Trust me! I didn that to s boy named Austin in 6th grade because I was IN LOVE with him like you would not believe, and then he got mad at me for no reason what-so-ever, cause, he's like that, so then me and his older brother Kelvin stared talking, and he played we hooked up and kissed and he'd come over and stuff, but then ppl stared finding out and then he got sooooo mad at me! By this time, both of them hated me and i was in love with both of them! So they were meaner than mean to me and I was the same to them, it didn't help the situation. Girls are suposed to be tuff, (or so i thought) We didnt talk for like 3 months. That was the wosrt 3 months of my life! I coulden't think straight, i coulden't eat or sleep! To be honset, I was more conserned bout' Kelvin cause I was out of this world in love with him girl, so one nite i just couldn't take it anymore so I texted him and Said "Sorry" thats all I said and I explained to him how i felt. At first he just wouldent except it, then i begged him! Now, we are good friends! And he even told me he liked me again, but more as a friend. Thats didn't make me fully satisfied, buuut i was just happy to be hid friend again. Take my advice, dont be a bitch like i was, It just adds to the fire. I care bout this one outta all the other ones i read cause i can realate to it. I hope u can take my advice and use it.! trust me im 16 i know what im talking bout!(;
  163. shivani hasija Tuesday - 12 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    well actually i want to have sex wid my boyfriend raghav but he seems not to be interested......... wat shall i do ????????? even while we have smooch he somewat holds himself back wat 2 dooooooooo HELP ME....
    • ouafae Wednesday - 13 / 01 / 2010 Reply
      this reaction may tell you he's not in love with you,but he's yourboy friend and you can tell more,so look pretty everytime you see him maybe you can makeover yourself,and make him fall in love with you again,read the steps if you don't know how good luck
  164. Rebecca Tuesday - 12 / 01 / 2010 Reply is just that over the past 2 and a half months,i have known this guy over the internet.we started on as arguing over videos and stuffs and it went pretty bad,we cooled down and started chatting normally.then we chatted everyday.we still fight big.but there is not a day when i can go without chatting with him.He is an asshole and he never starts the conversation and never replies until i talk.but he never goes without replying to me as he does with other girls.He is a very cynical,pessimistic guy and says he wont 'fall in love again' because his ex cheated on him.I am all head over heels for him.i cant even sleep at do i confess to a guy so rough-mouthed and straight and rude?and what if its a refusal?
  165. Rebecca Tuesday - 12 / 01 / 2010 Reply is just that over the past 2 and a half months,i have known this guy over the internet.we started on as arguing over videos and stuffs and it went pretty bad,we cooled down and started chatting normally.then we chatted everyday.we still fight big.but there is not a day when i can go without chatting with him.He is an asshole and he never starts the conversation and never replies until i talk.but he never goes without replying to me as he does with other girls.He is a very cynical,pessimistic guy and says he wont 'fall in love again' because his ex cheated on him.I am all head over heels for him.i cant even sleep at nights thinking about him.i have never felt this way about any guy do i confess to a guy so rough-mouthed and straight and rude?i tried hinting but he seems quite dense.and what if its a refusal?
  166. Sammy Wednesday - 13 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    okay so i like this guy and we went to a movie together and talked for like a week after that but then just kinda stopped talking. i still like him and i don't know if he likes me. he came to one of my hockey games with his friends the other day and although he was a little tipsy he told them that he had the chance to make out with me and didn't but should have... is that a sign?
    • ouafae Wednesday - 13 / 01 / 2010 Reply
      hello Sammy,how r u?and how do you feel about that?must be hard after that lovely week i can tell,you need to do some tricks,read the steps of how to make him fall in love with you,makeover yourself and make him jealous good luck
  167. Michelle Thursday - 14 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    I was in this play for school and this guy starts to talk to me. We start to talk a lot, he hugged me and said hi to me all the time. During rehearsals, once I fell asleep (I had my head down) and I felt that he had his head on my arm and next to me. He said once that I was pretty and that I had a great smile. Later on, everybody was playing cards and I was watching him play but then he leaves so I try to sit down where he sat but someone beats me and I see that he comes back and kicks her out of the chair and makes me sit and he even pushed the chair in for me. then when I tried to confess to him that I like him, I was nervous at first so before I said it he holds me tight in his arms, when I tell him he says that he knew but I made a mistake of telling him that my dad dislikes him, he didn't like that I said that. At that time, he had a girlfriend but then he breaks up with her two weeks after I told him that I like him. But I make up a different name online in myspace, to see if I could find out if he liked when I asked him if he told me that he didn't like me back and he says that he did when he didn't. During the talent show, I was talking to this other guy and I see that the guy I like was sitting all the way in the back by himself, he stood up and just stared at me when I was talking to the other guy. When I was trying on a dress, everybody was saying that I looked beautiful and some girl tells him to see how I looked and he just stared at me for awhile. But a lot of problems occur, we started to argue a lot during rehearsals, I even said that I never liked him that I was lying. We didn't talk to each other for three months. Then during a banquet, he hugs me again like if he never had an arguement with me. When a guy is flirting with me he looks at me a lot. I really like him a lot for a year now and I want to confess to him that I really do like him. how do I confess to him that I like him? Or how do I try to get closer to him now, since we haven't talked to much to each other.
    • jane stone Saturday - 23 / 01 / 2010 Reply
      hi i read ur comment and it seems as though im going threw the same thing. be honest with him. begin flirting with him and then see where it leads from there, and if he doesnt ask u out then he doesnt deserve u. u could do better. idk u but this is how i feel to.
  168. bridget Monday - 18 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    help me i a really in love with my ex boyfriend and hes thing getting bec to geter and idk if he loves me back i just think he won t sex thats all some guys just wont that just write me back girls and tell me what to say to him or do
  169. cynth Saturday - 23 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    i met this guy thru thru a friend but we ve not met physically and wil liv very far frm each other he said he is plannin to come see me.but my fear is dat am fallin in love wit.wat do i do cos i dont want to mess this up again
  170. Desiree Sunday - 24 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    well "this guy" was holding me on the bus around my waist and holding my hand and stuff and then i told him to get off becuz ididnt think he liked me that way, then he asked me if i rele wanted him to go away, and im like not rele but whatever lol and hes like lol kay i wont and we sat like holding eachother for a while and he was also like rubin my back and stuff when i sat up and crap but idk if he was just messin cuz i dont want to get hurt bcuz i like "him" my question is does he like me cuz maybe he is just messing around or sumthin fyi i am 14 he is 15
    • Nina Wednesday - 10 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      you just need to flat out ask him if he likes you. thats the only way to do it. you may get nervous, but just ask him. i went through the same thing. i just said, do you actually like me, or am i just your entertainment. and he told me he liked me. don't get upset if he tells you he doesn't like you, just say okay, and move on. :) i hope he does like you if you like him as much as you say you do. -Nina.
  171. Kate Monday - 25 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    Ok so my friend introduced me to this REALLY hot guy that is PERFECT for me and we really hit it off but she kept butting in, so her being one of my best friends i backed off immediately but he kept hitting on me so six months later of me treating him like he is a friend and only a friend and watching my best friend try to hit on him, she asks him out and he says no, but she keeps bugging him and he eventually said yes to her and now they have been "going out" for almost 6 months but they haven't been on a date, kissed, they barely hug and even rarely hold hands and he continues to hit on me and she is starting to notice, and i REALLY love him.... any ideas?
    • xLoveHelperx Sunday - 31 / 01 / 2010 Reply
      kate you need to tell her, And him cause if you don’t its just going to keep buggin you. Just be like can i talk to you privately? are maybe ring him if you have his number? But i strongly suggest you to tell your mate first because friends come first and say to her look im a true friend therefore i need to be truthful towards you and tell her from there hope that helped and if she over reacts and starts saying i don’t wanna be friends no more just be like would you of wanted me to lie to you? and be like is not like i’ve done anything behind your back i’m saying my feelings to you. friends come first therefore i tell you first! i suggest you to just talk it out thats all i can really say Hun.
    • Kate Tuesday - 02 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      Thanks your advice helped a bunch! I cleared a lot of things up but they ended up breaking up, but im still best friends with the girl and he was still kinda hanging around... i shall look forward to more advice from you, and thanks a million! :) :) Kate
  172. Sam Monday - 25 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    I need help! I hooked up with this guy on new years eve. And we went on a date and are planning more and talk every night. but he bailed on me twice but appologized for 3 days and called to cancle the day before. But when a mutual friend asked him if he liked me he said that he wanted to get to know me better and then see. I am not a girl who usually falls for guys i usually just date around and not give my heart away but this time i fell blindly. Help please!
    • xLoveHelperx Sunday - 31 / 01 / 2010 Reply
      Hello sam, in my opinion. I think you should get to know him more like he said i think you should Ask him on a another date and say this time would you be able to make it? be confident that's very important! his probably interested if his saying he want's to get to know you more im going through this right now and this guy admitted to me he likes me i just gottta see what happens ;) than tell me what happens. hope that helped Hun :)
  173. aysha Thursday - 28 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    anyone plss help me..actually m havin a crush on a guy since 7 years n still i didnt tell him m jus shy to talk to him n even he is n he says dat he jus hate guls n he is nt interested i m askin many people abt him bt no one likes him i don knw y once i tried callin his name n he heard it n he said to one of my frnds (who is a boy) tht tell tht gul nt to call my name else i will say to d teacher n we r in separate classes he is soo cute n really special to me plss sumone help me i hav tried many crush quiz n hav taken many advices frm people bt it didnt work cuz he jus don like talkin to guls wt shud i do to make him love me?atleast not love den wt shud i do to make him my frnd n m sure tht once if he b my frnd den he will slowly fall in love wid me m jus 13 n even he is 13 i jus love him like hell n m ready to anythin abt him..plss tell me sumthin which i shud do..plss help me plss plss plss
  174. Tyler (a guy) Thursday - 28 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    huh, you know the only way ur gunna get a guy 2 actually fall 4 u is by being urself. If he doesnt love you for you then he doesnt really love you. Also... idk why ppl read this or why i did anyway.
  175. BOOBS!! Thursday - 28 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    I LIKE BOOBIESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WANNA GET A GUY SHOW HIM UR BOOBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  176. xLoveHelperx Sunday - 31 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    kate you need to tell her, And him cause if you don't its just going to keep buggin you. Just be like can i talk to you privately? are maybe ring him if you have his number? But i strongly suggest you to tell your mate first because friends come first and say to her look im a true friend therefore i need to be truthful towards you and tell her from there hope that helped and if she over reacts and starts saying i don't wanna be friends no more just be like would you of wanted me to lie to you? and be like is not like i've done anything behind your back i'm saying my feelings to you. friends come first therefore i tell you first! i suggest you to just talk it out thats all i can really say Hun.
  177. R_D Sunday - 31 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    hi well a year ago I met a guy he is my brothers best friend and i'd play ping pong so i was around him a lot my feelings for him are getting harder i see him every saturday and hi is being friendly to me but i guess i'm not what his lookin for a girl his even that tall as me but he sais he like shorter girl and he tries to make me jaloues by saying things about other girls and it make me so mad what do i have to do ?? i'm so despretly in love with him !!
    • xLoveHelperx Tuesday - 02 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      Hello R_D. The only thing i can say is for you to confess you feelings towards him, Cause you never know he could like you too broken hearts are often broken by words unspoken! He could be playing hard to get and if his getting you jelous Two Can Play That Game! do the same. but if he don't like you in that way just think to yourself you know what lifes full of surprises so i'm not going to give up hope that helped :D x
  178. Ellen Sunday - 31 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    I adore this amazingly hot guy, thats a friend of my best friends. But trouble is he's her ex and i really want to go out with him but i also don't want to end my friendship with her either. They've only been dating for like 4 weeks but she lives far away from him. And she loved someone else and still loves that someone else. Urgh any help here??
    • xLoveHelperx Tuesday - 02 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      Heya Ellen, I read your comment, if you really want to go out with him i suggest you tell your friend. And ask for her permission and say to her how you feel about him? worth a try Hun. hope that helped =]
  179. Ally Monday - 01 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    I'm in love with this guy, but he's incredibly popular, and i'm well...not. I switched social groups this year, and he's in love with one of my best friends, and then 2 of my other friends are also in love with him. They're much cooler than me, and would definitely choose them over me. I've requested him on facebook, but he won't accept! But everytime I pass him in the hallways, he's always looking at me! I'm so confused!!!
    • Kate Tuesday - 02 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      I think the best thing to do now would be to drop hints, and try to get as close as possible to him, i know the feeling of seeing the guy you like talking to a best friend, and its best to just join the conversation too. but remember, homies over hoes, no guy is worth risking a friendship... ;) Best of Luck! Kate
    • ouafae Thursday - 04 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      hello Ally, i'm ouafae from morocco,and i'll help you,well,at less he looked at you,that means he knows that you're exist,first step you should makeover yourself,and be cool too,walk like a princess and dress like selena gomez and miley cyrus,look diffrent but remember if you do that you still Ally that everybody knows,friendly and beautiful. you should make him fall in love with you,and to do that,you need to follow this steps that i wrote for you: 1.The first step in getting a man to fall in love with you is to love yourself. If you are happy and confident in yourself 2.Guys love happy upbeat personalities and they loathe drama queens. Don't be one of those girls that whines and moans about every little thing. Relax and enjoy life 3.Try not to be overly nervous around him. You may think he is Mr. Wonderful but you don't have to let him know it. 4.Keep in mind that though it is true that men love a girl that is sexy and feminine, they also love a girl that can be just like "one of the guys". Guys love a girl that isn't afraid to watch a football game, play a game of pool, or go to the race track. Whatever his hobby is, learn to like it. If you enjoy hanging out with the guys and doing guy things he will enjoy hanging out with you. this time when you see him and you know..makeover..say hello,and make eye contact,yes this is the big thing i like and it works everytime,make eye contact hey Ally..Conversation, body language and time together are all important in the process of falling in love. Look directly into a man's eyes. Move your glance to his lips and then back to his eyes to send the message that you would like to kiss him. Sit close to him and periodically give him light, flirtatious touches during a conversation. be his friend first,and let me know what's going on,tell me how you find my advice oky i'll be waiting and good luck
  180. xLoveHelperx Tuesday - 02 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    okay people im usually good at giving advice. And i love helping people so if you need any help drop me a message and i will reply as fast as i can x
    • Elisabeth Wednesday - 03 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      My boyfriend keeps asking me what I think of him and what my feelings are towards him… I am a very shy person and I just dont know what to tell him. Could you please help me and give me some i deas hes super sweet guy and really awesome, but he always seems to have a question after a question. Would you please help me out with anything, what to say how to explain myself, and how to make him feel loved and special. Please get back to me ASAP, thank you.
  181. Elisabeth Wednesday - 03 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    My boyfriend keeps asking me what I think of him and what my feelings are towards him... I am a very shy person and I just dont know what to tell him. can somebody please give me some ideas.
    • naza Wednesday - 03 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      hi Elisabeth..i have just read what you you wrote..well just ask yourself what do you can tell him..that you feel good when you see him..even if u guys dnt talk..and u feel happy when he talk to you..and you feel that u miss him so fast..and then you reask him that question.. actully i said that to my friend..and when i ask him ( what about you?? what do u feel?) he said that he feels a double hundred of what i feel..hehehe i couldnt say anything in that moment..i felt sooo timid hehehehe
    • ouafae Thursday - 04 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      hello Elisabeth,I'm Ouafae from morocco,i have something you can do to tell him how do you feel about him,if you're shy person,and have hard telling him,you can write it and give it to him,if you like the idea,tell me and i'll show what can you wrote,i write poemes,so good luck in that.
