How to Have Fun on Your Romantic Holiday

fun on your romantic holidayIt’s that time of the year! Finally, you get to go on that romantic holiday to that wonderful city you’ve been wanting to go as a couple to forever. But, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to keep your holiday perfect, romantic, without stress and worry. Don’t forget to have fun in the process!

- Know beforehand what each of you wants to do during your romantic getaway. This will eliminate any conflict on what each other’s tastes and wants are. One of you may want to go on lengthy sightseeing tours, and the other may want to just cuddle under the stars. Make sure you won’t get bored with yourselves! Talk about it well before your trip. You don’t necessarily have to plan out the whole thing (the most fun things come up without plans!) but at least have what you’d both like to do in mind. And please, respect the other’s wants and feelings – if what you want to do is completely different between the both of you, split your activities in half! Just make sure to be civil and not fight about the differences.

- Don’t forget to loosen up, let yourself go, and check out how the locals live and have fun. It’s wonderful to go sightseeing, and it’s great to stay inside in the warmth of your hotel. But a wonderful way to travel is finding out how people in every city live and have fun. Go to bars, clubs and restaurants that cater to your tastes. Check out a mini market or supermarket. Remember, it may be an exquisite holiday for you, but there are normal, everyday working people living there!

- You don’t want to fight on your romantic vacation (unless there’ll be some great make-up sex later!) One of the worst ways your trip can go down the drain is if you fight. You’re not at home, you’re on neutral ground; hold your nerves. No matter how much your partner drives you nuts, remember this holiday is for you to have fun and let yourselves go. Take the time to cool down and respect your partner (just like you always should, holidays or not!) If something really serious comes up, maybe you should consider waiting until you get back home to talk it over. If it’s so bad that you can’t handle it, maybe consider cutting your trip short – I sure hope you never have to!

- Make sure you manage your money right. You don’t want to run out or be nervous about how much you’ll have left later on to get you home. You want to spend on the right things and be comfortable enough to be able to get around. Sure you’ll splurge on expensive food, souvenirs and shopping, but make sure you have enough left for bus tickets, gas for your drive home, taxi cabs to the airport, enough to eat, etc. File out beforehand how much you can spend for each thing – put aside all the cash you’ll need for getting around and basic necessities (you’ll have to pay the hotel, eventually!) and then go out and spend all the rest!

- Most important of all, be yourself, and let yourself go! Forget about work, what bills you have to pay, and everything that stresses you out back home. You most likely won’t be able to do anything about all those from afar anyway – loosen up and focus on having fun with your partner. Focus on them – actually, if it’s true love, you won’t have to focus at all! It’ll just come natural!

These are just a few pointers on how you can have a great time on your romantic holiday! Do you have any stories or tips on how to have fun with your partner on your romantic getaways? Please share them with us!

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