  182. naza Wednesday - 03 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    hi my name is naza..i feel like im inlove with my friend..he always say that he likes me..and i say that too..but the problem that sometimes i feel he doesnt..and sometimes i feel like he does..but for me..i do like him and i told him that i mean it..we rarely talk on the phone..we always chat online..i only met him once..cuz he lives in other city.. so..i really need your can i know if he loves me or if a guy said ( i like you ) is that mean that he loves me?? thx
    • ouafae Thursday - 04 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      hello Naza, I'm Ouafae from morocco,i will try to give an advice for your problem,you want to know if he likes you really,to do that you should make him feel jealous,ih he doese,this can tell you he likes you,you can go to this website,look for how to tell if a boy likes you/loves you, good luck
    • Elisabeth Thursday - 04 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      Hey Naza, Its me Elisabeth, I just got finished reading your advice. Thank you for your help, but the thing is with him is that once I answer a question he asks another one. My boyfriend and I anre kind of in a simillar situation, except instead of cities its states, I live Arizona and he lives in Pennsylvania... I'm am kind of scared he is gonna break up with me, for the fact that I am shy and quiet... Well I dont want to bore you well with you friend I would have say is he could want to tell you that he loves you instead of "I like you" but he is just to nervous. Well what you can do is always tell him something and wait to see if he agrees or says anything like "I do too", what you can tell him is stuff like "I really like you alot" and "I'm very happy your in my life" just stuff like that and see what his responses are. Let me know if you have any questions, Thank you and good luck Elisabeth
  183. xLoveHelperx Wednesday - 03 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    Hello Elisabeth, i agree with what naza said just be yourself around him and ask your self first how you feel about him. If he makes you feel happy say to him you make me feel happy and you even said his a real sweet guy so tell him that tell him his lovely and just say to him how much you love him and adore him go girl! x also dont be shy darling be confident thats the main trick! be yourself hun ;)
    • Elisabeth Thursday - 04 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      Hello xLoveHelperx, I was just writing back to thank you for the advice, but the thing is I dont know exactly what to say and I'm always screwing things up with my shyness. I am very confident when it comes to everything else in life but my weakness is when it comes to relationships.
  184. xLoveHelperx Wednesday - 03 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    Hello Elisabeth, Just be yourself hun thats the main trick ;) tell him how much you love him and adore him! you already said his a sweet guy so tell him that no need to be shy Be confident remember that! go girl!! x
  185. xLoveHelperx Wednesday - 03 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    Hello Naza, I read your comment, I think you should go for it i mean you know he likes you and you like him so do something about it you know what i mean ;) Also he might be shy to show his affection towards you but don't worry you already know he likes you but you need to be honest with him if you wan't a change good luck =]
    • naza Thursday - 04 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      hey lovehelper.. thank you for the advice..i will try my best to not lose right he might be shy or nervous as Elizabeth said.. thanks again naza =)
  186. xLoveHelperx Wednesday - 03 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    Naza glad to hear you both like eachother alot :) just tell him when your readyy x
  187. Elisabeth Thursday - 04 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    Dear Ouafae, I would be interested if you could help me write something for him, I think that would be alot better that telling, well atleast for me. Thanks, Elisabeth
  188. naza Thursday - 04 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    hey are you and hows you boyfriend?? i hope you both are fine..i was reading your comment..i think you were right..maybe he feels kind of nervous or something..becouse when i talk to him on the phone..i can feel that from his voice..he laughs we agree in a lot stuff.. anyway..thank you sooo much for your help..and i'll try to talk with my sister about your situation..maybe she can help so i will leave a comment here for you. thanks again naza =)
  189. Jenny x Friday - 05 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    I Need Help, i Like this boy and he is really good looking and has a funny sense of humour. He has this girlfriend that is preetier than me and he always talk bad about her to me and his mates when she is not there. We used to hug and everything and joke around but all of a sudden he has started being an idiot and taking the piss out of me, i dont know what to do and i really need help! Pleasee help me! Thanks a million!! Jenny xoxoxoxox
    • naza Friday - 05 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      Hello Jenny.. i was reading your comment, actually i didnt first you liked him and now you said that he changed..he became idiot.. if you still like him just be not change yourself even if there is a girl prettier that you..let me tell you something, there is NO an ugly one is better than other..maybe she is prettier than you..but be sure there is something else you have it which she doesnt have..and that boy would be a real idiot if he prefered her only cuz of her beauty.. and try to ask him that why did he change?? and made him change?? and tell him that you missed him..the 1st one and this fake know what i mean?? your friend Naza =)
  190. Livy Saturday - 06 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    There's this boy I really like but I only see him once a week, he's a really good friend of mine and I don't want to tell him I love him and have him hate me and for me to lose him. That's okay, right? I told my friend, after she told me that they were talking to him and kept asking him what he thought of me. He said I was 'okay'. Then was like 'I'm not talking about her with you.' then he just got really annoyed with them. I don't know what to do becuase I really do love him but he's also way older than me by 4 years... He takes the mick out of me in a jokey way and is really funny. He's everything I look for in a guy. Please help me!! ~Livy
    • naza Saturday - 06 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      Hello Livy.. how are you? i hope you okay..all what you have to do is to be honest just like what xLoveHelperx said to me..and try to do no let your friends asking him about his feelings on you over and nice to him that you care about him..and do not ever start telling him that you love him..first you have to make sure about his feelings on you.. you can take xLoveHelperx's advice which is to tell him that you are glad having him in your life..or you feel soo happy because you knew sure you will know what is his feelings on you someday.. GOOD LUCK =)
  191. Nicole Saturday - 06 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    Hry, I realy like this guy right.Yeah,I like him but he dosen't like me like that we are just friends.He already has a girlfriend who looks like me just prettier. And I don't know how her met her she is in all different classes and I'm in all of his classes.Please tell me what to do.
  192. Nicole Saturday - 06 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    Hey, I realy like this guy right.Yeah,I like him but he dosen't like me like that we are just friends.He already has a girlfriend who looks like me just prettier. And I don't know how her met her she is in all different classes and I'm in all of his classes.Please tell me what to do.
  193. naza Sunday - 07 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    Dear Nicole, I'm sure this is bother you..dont be upset and do not ever make such a stupid problems between them or ruin their relationship,trust me he will hate you..just be nice with them..she is pretty doesnt mean that you are are i said to our friend Jenny..ill tell you I'm not beautiful..I'm not hot..I'm okay I'm just a simple girl..I'm totally satisfy of my looking..sweety try to meet other guys ofcourse there will be someone you would like to have him as your boyfriend and he will let you feel that you are the most BEAUTIFUL lady ever in his eyes..but do not change yourself yourself good luck naza =)
  194. XaNdRiA_BaRBiE Tuesday - 09 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    Hi, I really need help about something... I met this really gorgeous guy and he asked me out and we had fun on our date and stuff... and we went out again... and... he kissed me and it was great... and... i sort of wanted to take it to the next level as i hadn't had sex in a long time... the thing is, he seemed surprised and said "oh! i didn't know you were that kind of girl." so, anyway, we sort of had sex and after that, he never asked me out again. but we still communicate through texting... how do i make him see i'm not like "that?" but that i just like him and wanted to be intimate with him?? (even on the second date)?? and how do i get him to ask me out again?! :(
  195. klumzziii Tuesday - 09 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    ok soo this guy i have a crush on works at a store across the street and i usually go evryday 2 by somthing to drink. we usually talk about the music we like and i feel he likes talking to me but i alwys se prettier girls at the store also talking to him so im not sure he likes me but evertime i do he smiles at me soo aborably i really dont know if he likes me please help
  196. Nina Wednesday - 10 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    well, i like this boy, and i have for a while. the only problem is, is that he is 18 and i'm 14. we have been really good friends for like the past two years and it's been amazing. we tell each other everything. and he's been with this girl friend for quite sometime. but the whole time he hinted at liking me. soo, i started to let myself like him. and then like 3 weeks ago, his girl friend cheated on him. and then he stopped hiding everything and came out and told me that he liked me and has liked me for a while, its just that we can't be together because of our age difference. and he and i started talking more and more, and he started taking me home after school, but our relationship is still a secret. and it still is today. and he tells me all the time about how he likes me and how he doesn't want our relationship to change even when he goes on to college or whatever he's gonna do. we don't do anything sexual. because he knows the consiquences, but we still talk every chance we get. and he knows how many days until my 16th birthday, cause on that day we can date. but i found out recently that he still talks to and hangs out with his ex-girlfriend. and it sorta made me feel like crap.. but everything is still the same between us. and she yells at him all the time for associating with me as much as he does, but yet he continues and tells her that he likes talking to me. i don't know if he's playing me. or if he actually likes me. itss completely confusing.
  197. xX.WiERDO Wednesday - 10 / 02 / 2010 Reply
  198. Alex Wednesday - 10 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    I REALLY like this guy and we joke around alot but he might like someone else everyone says he likes me cuz he looks in my eyes alot but im not shure and 4 other girls like him and i really want to be with him...he is the first boy i have liked in 6 years and i think i might love him ...what should i do.<3
  199. Jess Wednesday - 10 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    So I have really fallen head over heels for this French Canadian boy (yes it's long distance.) I live in the U.S. and he's told me many times already that he plans to move here once he saves up enough money. Now, the only thing is we used to talk a lot online, but lately he's been a little distant and will often times ignore me or just tell me he doesn't feel like talking to me. I think he's depressed because of a bunch of things going on in his life right now (lost his job, car troubles, etc.) and we had a small falling out a few weeks ago where he did ask me to back off because I was kind of smothering him, which I was, and I did back off, A LOT. But now he hardly talks to me and never makes an effort to. I've gone about 5 days without speaking to him, just waiting for him to call me or text or something. He's texted a few times that he misses me but when I make myself available to chat he avoids me. How the hell do I hook this guy and get him to WANT to call me and to WANT to talk to me? =/ Do I just keep playing this 'avoid him/make yourself unavailable' game with him? Also, btw, he is 20 and I am 21. So we're still pretty young. But I am just so not into weird mind games like this...
  200. delilia Saturday - 13 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    umm okay i like this guy who all my friends think is ugky but i just cant possibly think that:) i think he might like me cuz my friends say that he stares at me all the time<3 but i never see him doing that:( maybe once or twice. the thing is, i asked him if he hated me and he said he just didnt lik me very much and another day we were chatting about sumthin and im like yea uand u hate me and he said that he didnt luv me but he liked me as a friend. and then i pretend that i dont believe him adn soo he asked my sister wat to do to make me think that he doesnt hat e me and she sayd to give me a long and big hug and soo i started walkin away with my friends and by the time i look back he is on the other side of the room looking over his shoulder staring at me. and so he didnt hug me cuz i guess he was going to for a sec but then when i walked away he chickend out:( what shoutld i dpo?? like him or not??
  201. Allie Saturday - 13 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    OK, well like i am fiteen and i am having an affair with my friends boyfriend. The thing is that he does tell me he loves me and wish he had met me before he met her. Well truthfully i am tired of being second to her and i know that is really bad because she is my friend but he has made me fall in love with him. I guess that i am going to have to learn that sex and love are two different things. i can not have both when i am sharing the one guy i have ever loved.
    • Lura Sunday - 14 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      Allie, he is most likely feeding you a load of BS. He doesn't care he met you when he did or he would take the necessary steps to get what he supposedly truly wanted. He is enjoying having his cake and eating it too. Sorry to be so harsh, but that's how a lot of guys your age are. What would you do when he runs off with another girl behind your back? Bottom line is, he's prolly not leaving his girl, and if he does, he will most assuredly do the same to you.
    • korinna Saturday - 20 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      just remember the things boys do for you they will do to you. ive been in that position and he wont leave her for you. hes just doing somthing he wants for the moment. your young still dont waste your time on boys like this its not worth your pride girl!
  202. ika Sunday - 14 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    Great,tips (:
  203. Kiki Sunday - 14 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    Ok so I really like one of my close guy friends. I told him I liked him a few weeks ago and he didn't answer it he just said that he was getting over a relationship he didnt say no or yes or whatever. Anyway the week after he was acting so flirty with me...tickle fights, poking, sitting close to me all that. Then he wanted me to meet his friends and we shared a car ride together and we sat in the back and had deep conversations and were listening to music. so anway i met his friends but one of them he introduced me to already but we never met in person and so I went and this girl who is comepletly in love with him was ALL over him and it was bad and he would feed off it and he wasn't with me most of the times. We walked next to eachother and stuff and he was going to sit next to me and then this girl stole his seat but thats it and I'm not sure if he likes or not I'm so confused.
    • Gaya Thursday - 18 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      ummmm ... i think he likes you (: and this girl likes him so much and she's triying to steal himm from you .. soo dnt look at her .. leave her and let him know your feelings right now (:
    • ahona Monday - 01 / 03 / 2010 Reply
      I think he is in deep love with you.But be careful of that don't know and she own him.Try to makr his love more deeper.
  204. DeeDee Monday - 15 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    Well those are really great tips , but can you help me? Okay so I met this guy a couple of weeks ago, and we started talking and i started liking him and i dont know if he likes me too. But he would call me every day and text me as well. He lives in San Antonio, but he comes to visit where I live a lot. This past Friday he came, but we could only be together for a little bit because my mom was almost home. We kissed and hugged and had a good time. But he rarely texts me now, we like hardly text anymore and maybe its because he doesnt get some of my messages? I re send them and sometimes he replies, I want to know does he like me? Cus I'm starting to really like him.
    • Gaya Thursday - 18 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      he lkes you ... but he thinks that you let him down !
    • ahona Monday - 01 / 03 / 2010 Reply
      Tell your feelings to him as soon as possible or he will think you don't like him and get a new girlfriend
    • dianabanana Monday - 08 / 03 / 2010 Reply
      honestly... the whole resending messages is not a good idea... trust me. he got all ur messages and if ur sending them more than once, it can come off as a little clingy... im like 75 percent sure he just wants to be friends BUT i could be wrong... maybe he is busy... this always works for me. play hard to get... when he sees u havent given him any attention, he will wonder what is going on and automatically come to u. good luck!
  205. kylie Monday - 15 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    well ok i like this guy and we r really close we used to like eachother and almost kissed but didnt because my friend liked him too. I havent stopped liking him at all but he has moved on he is in a relationship that i know wont last long but i know i have to wait but i dont think i can he flirts with me all the time and we hang out like every weekend... but not alone. i dont know what to do bout him! and i know that i really do like him and its not a lie. i hide my feelings most of the time and tell my friends to go for him even though i like him. does anyone have anyadvice!!???
  206. dice Wednesday - 17 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    I met this guy and i think i like him but i get totally nervous around him and cant talk. I pretend to ignore him cuz i donno what to say but this is getting me nowhere! what do i do?
    • korinna Saturday - 20 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      just be yourself and flirt a little, like make i contact from across the room and then look away. do that a few timees then after a few days up the anty dont be nervous hes just a by and if hes worth it then he will think its cute that ur nervous
  207. va Wednesday - 17 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    well theres this boy who always looks at mefrom across the room problem is hes popular im not im shy hes outgoing and loud!!! does he like me not?
    • Gaya Thursday - 18 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      HAHHA .. i think he's acting infront of you .. so don't look at him (:
    • azucena Sunday - 21 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      haha thats how it was with me...:) he was well is loud and now our techer sat him next to me and he started talking lol well i say try to b his friend first show him that u r a cool person and dont be skanky cuz guys get tiered of that and that he makes u laught :P well me and this guy got together and its a bitt akward in class but he tells me all the things i like 2 hear :] he makes my heart happy and i wish u the best:)) <3 XOXO
  208. Gaya Thursday - 18 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    mmmmm .. first ! i know a guy that i met one time and now i added him on facebook and i got he's email ... we chatted one time but i love him ! what should i do :/
    • korinna Saturday - 20 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      if u love him after one chat maybe you should rethink ur defienition of love and the differnece between that and lust
    • Dani Saturday - 27 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      Try to resist loving him, because if you have only met him once then he could be any random bloke. He could be a killer. Anything. So try and resist loving him and imagine a new boy so that he doesent exist in your life. Also try meet up with him again on a double date with your friend or someone. That you can learn more about him and maybe have a hit with him!!!
  209. vaishu Thursday - 18 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    hi i really need some help from u guys ..i hope u ll help me... im in love with some guy whos always busy with his study and his frnd...he was my school mate...v fall in love b4 5 months..i proposed him first that time he had some girlfrnd ..but he dosent ve contact with her..then i cam abroad for my studys... v r in different countries .... :( :( i do calling him every day...some time he ll pick my cal and he ll speak...some time no response..if im asking abt y he dont pick my cal he ll say that always he s busy...he never called me even when v were frnds..only msg that too hot msg..otherwise no msg at all... i beged him and pleased hima many time atleast send msg i feel lonely...but still now no msg mail ..if i cal him he ll pick d cal and he ll speak that too sumtimes..but he ll come online evryday he does seeing my offline msg and msg in mobile but i never replied for that...but he has time for his frnd nt for me :( :( :( ...i love him a lot but he doesnt understand my feelings....without him i cant even imagine my life...i want to know is he really loves me r he just nee sex with me..plz guys reply me ..really im waiting for u r reply..atleast u people response for my feelings :( :(
  210. Nox Friday - 19 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    Hi guys,I am a 19 year old 2nd year student n I love this 23 year old guy who was my tutor last year now my lecture,we are good friends I'm not sure whether he likes me or not since he is a very shy n reserved kind of person,he talks a lot through emails,facebook n sms's but never says much on real lyf,what can I do 2 make him c that I'm in 2 him without scaring him?
    • Dani Saturday - 27 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      Well, Nox the best thing to do is to sit down with him and have a chat with him about your ectures and gradually link into how u feel about him.
  211. Joana Sunday - 21 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    before my relationship with my present boyfriend, he had a girlfriend for 2 yrs and 6 months, i was the reason of their break up because the guy was so close to me, and even confess to me his feeling which at first i really didn't want to pursue until he said he's no longer happy with her, and that the girl don't understand him that well and that he is happier and in love with me. From there, i let it be. He made me fall in love with him and broke up with his gf for me. Of course every one was against our relationship,,, until I had a huge problem with my acads, and i started to become so Hopeless and emotional that was the time he felt like he is confused and he misses her, but i understand that because the feeling will not fade in a snap,,i didn't think about it too much, but i don't expect alot from our relationship because i'm scared he will still choose her, so i'm reallyy hesitant with the topic and confronting him if im still second place... i just don't expect. Worst, i still feel insecure even though he's with me... i feel like i have to get this out of my chest and talk to his ex. but i dont know what to say... will i still talk to her and tell the angle of my story so that her friends would stop making hate mails.?
  212. Sophie Sunday - 21 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    Btw Im 14 now so yeah.. Okay So there's this guy who I was friends with for 3 months and he confessed that he likes me more than a friend and in my head im going "Yes!" And he said do I feel the same way and I said "This is so wrong." 1)Hes younger than me. 2)I'm like this "Strong person" or whatever and me admitting it I feel like.. Im letting my guard down . Stupid excuses I know. And I ended the friendship :/ . Which I fully regret,I cant get him outta my mind. Saw his friend 2 days ago and we talked etc;and he admitted that "He" still likes me .. And I asked him to ask "him" if he would call down for me and his friend replied "he couldn't be bothered to come down". Im really kinda ticked off.'Cause i was stupid i read the signs there all there. But i dont know what to do :(
    • Rayray Wednesday - 03 / 03 / 2010 Reply
      how much younger is he
  213. Bianca Monday - 22 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    Ok so I'm 15 and I'm just now kinda getting over this guy I've liked or months since like September and I have this friend who's really great. We get along really well and we went to the movies once with 3 other friends and had a great time. When ever we see each other in the hallway we always look at each other and we'll either laugh or just smile. Alot of my friends told me he likes me and I like him too. They said they thought so becaue he always looks at me in the lunch room. But lately he hasn't really talked or texted me as much as he used to and he told one of my really good friends that he like some girl from another school but two nights ago he said he didn't like her anymore. We still talk but when I text him he sometimes doesn't text me back but we do still talk at school and we're goin to the movies this weekend. So does he like me and what should I do?
  214. iksha Tuesday - 23 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    hi fri, i met 1 guy. he s my fri's fri. love starts from our first sight.aft 1yr i send msg. he cal me. within 1 week he proposed.i lov bt i ct accept.i tel only tnx. aft some day he start 2 avoid me. bt i feel i ct liv witout him. then i propose. he jus smiling. no reaction. he stop 2 cal, i think he dt lv me.v r diff countries. i only force him 2 cal me.wats d way 2 get his friendship again???
  215. Jessica Wednesday - 24 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    Well, Im 15 and im in love with a 13 year old But i jst turned 15 so theres a 1 year age difference. Anyway, I dated him in May last year and we dated throughout all of summer, and 2 months after summer. We broke up like 3 times over stupid things but only for a day or two. He dumped me in October 09 for this girl whom was obsessing over him while I was with this guy. They dated for less than a month and he and her fight so much. I still love him. Im afraid to tell him though because, well.. I'm honestly not very confident. I KNOW I need to do this to get him.. We spent everyday together while we dated for 4-5 months. we just started talking since our breakup...but how should I tell him? Is there any chance of "us" again? I mean, he always would tell me he loved me first and stuff, and he's sucha sweetheart and we're complete opposites that match perfectly(:
  216. Devyn Wednesday - 24 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    I am in love with this guy , we have been friends since preschool and we went out a couple times . Then I broke it off because I thought I was too young , and now I am in love with him again . I talk to him in the hall and he comes up to talk to me sometimes , but I don't know if he likes me back or not . We went to the movies with friends once , but all the other girls like him too . What should I do ???
    • kawaii Thursday - 25 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      well, you should ask him be brave and confident or else ull regret and he will like the other girls.
    • Ellie Sunday - 07 / 03 / 2010 Reply
      Tell him and don't leave it too late otherwise the oither girls might get in there first
  217. youcef Wednesday - 24 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    Hi everybody here i experinced love only one time during 27 years for some reason we separated , i forget about her yes it happens to anyone but the problem that i can t love again feel tht i have nt a heart or just for pumping blod somaone could tel me whats wrong with my heart
  218. kawaii Thursday - 25 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    Just make him feels jealous and ignore him. if u have a date wiv him dont be early be a least like an hour or 2 late, this will make him fink that u have ur own style and attitude.
  219. BumBarla Thursday - 25 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    It happens to the best of us. I am 25 and in love with my best friend of the last seven years! I told him how I felt three years ago and we didnt speak for over a year. Then he randomly got back in touch. He came to visit me last week (valentine's weekend) and we had a laugh just like old times. I though I was over him! Big mistake. He spent all weekend talking about how he wanted to meet someone and settle down. When I brought up about him not speaking to me for that year and half he completely DENIED ALL KNOWLEDGE. Did not even mention what I had told him. So here's the thing do I tell him again and risk the friendship or just tell him I don't want to see him again???
  220. NeedsHelp Thursday - 25 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    I really like this guy,he is my classmate. I am too shy to tell him that I like him...He ignores me most of the time. He has only talked to me 5 times[yes,I've been counting!],I met him this year. I am not allowed to use makeup,I have many pimples and terrible teeth and I cant wear cute blouses because I wear a brace in my back[google it if you dont know what it is]. So any help please?? Thanks[:
    • kristina Friday - 26 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      well sweetie he probably doesnt like you because your so shy b.c u wear a brace be more confidant and he probably will....
  221. kristina Friday - 26 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    well i really like this guy and we dated once before and lasted a week and we didnt do anything! but mf bff broke us up and a few days ago we started talking and it came up in the conversation that if i was his girl he wouldnt want to introduce me to his friends because they give him crap..and we started talking about going to the movies this weekend and he said he sort of like me but his ex emily invited herself on the date and he said itd be really awkward and b.c he likes me and he promised to call the next day and he didnt plus he had practice and church and today i accidently got back with my x on an impulse and i really like my crush but im affraid of him getting with his ex in the end or if he's really messin with me
  222. Estefani Saturday - 27 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    well im in love with a friend of mind, we had a fling when we were in high school, then three years later we met and we hooked up for over 4 months. im really confused cuz for the past year and so we talk online, dont really hang out,but when we do we make out. but not to long ago i decided to tell him how i feel about him. he said that he cares for me but doesnt want to mess up with my head. he also said that he likes me more than a friend, but that it is difficult to explain his feeling for me. then the next day i asked him to try telling me his true feelings,he never replied. please i need help understanding whats going on?
  223. jessica Saturday - 27 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    im 14 and single, there is this guy i like at school he's my classmate. he always texts me at night, talkes to me , he always teases me tickles me at school he even gave me a rose in valentines day. but somtimes we dont notice each other. . and there's this other guy who confessed that he liked me since the 2nd moth of the schoolyear, and i said that im sorry i like someone else. now we are so akward around each other.. help mee :(
    • kristina Monday - 01 / 03 / 2010 Reply
      well if this guy gave youa rose and flirts with you he likes you trust me this guy i liked did the same last night he finally kissed me and were together just be real with him
  224. Laura Sunday - 28 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    Hi. I just broke up with my boyfriend and i know he dosent love me anymore. how do i try and win him back. i love him so much. but im scared if i tell him that he'll laugh or not care. please help. what am i meant to say to him.
    • Rayray Tuesday - 02 / 03 / 2010 Reply
      it depends on the reason why u guys broke up.
    • Rayray Tuesday - 02 / 03 / 2010 Reply
      If u think he is gonna laugh or not care then he's really not worth it. u deserve better. try not talking to him at all 4 a while and feast your eyes on someone else : )
    • Laura Saturday - 06 / 03 / 2010 Reply
      Thank you. I know he doesn't sound a very nice person but i just don't know how to get over him. He has said he misses me and all that. i'll try the not talking idea x
  225. johana Tuesday - 02 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    well .. there's a guy..the first time i saw him he couldn't take my eyes off me.. and i actually started to like him..everytime we see each other we look at each other's eyes..that happend for 4 months..i just don't know what's wrong with him..than i saw him once with his girlfriend..he kissed her and watched me..i mean what's really wrong with him?..i really need some help!
    • Rayray Wednesday - 03 / 03 / 2010 Reply
      i think he likes you and his girlfriend but he doesn't want to hurt her. wait a little while and see if they are showing signs of breaking up. then make your move.
  226. Rayray Tuesday - 02 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    Ok so i've liked this guy for a couple weeks now and he has dropped hints that he likes me but the problem is that i'm in love with this other guy and he doesn't love me back. Should i go out with the guy i've liked for a couple weeks?
  227. lala Wednesday - 03 / 03 / 2010 Reply
  228. krissi Thursday - 04 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    okay well, im fifteen and in ninth grade ive been in atl ga my whole life, and this past summer 08 i moved to a small city called axson and now i go to a whole different school . i met a guy in my science classs last semester at the beginning of the year and we turned out as best friends. but now we dont have any classes together since its 2nd semester and everyones changed classes now. but i guess we decided not to give up and so we started texting and weve been talking on and off. we pass by eachother in the hallways, sometimes i pretend to not even see him and he nudges me sometimes and walks off and other days when i stare at him when i walk by he stares back and we just smile . and about two days ago i was at my locker afterschool he hugged me and we pecked lips and texted later that day. weve hung out, and we went on our first date to the movies with a group of friends a couple weeks ago but i diddnt even know what the movie was about afterwards because all we would do is cuddle and makeout. late last night was the first phone call we ever had, i was a little nervous because im really fallling for this guy no doubt, we did have phone sex, i honestly didnt want to call him though because i knew he wanted it and im not really that type of person that has phone sex right now as i use to be because the other time it happened it felt like thats all he wanted. i want a true and honest relationship right now and i dont want him thinking that all i want is sex, because i honestly really like this guy. so i finally got me a phone and weve talked about 3 months straight up now but today this mornin was the only time he texted me like he does everyday saying goodmorning. he always asks how i slept and i think thats just making me fall more inlove with him because i love when he wants to know how my days been or if ive slept alright.. lets me know hes been thinking about me(: but then i texted him back gooodmorning and i was expecting another text from him but he hasnt texted back aaall day! he hugged alot of girls and said hey to them when we were at my locker today and that kindof made me mad so we just hugged in the hallway today and i turned around and was walkin off and he was still standing there, and i know he was wanting a kiss but i diddnt want him to think i was an easy person, my friend told me hes been at track practice and hes been to church so hes probably busy, and i shouldnt worry about it. but how couldnt you if you were so into this guy?? hes like all i think about...i just want him to know this but not to think im obssssessed or anyuthing and im afraid of what he might say even though he calls me baby . i just wanna know what his deal is cause he hasnt texted me once and we usually do even if hes doing something or if hes really busy. this happened with me and this other guy and we just never texted or called eachother anymore and now were just rlly good friends. i cant have this happen again...i just want to know if i should ignore him and make him talk to me that way ?
  229. johana Thursday - 04 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    thnx for your help Rayray ...well it's like you said..haha it's like you can watch the future!
  230. johana Thursday - 04 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    btw rayray you should listen to your heart...who knows..maybe he will love you one day's not good to see the past..but if you still like him you can go out with him..or better see wich one of them has a better personality
  231. Desree Friday - 05 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    IT's really nice to know that there are ways to make him fall in love with me but he already saw me with friends, saw my confidence, my real self etc and for this 1 and a half month it was all sweetness, he was always doing/saying something to show his love. but suddenly this week (and have to repeat we have no problem had no arguement etc.) he begun to act kind of cold and weird. 3 weeks ago we had a similar coldness but it turned out to be nothing and we were fine yet this week, he answered a message I wrote him 2 days later although he was online all the time and I realized that he deleted me from his Messenger contacts although not blocked me. I can see he's there and rather than writing decided to call him and we chatted normally. Yet when I send a message through Messenger there was no reply which acc. to a friend means that he deleted me and so cannot see my message. I don't know what to do now, to call him and ask why he is acting this way, or to wait to see him if he comes and talk him that way. Why a man suddenly acts distant and weird when there is no problem visible?
  232. ahona Saturday - 06 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    I am in love with a guy who is 13 and i am 9.but i think he likes other girl and the other girl likes oter boy and the oter boy likes me what shall i do
    • Laura Saturday - 06 / 03 / 2010 Reply
      If you are 9 you shouldn't be worrying yourself about boyfriends just yet. He needs to date girls his own age and when you become old enough to do so you might get to know eachother better and understand the truth about love.
    • Ellie Saturday - 06 / 03 / 2010 Reply
      i know how u feel, the same thing happened to me but i was 12. u shouldnt worry about boys but if u want help talk to your parents or just tell him how u feel and how much better u are for him x
  233. Ellie Saturday - 06 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    i was going out with this guy foir about 4 months, then he broke up with me and it has been 6 months since he broke up with and i can't get over him i really think he's the one. I keep telling him how i feel about him but im not doing it too much in case it starts getting on his nerves. he keeps saying don't want a relationship atm. but he joins groups on facebook like "when u love somone but they dont love u back" and "i know your sorry and i do love u" im just so confused. i want to marry him and grow old with him and im only 13 so i dont care if it sounds pathetic please help me thanks x
  234. Heather Saturday - 06 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    Ok I'm homeschooled and I'm in 8th grade he's in 9th and he goes to high school I'm going to his school next year. Anyway a bunch of girls like him I mean they walk up to him and tell him, and he's really shy because of that. He goes to my church and we talked and I asked him and his friends for there number we texted alot but now he hasn't txted me for 3 weeks! Idk maybe it's because I told him I'm going to Europe so maybe he didn't txt me I just got home lol but I sent a message to him saying that I was home yesterday oh yea and in his messages he says that he likes me he calls me babe and yeah lol please help!
    • Ellie Sunday - 07 / 03 / 2010 Reply
      Have u ever thought about telling him u like him? if he is shy do it over the phone or text him or maybe even just hang out with him on his own without his friends get to know him better x
  235. Janean Jonathan Sunday - 07 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    Hello. Not certain if anyone told you this but your website seems to be kinda weird in my browser.. maybe some code in your template design is wrong. . I believe it might be an isolated problem ... i.e its just me who is seeing this strange error. Opera might just be messed up.. btw Opera is the name of the web browser I am using in case you didnt know... Im sure its very nothing but thought you should know about this just in case.. And many thanks for all the cool blog articles, I enjoyed what I read!
  236. Nadia Sunday - 07 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    I am 13 years old and having serious guy issues. He tells me he loves me one day but than changes his mind almost every week. We flirt all the time and he flirts back. I am really confused, any advice?
    • Ellie Sunday - 07 / 03 / 2010 Reply
      Tell him how u feel and ask if he likes you the same way, boys love confidence x
  237. Alexxxx37 Monday - 08 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    Okay so this guy ws with a girl for a yeaar, and she put him through hell bc her dad hated him. But they were still in loveee... so anyways they went through problems. So she ends up movinng... then that same day me and him start messing around.:/ Not anythngg crazy, just hardcore making out and reaal flirty. He showed interest at school and stuff for awhile, then idk it kinda faded off... idk whhhhhy. But lk every wknd we makeout and flirt... at school he comes up to me and stuff sometimes but he never rlly tries holdng a conversation or tries to actually get to know me. Physical attractions there... but i want the mental attraction to be there alsoooo.... I knw if he got to knw me he'd be more interested. Problem is he isnt trying too at all. and now i likeee him. Im one of those girls that doesnt evr give guys the time of day, and i NEVR mess w a guy. They have to work for it.. but he ws determined to kiss me and stuff so i gave in aftr he kept tryinnnng. he talkd to me and evrythng that very first day it all started. IDK what to think? Does he just not want a relationshippp right now or is it me? Bc he doesnt show the interest as much as i want him too... Should i end the friend w benefits stuuff? I mean he knows im the kinda girl that doesnt doo these things, problem is i do w him.
  238. Jen Monday - 08 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    Great advice! Can someone please help me with my co-worker.There's this guy that I work with and lately a few people have suggested to me that he likes me, I just thought I'd ask you. When we first met he made an extra effort to talk to me and I received some upsetting news on my break and he was the only person to comfort me. We can talk for hours and hours and on numerous times he has stayed talking to me while he's meant to be working. One time on my break he was going home, noticed me in the staff room and ordered food, sitting with me, talking until my break was over. I give him advice on things and he always follows it and he’s always recommending things for me to see, listen to, watch. He takes almost every opportunity to talk to me. On New Year’s he stopped working and ran over to wish me happy new year, and then we didn't see each other for a while. Recently we've started talking again and now a few people told me they thought he liked me. Also, we got moved off work shifts together after I noticed some of our supervisors watching us. Some of the guys we work with have nicknamed us the work place “couple” and were teasing me on Valentines day because I was meant to be doing a double shift and working the night with him, however at the last minute my boss sent me home. Also there is an age gap between the two of us, he’s 19 and I’m 16 and he always makes a big deal about how shocked he was that I was so young. What do you think?
  239. purplecherry Monday - 08 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    I have a crush on this guy i was with in high skool...its been 10 years but i still like him a lot...the problem is he knows that i like him but he isnt interested in me that way...ofcourse we talk almost everyday on internet but we usually talk very general stuff and its me who always does the small time i ask myself am i acting too desperate...i dont want to screw up and be a butt of joke in his eyes...and i really really want him to like me coz i know that we have xactly same interests and same ideas about things.... what should i do so that he loves me...
  240. Melia Westenberger Tuesday - 09 / 03 / 2010 Reply
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  241. lina Tuesday - 09 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    um 18 years old all my friend tell me that um pretty and anyone wish that i could be their partner i meet a guy on facebook his 28 years old , he was very interested to know me and wants always to get in a relationship with me but i was acting like i dont care and i dont want to know anyone by this way ( i meant internet ) but later i met him and we talked in several topics ( work , university , all parts of life ) but even though he didnt anything seems that he loves me or even wants to be with me and actually me too i didnt show any kind of love not because i wasnt interested of him but because i didnt know how to act like that seriously :( and after this date he didnt even call me after it or even wants to meet again um very upset and disappointed because even um cute and pretty and nice with him he didnt act like he wanted me ????? and now i just found that he in a relationship with a turkish girl even though he is an egyption guy and he seems that he at least get interesting with her even she's very old she's 27 years old !!!!!!!!!! i dont know how to get him back help help me pleaseeeeeeee
  242. CONFUSEDinVegas Wednesday - 10 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    So I am twenty years old. I am, day by day, gaining more confidence in myself although I am a plus size girls. I know because I am constantly told, that I am sweet, smart, pretty, personable, outgoing and fun. Apart from being plus sized (which I am working on losing a bit, not all just a bit of weight), I do not understand why I can not get a good friend of mine to like me. We went to high school together all four years and were just aquantances. After about a year, he added me on facebook. and just recently we started talking again. He came into my life and immediately began comforting me even when I did not ask for it. My best friend of 17 years had died and this guy was just great. It has been three months that we have been talking. I like him- he is genuinely a good guy and very sweet. I know that he is interested in his ex- who at the time does not want a relationship, but he still wants to make things work with her. But when he and I hang out, he is always finding a way to make me smile. He could be doing this obliviously or not, I am not sure. I am sure he enjoys my company because he just went on a spontaneous road trip with me and a best friend of mine to Disneyland. He is flirty with me and likes to tease me. He wants things to be better for me and wants to help me through things. I don't understand him though. If he liked me, wouldn't I know by now? Please somebody give me some advice, because I really would like for our friendship to go further. Especially with a guy like him.
  243. baby. Wednesday - 10 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    well, bacically iv like this boy for like a year and a half now right at the beggining we went out a few times and i realy realy liked him then he suddenly like me to and we became girlfriend & boyfriend but then when we were together as a cople he was totaly weird & different he didnt talk to me at all and we soon broke up, then of corse i still liked him and when we wernt going out he was so so so flirty and made me fall for him all over again, then he started to like me again and i gave him another chance then of corse the same behavour and then he told my bestfriend he had feelings for her and i was so mad and dumped him but i still liked him even though he was totally over me then a cople of weeks later he said he liked me again and even though i knew he would just do it all over again i said yes cause i was deeply in love with him. then same as before, but then he snogged this girl behide my back + done some other stuff with her, i was so upset that he hurt me again, that i dumped him, he was totally heart brocken and all i wanted was for him too suffer, i still loved him though, he told me time and time over that he was sorry, and i wanted too belive him so i gave him a final chance but like a hour later i thought ALOT about what had happened and disided even though i loved him deeply he wasnt worth another chance, and i ended it. i then didnt see him for 6 weeks due to school holidays and when i came back to school we didnt talk EVER, now its like 6 months later and i still love him, but im TRYING too get over him as he obv has with me and i kno i totally blew my chances with him, but i still love him & im only 13 and totally confussed. please help people sould i try to forget him or try in everyway possible to get him again. </3 x
  244. Bridgette Wednesday - 10 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    i've been with my boyfriend for 6 months... and as every day goes by my feelings are getting stronger and stronger for him, but i like him more than he likes me. He says he cares for me, that he loves my mind, he tells me i'm beautiful, hugs and kisses me all the time, but he said he's finding it hard to tell me he loves me. He said he's not 'in love' with me... yet! As you can imagine, it was really hard to hear! We've agreed to give it time but is there anything else i can do? Help! :(
    • Livsssss(: Wednesday - 10 / 03 / 2010 Reply
      Bridgette if he tells you your beautiful, make sure your complimenting him. And if hes giving you hugs and kisses it means he wants them and if hes giving them to you all the time its obvious he loves you i think he is just shy to be honest. I think you should hug him every time you see him first and everytime you have to leave him this will make him no you love him also if you have msn, facebook tell him loveyouulots everytime you go offline he will proberbly sayy loveyouutoo if he says it alot over msn and facebook he will get to be less shy saying it too your face(: Hope i helped goodluckbabe x
  245. monica Wednesday - 10 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    when i am near him, i just dont know what to say, he is so cute that i lost in his eyes, he only tell me that he love me once but he always kisses me
  246. Alina Saturday - 13 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    Ok guys I need your help! Back in 2007-2008 I had an awesome guy friend. We would always hang out and laugh together. He would give me friendly hugs and tickle games. (btw we were in high school) The only way to communicate with each other after school was email, because I did not have a phone at the time. We lost touch after graduation :( Just recently I was going through my old emails and I came across some of ours. Now that im re-reading them this guy was 100% in love with me back then, I just didnt notice it back then because at that time I was in love with someone else. He literarly told me he loves me like 3 times, I was just so blind I guess. Anyways I am starting to realize that i am in love with this guy, eventhough two years have passed. I found out from a friend that his in college two hours away from where I am located. Since I dont have his number anymore, i emailed him asking how he was doing. But two days have passed and he still hasnt answered me back:( how long do you think i should wait for his answer? Because i have another one of his emails(more current), and im wondering if i should write to him again? Or will i sound desprate?? Pleasee help i really want to get this guy back into my life!!!
  247. Alyssa Sunday - 14 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    Hey everyone I'm 20 and I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 6 months now. Everything has sort of moved very fast in our relationship. We took steps that I wasn't really ready for at the time, but now I wouldn't change a thing. I am completely in love with him, he is amazing. We've had many talks about love and where we thing our relationships is going but he isn't sure he is "in love" with me. He said he doesn't really know what love is yet. I feel like maybe it's me, maybe I'm not good enough for him or something. Why doesn't he know he loves me when I am so sure I love him? Do you think he will love me later or do you think he's just saying he isn't sure yet because he knows he never will but he just doesn't want to say it? He says he wishes he could just love me but he's gone through some dark experiences in his life and it's left him kind of scared. What should I do?
    • Bridgette Sunday - 14 / 03 / 2010 Reply
      hey, i know how you're feeling, i'm in EXACTLY the same position! :( i need help too. X
  248. Sake Sunday - 14 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    Ok, so theres this guy that I like, he is really sweet, but he just got out of a bad relationship with one of my friends. He hints that he likes me, like yesterday it was raining and i left my umbrella in my locker so he told me to borrow his even though our classes were in total opposite directions, and later before he left school he waited with me for a really long time before the buses came even though he had a ride home... were friends and all but when he leaves he will hug other girls in front of me but never ever hugs me, not that i really like hugs and all, but still.... any ideas?
  249. Sydney Sunday - 14 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    Okay, so me and this guy named Andy have been "talking". And we went to the movies together and held hands and that good stuff, but he decided to go back out with his ex after that.. And i still have STRONGG feelings for him. And i don't know what to do anymoree.. help please..
  250. Munirah aka muny Monday - 15 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    I'm in gr.7.I've been in love with my best friend since JK. This year I asked him out and he said he didn't want to. He's the only guy who can make me show really strong emotions(I'm kind of a Tomboy).so my best friend called him on the phone while she was visiting me at dads house and tried to persuade him into going out with me, telling him some of my deepest emotions to him.she was trying to get him to confess his feelings for me. I have always known he would never love me the way I loved him(with an undieing affection).now I don't know what to do,whether I should persue him,or let him go.I hate my love life!
  251. Munirah aka muny Monday - 15 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    I seriously need help please reply,I can't be to upfront with him he's kind of delicate.
    • . Monday - 31 / 05 / 2010 Reply
      With a name like that you wont get anywhere anytime soon
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      then if hes that "delicate" then you need him to feel comfortable with you then ease ur way into saying what you feel. but sometimes outside apperances are wrong and he might feel the same way about you......Good Luck :)
  252. Alicia Tuesday - 16 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    Hi! I have a quick question for you. (I need your advice!) I met this guy (an actually really good guy-which is of legends, lol) on a website. Actually, I didn't even know about him. He happened to run across my profile and started by contacting me. He sent me an email and it was great. From that point on, we'd been getting to know each other. He is really sweet. Every time we talked, he called me "beautiful" (btw, I'm in college finishing up year one and 19, he's 21 and in college. For some reason, the age bothers me.We don't leave near each other.We're separated by one state.) . We went from emailing to online chats to text messaging each other. I thought it was all great. Until I said something yesterday that wasn't fair to him, and now I think I've lost him for good. I have trust issues with people from being hurt so many times, and I have been trying to work on it. Lately I have told him that I really trust him, which is odd because I don't naturally trust people that easily, but he has proved to me that I can trust him for the most part, and because I really meant it. Yesterday I asked him (I THINK I asked him) either how I can trust him or it was around the lines of "can you prove to me how I can trust you? and why do you trust me so much?" The last thing he told me was, "Everyone has my trust until they show me otherwise not to trust them. But it doesn't mean I'm cautious." I'm assuming he knows I'm very cautious which probably is a bad thing... We didn't talk again after that, and we haven't spoken today at all.... I feel really bad and want to talk to him so we can pick up where we left off.... I don't want to lose him... what do I do? Any suggestions or advice? Please help! Thanks!
    • maria Monday - 31 / 05 / 2010 Reply
      this has happend well only once but it has hapend exsactly like yours, he got verry mad when i said something that made clear to him that i dont trust what i heir all the time... he was my type of guy and he was sweet and friendly but the fear of getting hurt and played with was so over powering to the fact that in my pass relationship i got cheated on and lied to and played with . that i didt find it possible to belive everythign eny guy tells me i protect myself from a heartache yet i started talking to him about it and he understoud that i had trust problems in the pass and he as a guy got verry mad but understoud my situation he cared to take my word and understan me , from there on he tryed his best to earn my trust and we lasted 2 years talking by fone and texting all day longgg we were like little kids with a love toy so happy then as time went on we change he moved and i moved then we lost the conection and i ment someone else and he did to .but i learn somethign so meaning full from this
    • ahmed adel rashad Tuesday - 01 / 06 / 2010 Reply
      I one time got that felling but by the help of my god ALLAH, we turned friends again. If you fell that you are wrong, contact with him and say sorry if he don't want to accept, you will fell better and he worse, you both are nice friends but separating is bad so gather again and be one body, because friendship is hard to be taken again. iam 12 years old. It doesn't matter to help a grounup person. iam arabian. and we are good friends mean arabian.Be sure that you will meet again and you will say that this was in the past.(SAY TO HIM MY FRIEND IAM SORRY AND LETS BE FRIENDS AGAIN......)
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      being cautious is not always a bad thing. first of all you need to say sorry and that you know what you said was unfair (admitting your wrong is a VERY good thing to do and thats what most guy want)and if hes as good as you say he will forgive you imeadiately. he will also try to say sorry for makeing you feel insicure and if he does then you need to say u trust him.......Good Luck :)
  253. ashleigh Tuesday - 16 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    ive been with a guy for the past three months we spend time together and basically are like a couple he's not sleeping with anyone else but doesnt want a serious relationship. he'd not long come out of a three year relationship and he still sees her but just as friends, he said the other day he think that because of his past relationship he doesnt want to and he just not letting himself do it again the problem is i dont want it to be just what we've got even though i do like it i want a relationship. help!!!!
    • Althea Friday - 07 / 05 / 2010 Reply
      Hi, I have been in that position with someome who i thought was the love of my life. However we have been dating on an and off for the past 5 years, and on one occasion we were to together for three months and he finished the relationship. he told me he wasnt ready, didnt want a relationship with anyone right now, its all lies, he just means that he is not interested in a relationship with you. So anyway, after all that i tried to fix the relationship, but i was told by his aunt that he was seeing someone and he was doing it whilst we were together, now a year later they are still together, but he is back and still telling me he loves me. To cut a long story short, please do not chase him or try to convince him that you are the one for him. Personally i think he may still be hung up on his ex.
    • Althea Friday - 07 / 05 / 2010 Reply
      Ps. if you want a relationship and he doesnt then please dont waste your time with someone who has told you that they dont. there are plenty of great men out there who would love to have you. so dont waste your time girl, you a worth a lot more than that.
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      okay you should do the obvious WAIT TILL HE'S READY if you dont and get inpatient then you will most definetly push him away as they say "good things come to those who wait" and i know ur going to hate me for saying this but you shouldn't hate the ex for makeing him like that or be jelous you need to trust him and show that you trust him that will speed things up......Good Luck :)
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      oh and i agree with althea they could be all lies but it depends on how well you know him to say that they are lies, like althea she was with the guy 5 yrs so she can tell that dosent mean the same for u though...... Good Luck :)
  254. Stefan Levee Wednesday - 17 / 03 / 2010 Reply
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  255. jeny Monday - 22 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    i need to knw if he had a recent relationship witha girl olr than him but was soo inlove with him she did anything for him and he ddnt give much intrest because of that and im younger than him in a year and he calls me mature much more than my age and im hard to get with him and he says im beutifull is thier a chance for him to like although im younger than him ??????????
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      he obviously likes older woman and since you act older than ur age he is probably atracted to you since he has an older woman right now thats probably his sugar mama theres a 90% chance that he likes you in my opinion......Good Luck :)
  256. Rae Rae Tuesday - 23 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    I'm a freshman at my high school. I run cross country and play lacrosse.Well, I found the guy that makes my heart beat fast. He's a sophomore, and runs cross country and plays lacrosse too. Sounds like the perfect couple right? Well, I'm WAY too nervous to actually talk to him. During cross country he complimented me on my running. Of course,I didn't take it seriously as a way to start a conversation, so I think he thinks I'm not interested in him. I really like him, but I don't know how to start off "fresh".HELP. :(
    • jeny Tuesday - 23 / 03 / 2010 Reply
      comeplemet him on his running talk about lacross and then change the subject into something else ;) be friendly make him feel like u care and u like him in a way but always keep him confused in a way and wanting more i think that would work
    • Breeeee Tuesday - 04 / 05 / 2010 Reply
      Drop little hints here & there. Watch him play & make sure he sees you watching him. This will let him know that you are interested or impressed. One of the most important things is to always smile at him. When he walks by or even takes a quick glance at you, jst smile : )
    • Angelique Saturday - 22 / 05 / 2010 Reply
      go over and talk to him,relax and picture him as a friend.say hello that will always lead to a at him so he knows your interested.compliment something hes every time.
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      i agree a 100% with jeny and breeee but i have to say DONT compliment his clothes while you guys are running or during practice cause hes probably really sweaty and if you start talking to him outside of practice DONT compliment his clothes it sounds funky and thats a pick up for guys.. and just so you know start by talking to him during practice then graduate to during school a week later OR when he starts talking to you and ALWAYS SMILE breeee was absolutely correct about that!!......Good Luck :)
  257. Shirley Mullineaux Tuesday - 23 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    I think years 2010 would be a good one for this beautiful star
  258. jeny Tuesday - 23 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    does anybody has an answer or an advice or anything to my case i realy need it and was shirley's comment for me ???? plzzzz someone help... i need it
  259. marty Friday - 26 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    hi..i have fallen for this guy almost 5 year..i dont know whether he knows it or not..i never talk to him though we were class mate before..everytime we run into each other..i never smile or say hello to him cause im so maybe he thought that i'm not friendly and such..but i really like it is our final year..i just want to confess to him but i don have the courage..i think if i do confess at least i can forget him and open a new book..please help me
    • bissy Saturday - 08 / 05 / 2010 Reply
      Honestly, i have been in the same sitch..... it freaking SUX!!!! although i am much younger than you and i have only been waiting five months. I figured out that i trusted him enough to let him know that i like him. Turns out that he has been crazy about me for ages!!!! JUST TELL HIM!!!!
    • kristine Thursday - 27 / 05 / 2010 Reply
      well seriously it's the same for me too and he once like me but at that time i havent got the courage to tell him that i like him but now he doesn't seems to be that interested with me than before it makes me feel a bit low these days CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!!!!!
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      bissy said exactly the same thing i was going to.. and for kristine you need to forget about him he wasn't for you ..............Good Luck :)
  260. brit Friday - 26 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    okay so i have a cousin whos brother i am not related to, is really cute and we txt each other like everyday almost, the first time i met him, he liked me that was like 3 or 4 years ago, and we have gotten closer and closer everytime we talked...but we have not really went out yet..when we text it sounds like we do...but we he dates other girls and i guess that i become jealous and get mad at him and dont talk to him for a while...i mean like its hard to let your first crush go...and its kinda weird having them date someone else we dont go out cause we live in different states, but iguess it could work, cause he comes to his brothers house sometimes, when he feels like time he started trying to hook up with my cousin (but he says that he didnt realize that she was related to me) i stopped talking to him for like 2 months...but we are talking now...but sometimes i feel like he doesnt like me as he did before..cause he doesnt treat me the same way anymore...what should i do????
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      okay so u aren't related at all!!! u need to tell him how you fell or he wont understand why ur not talking to him then he will think YOU dont like him and you will grow farther and farther apart tell how you feel or you wont even have friendship.... Good Luck :)
  261. brit Friday - 26 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    I talked to this boy online that lives near me and i am starting think that i might be falling for him. But when i told him that i loved him last night he just kept going on with the conversation..and didnt say it back and i asked him and told me that he didnt love me...what should i do????
    • Kaya Wednesday - 05 / 05 / 2010 Reply
      ...Move on?
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      you were obviously to early.. you should just act like you didnt say it and just talk like you always used to and make him fall for by being yourself then wait like 6 months then tell him again if it dosent work move on.....Good Luck :)
  262. Mariah Monday - 29 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    there is this guy who is on my bowling team.he says he likes me but he never pays attention to me!i dont know if i sould ask him out or just be friends? help me!!
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      i dont understand how do u know he likes you if dosent pay attention to you? o well. start out by becomeing better friends learn more about him and let him learn more about you and take it one step at a time.... Good Luck :)
  263. Boi Wednesday - 31 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    Would u mind helping me? Cause i am in love with this boy and he is like my bf... and i love him so much... i know everything about him. and i did everything up there but i think he doesn't take me as a girl but only a friend....
    • kristine Thursday - 27 / 05 / 2010 Reply
      oh i know how it feels the guy i like did the same to me and he is like my bf too then just let him know u like him
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      okay so you should just tell him how you feel i dont know how many times i have said it you cant just decide for yourself that he only sees you as a friend. go for it and if it dosent work out then try to stay friends and tell him your sorry for makeing him uncomfortable and the more deeper your friendship becomes the more likely he will develope feelings for you............Good Luck :)
  264. salon kosmetyczny Bi Sunday - 04 / 04 / 2010 Reply
    Jamorama i think you have a great site here... today was my first time coming here.. i just happened to find it doing a google search. anyway, great post.. i'll be bookmarking this page for sure.
  265. angelyn Monday - 05 / 04 / 2010 Reply
    hello.. ur site is really that good.. it helps a lot.. its my first time here..
  266. Lynn Tuesday - 06 / 04 / 2010 Reply
    I've fallen in love with a guy who's about 20 years younger than I am. We've been dating for several weeks and so far there really hasn't been anything that we don't have in common. When we started dating he said he wasn't really interested in a serious relationship, and I really wasn't either. But as I've gotten to know him, I couldn't help but fall in love. He's smokin' hot outside and inside and I want to spend the rest of my life with what?
    • Carly James Wednesday - 21 / 04 / 2010 Reply
      EWWWWW! Srry Lynn, tht is just plain GROSS!!!!!! im srry it just is.
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      i agree its gross i would never do that BUT you cant help who you fall in love with. you need to figure out if his feelings have changed like yours and take it from there i try not to judge because ive had alot of messed up realationships. right now im SINGLE because i have trust problems and i have been giving advice for awhile so i have seen worse you just need to decide if his feelings have changed for the better..... Good Luck :)
  267. Kerry Thursday - 08 / 04 / 2010 Reply
    okay so, i've known this guy since reception and we were always really close mates but then i moved and we didnt see each other for a few years. then when i started secondary school i realised he was at the same school as me again. :) i really like him now but i don't know what to do about it because we dont have that much in common anymore and were not as close as we used to be. im really confused and would appreciate someone elses opinion. thanks :)
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      okay so your in love with him? or are you in love with the him you first met? i think since you dont have alot in common anymore you should just stay friends since your obviuosly in love with the old him. you should just let him find some one he has alot in common with and you should find someone ur have alot in common with..... Good Luck :)
  268. s payne Sunday - 11 / 04 / 2010 Reply
    im in the same boat as you im in a relastionship with a 20 yr differance its great it only other people who have the problem
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      thats a great way of looking at it
  269. natassa Wednesday - 14 / 04 / 2010 Reply
    i told him i like him and he told me to be just i still like him so much..but he is in a reletionship... what can i do..?
    • Kaya Wednesday - 05 / 05 / 2010 Reply
      I think men also like girls who can spell....reletionship? *Relationship darling...
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      you should go and fing a guy to be with and then see how he reacts i know what im saying is WRONG but im giving you the best advice try to find some one that can see urself with even if the guy dosent react the way you want to...........Good Luck :)
  270. charise Thursday - 15 / 04 / 2010 Reply
    Ok , guys like girls who are hard to get , go to 1st base thats it. 1st base meaning , kisses cuddles , etc. dont step over this line untill u feel comfortable in yourself and you trust this guy with every bit of trust you have. Dont be easy, respect your body and self
  271. Audrey Thursday - 15 / 04 / 2010 Reply
    I love this page, I met a guy his name is grant and hes older then me.. OK so were only in junior high but hes in a grade higher then me so its important for me to no these things i dont want to make a foul of my self.. Thanks alot Audrey
  272. Tonia Friday - 16 / 04 / 2010 Reply
    D is dis guy am inluv wit.we r clse family frends.he once askd me out but i insisted we remain tym went on i discovad dat was falin inluv wit got 2 serious dat i culdnt take it anymore i had 2 open up 2 him.he studies in anoda country now but i jus can't do witout talkin 2 him in a day.i rily luv dis guy dat i dnt knw wat 2 do.pls i nid advise
    • Kaya Wednesday - 05 / 05 / 2010 Reply
      learn to spell...guys aren't going to date a moron are they?
    • Bee Monday - 24 / 05 / 2010 Reply
      Hi there, don't listen to that unkind comment below. This is hard, but you have a history. I think maybe you should be honest and write him a letter or email (not too emotional but honest) saying how you feel: how you feel for him now even though you're not together. Then you'll know what he thinks. As for the way you feel, you need to take it easy because he is far away right now. That doesn't mean you have to forget about him or that you can't be together - but you need to just take time for yourself and focus on your own life. But oyu can have maybe twenty minutes a day where you write to him or think of him. But it's hard to be far away from someone, so you must try and focus on yourself and your friends. I suspect he has feelings for you but I might be wrong: if he writes back and says he doesn't feel for you like he once did you should probably try and move on. But sounds like there's hope for you someday, just remember not to drive yourself crazy with unnecessary emotion! xxx
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      okay kaya has problems with people who cant spell so ignore her.... okay so ur in love with him and hes in a diffrent country than you than you need to confess he probably fells the same way.... Good Luck :)
  273. Tonia Friday - 16 / 04 / 2010 Reply
    D is dis guy dat am inluv wit.he is a family frend.he once askd me out but i turnd him dwn,i insisted we remain frends bcos i didnt want anytin dat wil spoil our family time went on i started fallin in luv wit him 2 d xtnse dat i had 2 open up 2 him.we r a bit closa.nw he studies outside d contry and i mis him somuch dat i evn get scared.i dnt want 2 b a kind of prblm 2 him but i jus cant do witout talkin 2 him in a day.pls i nid advice
  274. S.Z. Privacy Saturday - 17 / 04 / 2010 Reply
    I have this guy-friend and we're best friends. But I love him. He's dating this other girl though, who he doesn't know... what should I do?! How do I win his heart? He likes really attractive older looking girls though, PS I'm a teen. He loves music (Jason Mraz)
    • bissy Saturday - 08 / 05 / 2010 Reply
      let him no ur feelings
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      okayfirst of all you dont "win his heart" im a guy so i find it offensive sorry..anyway tell him that he hardly knows the girl and that he should slow down. make sure you stress the fact that you mean it as a CLOSE friend ................Good Luck :) by the way after you do that wait a while then confess.. :)
  275. Carly James Wednesday - 21 / 04 / 2010 Reply
    Ok, Hi my boyfriend always tells me tht i am hot and beautiful and idk what to say back to him to feal the same. What should i do????? THANKS!
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      tell him hes hot and handsome obviously and since hes ur boyfriend dont be embarrassed about it lol :) ...............Good Luck :)
  276. sara Sunday - 25 / 04 / 2010 Reply
    there is this guy i like but i went out wit his brother befor i knew they was related n i feel bad bout it ......n he has feelings for about five diffrent girls how do i prove that im the one he can tlk to i just want to tlk to him more but bcus of the other girls he dont tlk to me..........................wat should i do
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      you should talk to HIM dont wait for him to talk to you. and if you feel bad about going out with his brother you shouldnt even think about it . the brother has NOTHING to do with him so just start out by being a close friend to him compliment him and make him feel cool he will definetly pick you............Good Luck :)
  277. anonymous Tuesday - 27 / 04 / 2010 Reply
    I like a boy but he thinks we are normal friends and doesn't believe in love. WHAT TO DO???
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      i understand what he means im a guy and i dont believe in love. it probably means hes been hurt by someone so you need to become better friends and then tell him...Good Luck :)
  278. Maurice Thursday - 29 / 04 / 2010 Reply
    hmm.. theres this guy at school that told me he loves me and calls me hon it went on til the start of summer. we didnt have contact in any way for 3 weeks . . . (we usually talk on online games) then when i went online i saw him calling my sister hon . . and now i don't know what to do i just want to run away and pretend i dont know but it somehow hurts even though . . . PLEASE HELP MEE!!! does it mean that i love him?!?!
    • stacey Wednesday - 26 / 05 / 2010 Reply
      ok. oh dear i have this problem. well our emotions are very complex things. sometimes you think you feel one way when in reality you feel the oppisite. there is a possibility you like him. but theres also the possibility you are possesive. im like the second one when i know a guy likes me i love the attention but i kinda get jealous when he starts showing that attention to some one else. doesnt mean i like him just means i enjoyed the attention that was geared souley to me:)
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      since stacey didnt really help you ill give you advice DON'T pretend not to be hurt your hurt show ur emotions im a guy and girls who are possesive dont post so dont worry about that i can tell ur not so since you really dont know you need to him most guys dont like to talk about this stuff but you still need to do it...Good Luck :)
  279. Maurice Thursday - 29 / 04 / 2010 Reply
    im 15 and there is this guy at school that confessed to me before the end of school that he calls me hon. then at the end of the school year he tought me how to play an online game so we could chat there . . . after a few weeks has past, i got bored of the game and stopped playing for more than a week and we had no communication after that. he wont text me or call me nor even reply to my texts.. then we went out of country forn 2 weeks then when we went back from the vacation i still did not go online nor text him because i ws pissed but my sister is always online.. so after a while i became bored and went online. just when i went online i saw him call my sister hon... i went offline immediately... i just want to run away and pretend i didnt know... it hurts. and i feel jealous. does that mean i love him????????
  280. cristal Thursday - 29 / 04 / 2010 Reply
    hmm.. im 15 yrs old single.. there was this guy in my classroom who told me he liked mee on valentines day, that time i did not like him at all. and my friends told hi, that i had a crush on someone else... but nevertheless he did not give up .. so now this vacation we talked on ym and face book we chattrd for like 3 hours.. me and my crush flirts but it becomes awkard and i always make excuses to say goodbye.. but i really felt comfortable talking this guy who had a crush on me, no awkwardness at all.. please help me :(( im really confused... my emotions are all mixed up..
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      emotions are a mixed up things you are what they call "falling in love" u shouldnt be confused you like him its simple you dont really like the guy u have a crush on now so try to talk to the other guy more..... Good Luck o and i just thought of this you may feel uncomfortable around your crush cause you might not like the way hes flirting with mean (se*****) so that may be it guys think alot about that... :)
  281. Scottie Monday - 03 / 05 / 2010 Reply
    ok so i go to a diabetic camp every year and this year i met this guy there, well i've actually already known about him but this year we started talking. we're both type 1 diabetics so i feel like he totally knows what i go through and im completely starting to fall for him. buuut i dont think he likes me that way, he's also about 2-3 years older then me so he might see me as just a kid. is there any way you could help me attract this guy?? pleeeeaase!!
  282. Shyanne Thursday - 06 / 05 / 2010 Reply
    i have been friends with this guy for years now but in the past year we have gotten a lot closer... we have seen each other through everything... and i am so head over heals on love with him... about a week ago we were hangin out with some of his friends and i overheard him talking to one of them... they were talking about how he needs to find a good girl that isn't gonna keep hurting him and some one who will be good for his son to be around... when the guy told him that he put his arm around me kissed the top of my head and said this is my girl... his friend replied "oh this is your girl" and he said no but thats what i am trying for... later that night i confessed my love to him and all he said was i know... the next day he told me that right now he doesn't know what he wants right now... we agreed to not let any of it come between our friendship... still every time i see him since then he still tells me he loves me give me a hug and kisses me... i know he loves me but i want to be with him more then i can explain... i think he is just scared... he has been hurt a lot in his life... can some one please tell me how to make him more then just a friend please
    • jkjking92 Thursday - 13 / 05 / 2010 Reply
      Simple, just don't hurt him until he's ready. Be patient and understanding, very important traits that he's probably seeking in a lover. Ask yourself, if you were hurt by a lot of people, what kind of person would you want?
  283. Mckala Monday - 10 / 05 / 2010 Reply
    My boyfriend says he's been losing feelings for me and he is still in love with me but doesn't know how to get the feelings back help??!
  284. jkjking91 Thursday - 13 / 05 / 2010 Reply
    There was a guy that I met at another school event. We got to know each other through FB more and then he asked me to dinner on a Friday. At first I was very surprised cuz we met that ONE time and it wasn't even for long. So, I was sort of creeped out by him. I always tried to say we're friends everytime I had an opportunity. That same night after dinner, he asked me to prom. I said yes, but as friends. I even told him that I liked another guy that we both knew... Recently, I started to like him, which is REALLY bad timing (I know). Because I've been trying to push him away, I thought it was too late, but he asked me to the movies on Monday. I was happy. I said of course. I bought the tickets and he bought the popcorn, since he bought me dinner and yogurt last time. However, the only thing that happened was that he whispered really close to my ear twice; I could feel his face right up against my hair. We had a little come-get-the-popcorn-from-me fight because he said that if I eat too much popcorn sitting I'll gain weight, haha. But after that, it was just watching the movie..-_-;; I showed him that I was cold, but warming up my hands with my breath. I told him yeah, I was that cold and asked him to feel my hand. He did, but didn't hold for that long, or tried to warm it up with his...He gave me his jacket, even though I said it's okay. He even helped me a little because I had it backwards LOL. At the end, when he was walking me home at night, he didn't even stop and just said goodnight while walking past my house...-_-;; We didn't talk that much after the movies and we used to talk a whole lot more when I was creeped out by him. I even told him that I wasn't interested in the guy anymore and etc., since he brought it up. My question is, what ARE we?? lol
  285. Esha Saturday - 15 / 05 / 2010 Reply
    hi pls if anyone can advise me i love a boy he says he love me but he cant go against his family how to know if he raelly loves me
  286. nia Saturday - 15 / 05 / 2010 Reply
    Help Me! i really like this guy and he knows, and we r really good friends! but i know he dont like me! how do get him to fall fo me!
  287. sara Tuesday - 18 / 05 / 2010 Reply
    what do you do when a guy stopped talking to you becasue he was to scared of liking you to much. cause he got hurt from his last relastionship he just got out of and is confused on what he wants. how do you get hom to want you more than his last ex
  288. diah Friday - 21 / 05 / 2010 Reply
    Thx for the help. But i guess it's really hard for me to do this. I met this weird, awkward guy that i didn't thing i would fell for. Then we decided to ne together, then, i came to the conclusion, that he was never been in love with me. I dunno why, but i can't get rid of him. the only problem in our relationship is just, he is 14 years older than me. but i never felt that i could stay myself away from him. Help me please
  289. AlabamaGirl93 Saturday - 22 / 05 / 2010 Reply
    okay so I met this guy in like the 7th grade and he was in 8th and I liked him alot but never had the chance to really talk to him after that year he went on to highschool and we grew apart for a while when I got into highschool I started dating one of his friends not knowing that the guy really liked me but he did. Anyway after me and his riend broke up about a month after me and this guy grew super close always flirting and never not saying hi it was really cool cuz he was one of my best friends but then we started really getting close and we were inseprible kissing hand holding everything then he asked me out after about 3 weeks of that and I said yes of coarse and it was going great really great then all of a sudden he told me his ex was prego and that he didnt know if it was his and that he was confused I understood and we decided to break up which I was really ok with we huged and were friends and all that stuff but it didnt last long he all of a sudden started to ignore me and all my friends and he went into an "emo" state or whatever you wanna call it. I was confused and mad because i didnt know what I did and he wasnt gonna tel me anything well it eventually started getting better but not really that great either he was still ignoring me alot but at least he talked to me now after about a month me and him are almost back to normal but then I over heared him talking about moving! And I dont have his number any more aand that makes me really sad because I think I may love him for the first time in my life I think I could actually love someone back. I want him to be happy but I also dont want him to leave so I really hope these things work. Any more advice? Tips to get him to stay?
    • luvgreece389 Monday - 24 / 05 / 2010 Reply
      it is almost impossible to make him stay, but until then you must get close to him again and tell him that you heard he is leaving and let him know that you are not telling to anyone and when you will be close(all this conversation should be done face to face) tell him that he should be sad with that and you will always be to his side, together or not, and the rest is up to you and him!!
  290. luvgreece389 Monday - 24 / 05 / 2010 Reply
    he asks me almost every day to go for a walk(once he took me to his house-aahh!) and we are always talking about several things and he always makes me laugh and sometimes he says that i am very unique and once he sent me a heart but someothers time he isnt as warm as a lover and he send messages all the time to my mobile phone and if i am down he calls me to cheer me up and when he looks me in the eyes he looks like he has a burning fire inside them !!! please please advice me!! do you think he likes me???what should i do next??
  291. luvgreece389 Tuesday - 25 / 05 / 2010 Reply
    please please someone advice me!!
  292. Angela Thursday - 27 / 05 / 2010 Reply
    i have been dating this guy for two years ...we had little problems but was so close..we did everythin together and was so happy.we recently broke up when he said that he wasnt in love with me and he was jealous that he couldnt love me the way i loved him what does this mean i dont get it?
  293. JD123 Tuesday - 01 / 06 / 2010 Reply
    So ive won this guy's heart before but then we argued and he got into another relationship but still said he missed me, hes the type of 'down to earth' sort of guy and he deffinately understands girls and what they like, he makes me melt inside hes totally gorgeous, so we got talking again when he came out of the relationship and we met up a few times and he fell for me again, and he said he was madly obsessed with me and he was very nearly in love with me, so now hes been tied down with aload of collage work.. and hes not talking to me like he used to. hes sort of blanking me. and he says "he needs to sort out his life, and not have any girls in it" i really want him to like me, and i think i have tried everything. i really like him, somebody help please!!!!
  294. maria Wednesday - 02 / 06 / 2010 Reply
    I like this boy and we went out for a bit but then i ended it because i didnt like him anymore. We hadnt spoke for ages but out of the blue he started talking to me again and we'd become really good mates. He started going out with someone else and whilst they were going out we kissed. But then he said he'd gone off me to one of my mates. We don't really talk anymore but i really, really like him. I'm not sure how to tell him thhough because i know he likes someone else and she likes him. Help please!!
    • cleo Sunday - 06 / 06 / 2010 Reply
      You know the saying "You don't know what you got till it's gone". Well this is the common case of that. You had him and left him cause you weren't feeling him anymore but when he found himself someone else you wanted him back! We find we wanna throw out the trash but one girls trash can be the next girls treasure! If he tells someone he's not feeling you anymore than there's some truth behind those words. My only suggestion is that you tell him how you feel face to face but remember there is a chance of rejection but like I always say at don't live with regret and wonder what could have been in the future! Go to him and say this if your brave enough! Be the bravest chicken sh*t! Say "I know we may have both had people in our lives that we had feelings for since it was me and you but I still have these feeling for you and sh*t just won't go away. Whether you feel the same or not I want you to know. It took sometime to build the courage to come and tell you but here I stand! I want you back in my life". Add your own little sauce to this message and whether it's you and him tomorrow or it's not then you won't have that regret and that will make moving on so much easier! Good luck =)
  295. topmodel2323 Thursday - 03 / 06 / 2010 Reply
    ok so me and this boy is about to make a month and is like i really like but when he not around i flirt with other and yes for sure he dont know them he is older than me and is like i lie acouple time to him and he find out but i deny it and just play innocent so like he always think im lieying and it seem as if he think im cheatin he is commanding but no to much he barely call me i have to call him and when we argrue he is always quick to say ok w e delete my number and idk if he like me alot because i really like him and let him know and i try to play hard to get but i really like him so i need your advice to see if he is cheating on me or is not interested in my when i go see him we never go inside his house we always in the stair case i have to kiss him or flirt with him befor he start we meet each other through myspace then it went on and he was always on my case always wanted me to be his girl but now that i am he not showing no sign that he like me however when he out with his friend he text me when i text him he told me about a stripper who dance on him even tho i didnt ask him he remenber the date we went out my whole name a birthday just plzzz help me because i want him reply ASAP PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
    • cleo Sunday - 06 / 06 / 2010 Reply
      So you guys met on myspace. Here is the sad truth about internet dating or reationships! When you meet someone on the internet they create an image as to what you want them to be, or what they think they should be for woman to fall in love with them. They play this roll that makes you fall for them then when they get tired of playing the roll they become their real selves and it's not entirely what you thought it would be. So now as you stated you flirt with other guys and have lied to him, then you get upset when he questions you well when you lie in a relationship that breaks trust and trust is a huge factor in a relationship! Another thing about internet dating is that when you find a guy your interested in and he finds a girl he's interested in the thing with that is, that internet dating isn't a one on one kind of thing there are lots of people to talk to on the internet and meet therefore you probably are not the only girl he interacts with and chances are he is cheating but by meeting over the internet you took risks to fall in love cause that's what you were looking for. I'd say if he's not acting that into you than the sad reality is well "that he's just not that into you". Love is not something that can be faked. When you have to question whether someone loves you, or is into you than it's just not there. It may be your own insecurity it may not be. But don't do the investigator thing or jealousy thing or 21 question thing cause that will push the guy far away then you wanted. Although the main idea was to find out because you liked him it'll really just scare the crap out of him and have him running faster then you'll be able to keep up. Don't be the psycho g/f and don't keep wondering! Leave or accept the relationship you found over the internet for what it is!
  296. Lucie Saturday - 05 / 06 / 2010 Reply
    I fancy dis boy and we kissed one night out but at dat time i didnt know that he was on a break from his girlfriend ( he's 17 and so am i but his g.f is 21) . Me and this guy were texting friendly texts as we were got to be good friends . But den he got back together with his girlfriend and she will hardly let him talk to me anymore. But the thing is i think i have fallen in love with him . Will i just leave it as friends ??im confused ..
    • cleo Sunday - 06 / 06 / 2010 Reply
      I don't want to rain on your parade, but if he has a long, or even short, but obvious strong relationship with this girl that he is with now then my dear you were the comfort girl at the moment. When a guy takes a break it's the similar Ross and Rachel thing like from friends ya know. He thought they were on a break and had a thing with another girl but he wasn't in love with the girl, he still very much loved Rachel...with that being said I'd hate to be the one to break it to you but sadly you were what we call "A rebound". Texting him and trying to prove your love to this guy won't do anything. All you can really do is wait on the sidelines until they break up or pray he comes knocking at your door. He obviously cares for this girl but if he's texting you and she's not allowing the contact then she knows whats going on and if that's her man of course she isn't gonna let another woman come between what they have. All ladies will fight for the man they love! I say back off for a bit and if it's meant to be he'll come around but if it's not it's not. Don't wait for someone who is with another girl right now. Maybe it's not even love but really infatuation or just the fact that you can't have him that makes you hold on or want this guy more. Analyze the situation and if it is really in fact that you are in love with him then girl go get your man. Let him know your waiting, and that your not going no where but not in a stalker kind of way! If you guys had something there before it might be something but at the same time my dear he is with this girl, his reasons I don't know. But I do know if you feel strongly for him as you say you love him then why live with regrets and wonder what could have been in the future. Go get your man!!!
  297. Darine Monday - 07 / 06 / 2010 Reply
    There is this guy I rely like we fought slot before and he knows I like him but I bet ge forgot how can I make him like me plz reply asap Thanks
  298. sasha Friday - 11 / 06 / 2010 Reply
    I really really like this guy a lot the problem is that he's a senior and I'm a junior in school so he's leaving high school this year he's my friend and he know I like him but he said that he sees me as a friend but that maybe in time he might develop feeling for me but that he don't want me to be stuck on him! So like he's leaving high school this year I wanna stay in touch with him but his cell and computer don't work so I have no way to stay in touch with him the only way is to ask him for his house #! But I don't know if I should! And the problem is that I'm too shy and I don't know none of his friends so everytime I see him in school he's with his big group of friends and I'm too shy to go up to him and say and I don't know if he would like me to talk to him while he's with his friend and the proble is that I never catch him alone so I don't get the chance to talk to him and I want to ask him for his house number but I can't never catch him alone and the last of school is this monday! So please someone give me advice! Please somebody help me cuz I really like this guy!
  299. vanessa Friday - 11 / 06 / 2010 Reply
    hi well im dating this guy he just told me he is falling in love with me? what does that mean does he love me or is gettign to love i want to know.. i told him the same thing after that im falling in love too.. but i do actually love him but i need to know.. can u email em thanx
  300. alaina Sunday - 13 / 06 / 2010 Reply
    I need your help..I live in a small town,well not really but its a place were everybody knows eachother. Pretty much all the guys around here are the country type you know with big jacked up trucks on mud tires that all the guys fall for. I know most of them and are friends with them, but there was this one that i didnt really know. My friends were friends with him but i wasnt. One night we were all parked at the carwash and this guy showed up and i knew his name and what he drove and what he looked like, I absolutly love his truck and he is super cute. So like 3 days later he texts me and i was like how did you get my number, and it was good there. But then we arranged a date to meet with some friends and all go swimming. Me and him begin to hang out alot more and got compfortable around eachother. Just so happens the little crew i hang out with, one is his cousin and my neighbor to, so he come to find out, "wow she knows the same people i do, i like her". Me and him "started talking" or so i thought..we called eachother baby,we kissed,was all lovey dovey you know,he was compfortable with me around his friends. This went on for about a month or so and then one day we went mudding in his truck and his phone got wet. 2 days later he text me and said hey i just got my phone back and i was really excited because i hadnt talked to him and i realllly really like this guy. I text him back and said would you like to hang out and he's like i cant im talking to someone and i said like a girl? and he was like yes.. and it really really hurt me because the way he acted towards me was like we were already together..and i still like him and would do anything to be his. We are still friends and agreed we would still get to hang out. Earlier he was gonna come see me but was with his mom and busy. i asked him why he told me he liked me and led me on and he said idk..before we started being close to eachother he was liike i really really like you but i dont know if im ready for a gf, then i said i thought you didnt want a gf he said i lied,thats what really hurt was knowing i wasnt worth the truth. I think all he wants is UHEM sex but i dont just want that i want more i want to be happy with him and be in a long relationship with can i get him to feel the same way?? please help me!!!!!
  301. xxxxxxxx Thursday - 17 / 06 / 2010 Reply
    i really like this boy and my friend and i got all these plans to get him to fall for me and he is the kind of popular on the surface but really shy inside person and he told my friend that he really liked me and then a week later the word got out that he liked me so he started to deny it. i got really angry with him for telling people that he likes me then that he dosn't then that he does then that he dosn't so when he was being tight to my friend i kicked him and called him a prick and now his best mate told me he now hates me. i've ruined evrything just when we were getting so close!!!!! any help please to win him back?????
    • xooxoo Sunday - 20 / 06 / 2010 Reply
      you should say sorry, and tell him how you like him. guys are really afraid of rejection, so rarely will they confirm accusations of liking a person. but yeah, ask him if he really hates you, and tell him your sorry and you really lke him a lot. however, if he does hate you, start from the beginning! become friends all over again, because after all if he liked u before he liked u for a reason, right? ;) x
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      To tell you the truth I think you should forget about him. Even though hes shy he needs to be proud of likeing you and if hes not then hes the wrong guy.....But if you really want to get him back be yourself and pretend that u didnt call him a prick and kicked him. OR tell him the truth on why u did that and say sorry. then turn and start walking away if he dosent stop u then theres no going back.. either way u will find someone whos proud to be with u ..:)
    • Rebecca M, Saturday - 17 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      omg i need help. I fell in Total love with my bestfriend, and i dont know what to do. He flirted with me and said he hella likes me to but im his bestfriend ex girlfriend and he cant do that :( i just dont kno what to do.
    • kendra Sunday - 18 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      well first what you can do is explane to him and say im sorry for everything and i want to start all over and i hope you can exeped my appolagie!!! and if you send him a message that says that you might win him back
    • lilly Sunday - 25 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      hi im 9 and in primary school , i fancy this boy but he allready has a girlfriend , evreytime i see him with his girl i just wanna cry HOW DO I MAKE HIM LOVE ME PPPLLLZZZZZ
    • LiL GRiM Friday - 30 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      sorry if dis is blunt but all u can do is say ur sorry n c his reaction. but most guys dont lik it when da girl gets mad at them when they dink it wasnt as big of deal. if he forgives u then later on if somethin happens again try 2 not freak out 2 much even if it was a big deal 4 u. talkin helps trust me......n i dnt mean txt. txt cant help. txtin ur only readin it but how do u know wat dere real reaction is. if he truly hates u den leave him alone his lost. but dont giv up....he had a reason he liked u. if he really did lik u den he'll forgive. which proves how much he cares. just try but forget him if he doesn't giv any reaction at all
    • ritu Wednesday - 04 / 08 / 2010 Reply
      go back to him and ask sorry wht ever u have done..... and try to be friend wit him the way were before
  302. Helper Friday - 18 / 06 / 2010 Reply
    once again say sorry to him and say how much you love him and what can you do for him. Then probably he will listen to you and say him that you will love him forever if you do then everything will go good. If anything doesn't work then forget him and start your new life with a success. BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR COMING DAYS
  303. Olivia Wednesday - 23 / 06 / 2010 Reply
    Okay Ive Been Dating This Amzing Guy. I Think I May Be In Love With Him Its Just I THink I Shouldnt tell Him Yet Cuz Its Kinda Soon. But I Really WAnt HIm To Feel The Same. Were Secretly DAting Writ eNow Cuz Of His Brothers There Not Big Fans Of Me. ): Oh Well. DONT HATE. I Just Want To Know What I Got To Do To Seal The Deal??
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      okay since you really like this guy or ur in love with him. then get his brothers to like u thats the first step cause in his life or in anybodys life family is extreamly important... if and when you become friends with them thats the best tim to tell ur boyfriend that u love him. im sure he will apreciate the work u put into his family and tell u the same..good luck :)
  304. mei wang Wednesday - 23 / 06 / 2010 Reply
    i went out with this guy a few time, he seems kind of quite, but was all right. he invited me to his home to spend weekend, but he was busy with his work or reading some magazine the whole time, i felt he barely even looked at me? what does it means? does he like me or not? i felt be mistreated? what should i do?
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      okay since he is very shy he was probably embarrassed thats how most of shy guys are. u shouldnt jump to conclutions. you should try to make him feel at ease with you. oh and if hes embarrassed then he obviously likes you........Good Luck :)
    • LiL GRiM Friday - 30 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      hes shy so let him feel comfortanle with u. talk with him 2 break da ice ^-^ if he doesn't answer try later when he seems more open. but dont put him on da will only freak him out. hope dis helps even if its late advice
  305. BBG Communications Friday - 25 / 06 / 2010 Reply
    Thanks for the info. You did a good job communicating your message. Keep up the great job.
  306. Lost im Mind Saturday - 03 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    I love this guy since we're like 6 years old. But I've always tried to forget him, but now I saw that he is the right guy for me. Anyway, he seems to like me too, but he also seem to like many other girls, you know? He is the kind of guy that is really attractive and perfect with women. But every time I am around him, he wants to talk to me. I feel like he really likes me but I don't want to tell him I love him, 'cause I'm scared of his reaction. What should I do?
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      okay so bacicly what ur telling me is that hes a player.. players are very scared to be in ONE realationship at a time.. but if you really like say so. if his reaction is bad he probably is scared so tell him he dosent have to answer right away. when he answers STAY CALM!!! no matter if its good or bad.......Good Luck :)
  307. Angie Saturday - 03 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    I like this guy. A lot. It's not just the fact that he's gorgeous ( black, thick hair, dimples, porcalin skin, indeed kissable lips and the most electric blue eyes that glow) but he's also really nice, great voice, good taste in music and i have the feeling we would have a lot in common. Before i met him my friends suggested that we would be a cute couple and he was apparently eager to meet me. I, being very VERY single, jumped at the opportunity. Basically to cut it as short as i can he said after meeting me to some friends that i was potentual and i assumed that he was one of those really mature guys who wanted to get to know me well before anything happened which pleased me. But then he met Marie and they hit it off. They met once and a day later the were together. I know her and she's about as exciting as an oat-cake and i'm not just saying that because i'm jealous. I really can't move on and i feel like i'm sick of life treating me like this. I'm sorry to moan but if anybody has a clue as to what i should do then please tell me. Thanks xxxxxxx
    • min Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      to be honest babe, even if she is as exciting as an oat cake, she probably got intimate with him sooner than you did. he may have seemed mature and ready to wait, but you did say he is perfect with the ladies... perfect act. he might be boring too, you never know.
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      if they hit it off then you should let them be even if it totally sucks..and if life is always treating you like this then think about what ur REALLY looking for in a guy and then set out for that kind of guy BUT u should never feel "im sick of life treating me like this" beacause its not life its just that u have high standards and maybe to high......Good Luck :)
  308. edulliset hakukoneop Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    onhan se koiraaaa:D äläkä hauku sitääää:D
  309. kacee9752 Sunday - 04 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    okay so this is embarrassing im a guy and i got here by accident and i decided i liked giveing advice im single so it may sound weird comeing from a single guy i dont know but i will try my best and if i have problems please help...oh and i am NOT GAY do you understand i just like helping people....Good Luck all :)
    • Dona Tuesday - 06 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      Hi hey i think its really cool of you to help others.. ive been doing it too..but still i dont know how i landed up in my present if u need help too, im here 4 you..
    • kacee9752 Wednesday - 07 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    • LiL GRiM Friday - 30 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      lol kewl u sound lik my buddy at skool good luck then n ill help u out 2 ^-^
  310. jessie Monday - 05 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    oh well...i really liked this senior of mine from my club and i dont know how to tell him that i feel special about him..he seems to be treating me like a younger junior of the club and i recently got in touch with a close friend of his and he suggested for me to give him a chance since we are both single..what should i do to know if he feels the same way about me too?
    • kacee9752 Wednesday - 07 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      oviously go after him.... GOOD Luck :)
    • LiL GRiM Friday - 30 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      first u hav 2 let urself seem open 2 talk 2 with him. ur posture u need 2 watch. if u hav da feelin 2 cross ur arms becuz ur nervous. try 2 fight it becuz it sends da vibe ur not open 2 talk 2. c if he talks 2 u. n if u really want 2 talk 2 him just start with hi n since ur in da same club......ask him wat da club is really lik n listen 2 him but giv ur opinions. dis will let him feel lik ur open 2 conversation n ur interested in his opinions as well. i hope dis helps ^-^ good luck
  311. amber Monday - 05 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    heeey, there is this boy who i have been out with before and i really love him. but he has dumped me for my bestfriend, but she is going out with someone, but he still loves her. :/. i have fallen out withh him over a stupid little argument. and now i havent spoke to him in ages. but i really still do love him. i carnt but help my self by looking at him at school and smileing at him. but he never smiles back. HELP, what can i dooo :/ x
    • kacee9752 Wednesday - 07 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      girl you need to find someone new he dumped you for your best friend and even though there not going out at the moment hes in love with her and you need to be in love with someone who loves you back....Good Luck :)
    • LiL GRiM Friday - 30 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      if hes dat mean 2 giv u da cold shoulde then forget him. but try sayin ur sorry n if he says he doesnt care then dis means he doesnt care about u (sorry if dat was blunt) but da impotant thing is 2 let him know ur sorry. if he really did lik u in da first place he will set it aside. but i dont recommmend this becuz its ur friend rite? who's feelings do u care about more? His or ur friend? hope dis helps. best of luck. tell me how it worked out.
  312. Dona Tuesday - 06 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    Im in a very difficult situation and i think it will be good if i could get some other persons advice. i know a guy since 10 months. We have become good friends very fast. we spend a lot of time together and have many things in common. some 6 months back, we kissed. It was just one of the challenges we keep throwing at each other. but it didnt stop there..we ended up getting intimate...after some time i really fell in love with him and i told him. but he told me he isnt interested in getting into a relationship with anyone..i know he likes me. but i dont know what to do to make him change his you have any idea?
    • kacee9752 Wednesday - 07 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      he probably got hurt by some chick and you needx to show him that you care dont just tell him he will end up falling for you.....Good Luck :)
    • LiL GRiM Friday - 30 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      if ur willing 2 wait n c wat he really feels den let him know subtly u luv him a lot. n wait 4 him 2 react. but dont wait 2 long or he will feel pressured 2 answer (even though he may not really mean it) but be subtle unless u feel its a good moment 2 say u luv him. if he was hurt in da past den lik i said wait. but if he will never be ready then dont wait. sorry if dis dindt help much. let me know wat happened k?
  313. Agatha Wednesday - 07 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    I can't really understand what on hs mind. i think he likes and suddenly not. The first time we met, he askd for my number we text alot, he askd so many things about me. and then when were in scul, he cut hs classes first just to make sure he is the one whos going to press the elevator for me. He even told me that he likes me alot. He always askd our common friends like where i'am when i'm absent. He always invte me for a movie and lunch out. But all of a sudden, hs not textng anymore and even i try textng him i got no reply. :( what should i do? Should i just forget abt him or try winning hs heart again. :(
    • kacee9752 Wednesday - 07 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      you should figure out what happen then cause it was probably something you did lol cause if he was doin all that stuff he might have felt that you didn't like him or you said something stupid..........Good Luck :)
    • LiL GRiM Friday - 30 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      4m my opinion txt never helps 2 get back in touch. txts can easily deleted well a face to face conversation cant be deleted. find out wat happend n ask him. if he ignores u ask his friends (only if u know at least one of dem well) dis is all da advice i can giv u. hope da best. plus dont jump 2 da conclusion he doesnt could be related 2 something else.
  314. kacee9752 Wednesday - 07 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    okay so theres this girl i bumped into at school at first she ignored me then one day after school she was getting bullied because she is quiet. so i stepped in and told them to back off .....i ended up fighting.... we talked a little and she was a really funny person and shes an artist the stuff she drew were amazing anyway i figured out that her friend is my ex and she keeps asking me out over and over i think she did something to the girl i liked cause now she wont talk to me what should i do and im not even sure if i like her more than a friend and how do i get my ex of my back i mean shes always watching me when im playing football or when im EATING she scares me what should i do?!?!?!
    • dona Monday - 12 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      hi.. i think the best thing is to tell ur ex clearly that things are over between you two and that both of u should move onto new things..turn the page..
    • LiL GRiM Friday - 30 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      u NEED 2 let ur ex know its over. if u dont ur ex could get obsessed (dis happend 2 a girl i know...wasnt pretty). n let da girl u lik know u still want 2 talk. n ask her wat happend 2 where she stopped talk in 2 u. if it has 2 do with ur ex then u hav 2 be careful. tell me wat happens. best of luck ^-^
    • kacee9752 Sunday - 22 / 08 / 2010 Reply
      I took ur guys advice. Me and Kaitlyn are dating and everything is going smoothly. Thank you so much for the advice. It helped a LOT!! thank you
  315. abbey Saturday - 10 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    • abbey Saturday - 10 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      you should talk it through
    • LiL GRiM Friday - 30 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      can u give more info so i know wats goin on? thx ^-^ dis can help me giv u advice
  316. lol Monday - 12 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    dis is a boi that i really luv but wen i see him my heart flaatters n i cant respond i think he luvs meh too but i cant tell him i luv him cuz i am a gal so plzz help meh out what should i do to make up with him i feel dis guy is relly important what can i do?plzz help me...what should i do that he confesses his love to meh if he really likes meh....he keeps on lukin at meh in class n i cant stop myself lukin at himm tooo he helps meh a lot tooo so plzz help meh
    • Ellie (: Sunday - 18 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      Hey, Just because you're a girl doesn't mean you can't ask him out. Boys like the confidence it shows. The only way to tell if he really likes you is by asking him... If he says 'yes', then go for it. If he says 'no',move on, it may seem hard but there's obviously someone better than him out there for you. Good luck honey (: xoxo
    • LiL GRiM Friday - 30 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      well bein a girl doesnt mean u cant ask. guys find it attractive dat a girl has dat confidence 2 tell dem. if u really r tuff enough den ask him urself. but if u cant den try 2 get 2 know one of his friends. but just becuz he looks at u doesnt really mean he likes u (i know i seem blunt.....again) he could c u as a possibility but doesnt mean he "luvs" u. LOVe is a strong word so dont jump 2 conclusions it can get u into big problems (experience talkin). try 2 get sum confidence 2 ask him or get urself out of ur comfort zone n talk 2 him if u havent already. if u need more help den just ask ^-^ kudos hehehe
  317. sexy Tuesday - 13 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    i am really in luv with this boy but he dont even want to talk about me and ma causen told him tha i like him and he just told her that it is impossible and i just got a broken hurt
    • LiL GRiM Friday - 30 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      can u giv more info? it would help thx ^-^
  318. fbiel Thursday - 15 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    i like a boy, and he likes me, and we have this complicated kind of relationship. He did propose me, but i did not answer him, i just asked for some time because im not ready. Im not sure if he really really likes me and will stick with just me. He was the bad boy type, and since he likes me, he changes, and im happy about that, but im worried that doesnt last.. =s could you possibly give me any advice, what should i do? Should i just trust him and let it be, or ask him if he's serious with me? Im not beautiful, hot, sexy, whatever. Im plain, its impossible someone would seriously be in love with me.
    • Mixed Signals Friday - 16 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      Moreee confidence ! If you believe that you are just another plain old jane then he will too. You should still be talking to him on a daily basis and try to become aware of his exact changes around you and body language also says alot of things that they do not have the power to say. You have to speack your feelings out to him and tell him that you do not want him to be his bad boy type all the time. Tell him that you should be able to trust him and ask him how he truley feels, if he is serious or if you are just a plain old jane. Because obviously if he likes you enough to propose their must be something he sees in you that he does not see in any of the others.
    • LiL GRiM Friday - 30 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      Well first get ur self confidence up....or ur not goin 2 ever feel ur attractive. if he had da guts 2 propose den of course he is serious. unless he dinks he was serious. he could be confused 2 so if u dnt feel its time den its probably not ime 4 him 2. think it through. dis doesnt seem really about him bein commited but u decidin if u dink he is truthful n commited. do u trust him truly? r U ready 2 be commited? do u dink he is really changed? also its not bein attractive he saw about u. but probably ur personality...sumthin about u made him fall 4 u n he dinks ur beautiful so dont put urself down k? ^-^ let me know if u need more help or if u need more clarifyin. Good luck ^0^
  319. Sad Girl Friday - 16 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    I have a best friend who i have known since we were younger. He is the only trustworthy friend i trust most of all. We have a very healthy friendship. We share a lot of our something with each other. It makes us understand more each other. I thought he is only my best friend for the rest of my life. I have had a ex-boyfriend who is his good friend. But i was confused that i always have a abnormal feeling for my best friend when i was around him. A few years later, i was broken up with my ex-boyfriend, i was crying but my best friend was there for me. He listened to me at all. Of course. i was happy to have him who i trust. But my one of girls told me that she likes him. I was surprised with this. I was crying when i went home. It made me realize that i am actually falling in love with him, not my ex-boyfriend! That's why i always have an abnormal feeling for him before! I don't know to do as i don't really try to betray her on my purpose. i am not stupid. Instead of, i finally told her the truth and luckily, she understands me. But sadly, i have one of my classmates who i always feel something wrong with. That girl just 'interrupts' me when i talk to my best friend, no matter what happens! I can't understand it but i am just quiet. What do i can do? To be honest, i have told him that i like him. He doesn't answer but he said that he is just shocked and doesn't know to say a word. I know i don't deserve to be a right girl for him as i am 'stupid and crazy' who do abnormal things. But tears always well up in my eyes when i see that he likes to talk to many girls. I am deep in love with him.
    • Mixed Signals Friday - 16 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      First thing's first you need to have more confidence in yourself ! You are not stupid and crazy. Because everyone is. And don't say you do not deserve him and do not convince yourself otherwise. If he also see's you as a bestfriend he already accepts you for your abnormal behavior. You need to talk to him about this. You must tell him how you truley feel and what happens to you when he is with other girls. Do not let him get away with the "he is shocked" he should also express his feelings on the matter. Ask him what he wants, time to think maybe? But you must also remeber that if you end up in a serious relationship with him that you might lose a very close firned. I once believed I was in love with my best friend. And while we were together as a couple he changed, he was no longer my friend but my partner and I thought it very odd to have him act protective and jealouse over everything. You have to make sure that you realize that you are risking an amazing friendship on something you do not know will truely last. Hope things work out.
    • LiL GRiM Friday - 30 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      'stupid n crazy' huh? well u dnt seem lik it. n 2 tell da truth...abnormal is actually normal ^-^ so dont dink ur not worth much or it will get 2 u. well just let him know u care about him a lot but dont over do it. say if he wants 2 be just friends stay friends....who knows he may fall 4 u. n dont freak out if he talks 2 other girls. every guy is friends with more den one girl. if he does fancy some other girl den i very sorry. but its seems dat he only sees u as a friend. but heres a u LOVE him 4 him? or do u LOVE him becuz of his friendship with u? everything can change in a person when dere best friend becomes dere partner. idk if dis helps but good luck. write how it turned out. LUCKY CHARMS ^-^
  320. Mixed Signals Friday - 16 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    I have known him for two years now and we are very good frineds now. When we first met it was very... weird, we did not know each other much but for some reason I liked being with him, I trusted him, and he made me laugh and was always complimenting me. We did not know each other very well yet. He had a girl friend at the time and if I saw them in the hall and talked to them he would be very quite and not respond to his girl friend much. He seemed shy because I was thier. He eventually broke it of with her shorty after a good friend of his told him I liked him. And his friends are my friends and they knew we both had feelings for eachother so I think they were pressuring him to ask me out. Of course I said yes. Just looking at him made me smile and my heart would race when he would walk by and I had never been nervous around anyone except for him, but accted like myself nontheless. And he accepted that. But after he re-thought about us he told me he would like to get to know me better before being with me. I thought things were going to go down hill from their but they didn't he talked to me as if nothing had happened between us and teased and complimented me often. It came to a point where I was curios why he liked to tease me so much and not anyone else and he told me, that he didn't know. That he only did that to me for some strange reason. I have gotten to know him more and over the two years I have convinced myself I did not have feelings for him because I truely thought he had no feelings for me what so ever. I had a relathionship with a best friend. Not the smartest move. And I realized all those months I was with my best friend he had been ignoreing me. I asked him why and he said that he had his reasons. I broke up with my boyfriend for reasons uninvolved. And slowly but surley my heart would race when I talked to him and he would drop suttle hints here and their, complimenting me, telling me I was very pretty and asking my opinion on diffrent things. Summer started and I had not talked to him in a month because he went to Cuba to visit family. Then one day I get a request on facebook from him and I went from being on the verge of tears -beside the point- so laughing and smileing when he'd chat with me. So two days ago I told him how I felt and he gave me mixed signals but never talked about the subject directly. I asked him head strong if he liked me and said "I don't know." What should I do? Give him space? Talk to him as friends -which he says is what he'd like for now- ? Or just give up and say its a lost cause? I don't like his mixed signals but I do not know how to confront this. I am usualy very impulsive and head-strong so I think it will be hard for me to beet around the bush and to wait for his reply.
    • LiL GRiM Friday - 30 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      first let him know he IS sendin mixed signals. he may not know he is sendin mixed signals. he may be oblivious 2 his own feelings toward u. but dont pressure him 2 answer quickly or he mite say somethin he didnt mean. givin him space mite help but den again it mite mak him dink ur ignorin him. u could try 2 do dat every once in awhile but let him know ur not tryin 2 pull away. good luck
  321. hahah :D Friday - 16 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    I REALLY like this guy but hes going out with another girl. I know shes not right for him and he even thinks that shes annoying. They have had like a MILLION fights and they have only been going out for about 2 months! He is just a friend at the moment but he tells me alot like the annoying thing but I want him to be more than a friend. He just won't realise all the little hints I give him. I have been out with him before and hes a really sweet guy but his heart belongs to someone else :( what should I do?
  322. Agatha Saturday - 17 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    he's really driving me crazy. :( sometimes hs texting,calling me many times a day. But sometimes hs just playing deadma. :( i want to text him ryt nw, but i dont knw what to say anymore. Advices, anyone? How cn i make him reply,what should i tell or text him to make him reply,instantly?help!
    • Ellie (: Sunday - 18 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      You need to talk things through with him it would seem. Don't text him, call him and ask him if he wants to do something and SORT THINGS out! Good luck xoxo
  323. Ellie (: Sunday - 18 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    I've fallen for my best friend, which obviously leaves me stuck in the friend zone. The thing is with him being my friend and all, I can't tell the difference between the signs of 'I like you' or 'I'm your friend'. The inability to differentiate between the two gives me mixed signals, how can I tell? He acts very protective of me and always talks to me, comforts me when I feel down and we always seem to make each other smile, which makes me think that he DOES like me. However, he says he's still hung up on another girl that rejected him and the fact that I've been his friend for so long makes me feel as if I'm reading into things a little bit to much. Also, If the signals he is sending off appear to be 'he likes' me, how do I break the friendship zone and make him mine?! :/
  324. Boogi Sunday - 18 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    Well, I like this guy in my university so much. We're good friends... kind of. I have him on my blackberry msgner and we talk from time to time. However, there are many issues linked to this one of them i dont get to see him so much in the university because we are majoring in different schools and Im too shy to like ask him where he is so we'd meet or something. To be honest, when he first added me on facebook, he used to comment a LOT on my statuses and everything, but once i found out this other guy "likes me" but he hasn't told me yet although his actions really reveal it all since all my friends noticed that, so the guy i like stopped commenting much. Moreover, he stopped talking much on bb. So im afraid that guy who likes me has told him something to back off! and i dont want that! So... I really need your help on how to make the guy i like, likes me more :) coz he's everything i dream in a guy and i really hope he shares the same feelings with me :(.... hope i'll get a fast reply :) thanks :)
  325. Janis Monday - 19 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    I know this guy who I am completely in-LOVE with, but i'm not sure if he feels the same way. He flirts and always stares at me, but I only see him around once a month. The next time I see him, I want to seize that opportunity and make him show me that he is really into me. It is driving me insane! I need help on what to do though, before I do it. Any advice?
  326. Gertrude Monday - 19 / 07 / 2010 Reply
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  327. Gertrude Monday - 19 / 07 / 2010 Reply
  328. louise Tuesday - 20 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    Hi New to this wondered if i would get a reply to my problem
  329. fallingforhim Wednesday - 21 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    Just curious... I recently joined an online dating site & met super guy. So far we have had three AWESOME dates & really have hit it off, great chemistry, great conversation, laughs... the whole package. He treated me like a queen each time we saw each other & he has expressed his interest in seeing me again & stated how much he enjoyed our time together. Great communicator. Okay, here is my question... WHY, if everything is going soooo well do guys still check there online dating emails? I understand that we have only had a couple of dates, however I not understanding the whole guy world thing in regrards to the online dating. Again, we had awesome times together and we have both made it well known that we are 'into' each other. I happened to notice that he was 'online' today and it left me feeling a little hurt. Not looking for an engagement ring here, but can someone help me sort this out a bit? I am protective of my heart and just am not sure what is going on. Thanks!
  330. kalai Friday - 23 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    Im in love with a guy..2yrs back i proposed him, but he dint say a word.i continued my chat with him.Then after some days he told, if it continues then there will be huge problem in family.Then i stopped texting him.Just few days back, i called him. i am so desperate to have him back in my life...please friends help me out.
  331. Lauri Rathbum Monday - 26 / 07 / 2010 Reply
  332. Rascaaal Monday - 26 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    I really like this guy. I spent the night with him last Thursday and we've been chatting since and we get on well. However, i have this feeling that he still likes another girl. I don't want to ask him because that may seem a little too up front and he might get freaked out by me being to keen or offended that i would think that because he might like me more than i think. Not sure what to do.. just go along with the flow and see what happens or...?
  333. sophia Monday - 26 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    I think im in love with a guy! the bad thing is that we re friends since we were 12. we are 18 now. he looks like he interests for my but im not sure... is it a good idea to use these techniques? im afraid of rejection and loosing him as friend too. please give me your advice.
  334. chelsea Tuesday - 27 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    Im shy with my boyfriend, every time were together I act as if im a statue, I just smile at him whenever he talks to me. I cant look him in his eyes, coz I think im gonna faint if I did. The reason why I cant act normal around him is because I really like him. but he's way too handsome for a girl like me. I think were not fit for each other plus he already had a baby.. 12day old baby girl. but that girl and him were done 6months ago. he broke up with him because of the girls bad attitude. they dont love each other anymore so they decided to call it off. he's sweet he calls me every time, and he's just 18 but he looks like 14 haha and im 19, but i look like 16 :))) Our relationship are so complicated. I met him trough a friend. That friend is one of my close friend. She likes him so much, so she introduced me to him. But He doesnt like my friend, instead he liked me. So he told me the truth and here we are now. We've been hiding our relationship for the sake of my friends feelings. but i really wanted to show the world that he's mine. Hahaha. I dont give a damn on how would she feel. I REALLY DONT. guess im so selfish! I read this article because I want him to fall for me, I mean REALLY FALL FOR ME. I think he just like me, not love me.
  335. kaylee Wednesday - 28 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    Okay so heres the theres this guy who I met through my ex boyfriend (they are bestfriends) and this was 4 years like i really started liking him while i was with my ex but i knew i couldnt do anything about it cause i was with my ex. So than when my ex and i broke up me and his friend talked and we both had feelings for each other...but both of us knew it would be wrong to date cause him being my ex's bestfriend and this whole thing went on forever of us liking each other than we hung out a few times nothing serious...i got boyfriends he got girlfriends but i still always liked him then time goes by and my ex gave him approval to date me but i had switched schools so i didnt see him much so bottom line is everytime him and i tried to date something kept getting in the way now he has a girlfriend and well i was hanging out with him and my ex cause we are all close friends and he started flirting with me and i fell hard for him again and we kissed I am so confused please help me!
  336. helena Wednesday - 28 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    3 years ago i got a friend i took hs number and our friendship was going on good he didnt liked me at first cz i was a prayer gl bt its third year of our friendship he s now forbiddin bt he is starting not likng me and showing tht he like my bestfriend i love hm too much he is unhappy frm me cz im takng too much and never fightng with hm gvng too much value to hm bt he s showng he dnt like me wat shud i do gve meh an advice plz i need help
    • Fast Thursday - 29 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      If u truly luu him try to ave a heart to heart talk with him to figure tins out gud luck
  337. Fast Thursday - 29 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    U dnt ave to be confused am just a luv dr,u ave nt decide whom u need by fallin in lu v with ur ex u should be askin urselves what does ur heart want b4 makin a decision.gud luck
  338. B.... Friday - 30 / 07 / 2010 Reply
    I was with this boy who i was very happy with. But during a performance i was in, i got close with this other boy (who also had a girlfriend) We started hanging out a lot, and i relised i liked him - alot. He told me he liked me too, so we both agreed to break up with our partners so we could be together. Anyways, about a month had passed, we wernt together, but that didnt matter because i loved how we were. He told me how he felt about me. We were together most days, he text me all the time, and his friends loved me. Next thing i no, i receive an email from him saying he is back with his ex, and he didnt know how it happened, but he still loves me, but doesnt know how to sort this mess out. Is their anyway i can get him back? If he says he loves me thats got too mean something right.?
  339. confused Monday - 02 / 08 / 2010 Reply
    Okay so theres this boy i really love. we went out for about a year but throughout our relationship he cheated on me about three times but i always took him back. he was always flirting with other girls over the internet. i know he behaved this way partly because his older cousins were always playin with girls and telling him to do the same. if he didnt listen to them they would always tease him and down him about it. when i caught him cheating he would tell me he was sorry and that the other girls didnt mean anything to him and he was just doing it to fit in with his cousins and to enjoy his teenage life. whenever i caught him cheating he always picked me over the other girls tho. he would tell them that i was the one he loved and would stop talking to them and start trying to get me back. at first i knew he ddnt love me because i found out he was goin out with two different girls when he asked me out. he was going out with those girls because him and his friend had made a bet but he said that when he met me he really liked me and i know i was never part of any bet. and yea he asked me out when he was going out with two girls already but when i found out about everything he left them and chose me over them even tho we had only been going out for about a month or less and he had known the other girls longer. he told me he did this because he had started to fall in love with me and that he had always took girls for a game but this time he was really falling in love with me and that he wanted me to help him change and be a better person. by how he cheated on me more then once i was convinced he didnt love me but im confused because he also showed many signs that make me wonder. like for example he has a 2 year old niece and shes the person he most loves in this world shes like his life and he sacrificed time with her to spend it with me. he says me and her are the two persons he cares about the most. he was always walking to my house in the hot sun just to come see me because he didnt have a car yet and he wanted to spend as much time as possible with me. he even walked in the rain some days and thats something he never did with any other girl. he never made plans to meet them anywhere or to spend time together. most of them he met over the internet and never saw them or showed any intrest in spending time with them he just liked to talk to them and compliment them. he never saw them. a lot of the girls he flirted with even lived in different states. and he is one of those guys that tries to act all tough all the time around people but when we were in public he would act different with me around. he would hug me and kiss me and he didnt really care what others thought at that moment. he wasnt embarrased to show people he loved me. he even got in fights in school when other boys disrespected me. he was always very protective over me. and what really suprised me was this one time we broke up he went home and cried to his mom who he doesnt like talking to much and thats something he would never do because he always showed his mom nothing could make him cry. and he also cried when he asked me to take him back. he burst in tears right in front of me and he also broke his fone and other things because he was mad at himself for hurting me. i also noticed a scar on his arm and asked his sister about it since he didnt wanna tell me what it was and she told me he had cut himself after we broke up because he was mad he had cheated on me. that was the last time he cheated on me and he hadnt done it again in months but he kept flirting with girls and about a month or two ago we broke up because he kept flirting with girls over the internet and now that he noticed im not taking him back he did something that suprised me even more. he started going to church and became a christian when he had never been a religious person. he told me that he was really trying to change so i could trust him again and we could start all over again. he got saved last sunday too. he told me that he really loves me so hes gonna man up and a year from the day we broke up he was gonna come back for me and try to