How to Deal With Relationship Conflict

resolve relationship conflictAll couples come to conflict. It’s just not possible to avoid it; no matter how much in love you are, or how well you get along or how much you care about each other, we’re all bound to come to rifts in our relationships. It could be anything from just a simple mix-up, to a severe disagreement. But don’t fret! It doesn’t have to be as bad as you fear. It’s not that hard to resolve relationship conflict.

- You first of all must understand that you are two different people, no matter how alike you are, and it’s practically impossible to be on the same page all the time. Until direct brain connection is invented, we’re unfortunately going to have to accept the fact that we’re going to have separate ideas from everyone else in the world!

- Have you noticed that for some people, the more they love and care for a person, it’s that much more easy to get mad at them? They say there’s a thin line between love and hate, and I think that when you feel so strongly about someone, it’s that much more easier to go, even just for a second, from positive to negative feelings. Just think about it. That being said, think of how much more easier it is for a loved one to get ticked off at you, or the other way around.

- Talk about what’s on your mind. All the time, no matter what. It’s very important to establish this in your relationship as soon as possible – from the first days if you can! Some may think it’s silly, but it’s just about the only way for both partners to feel 100% comfortable in their relationship, and to prevent further conflicts. No matter how silly you may feel it is, just talk about it. If your partner feels you’re nagging or complaining all the time, perhaps you might have to reconsider your choices.

- Admit defeat when you are wrong, but be subtle when you think you are right. You’ve chosen to be a part of this relationship; you must back up your decision! After all, your partner was your choice, right? Stand up for their rights as well, keep them in mind when you come to a disagreement, and be just and fair about their feelings as well as yours.

- Take their feelings into account. Sometimes they get the best of us. You or your partner may be wrong, but just can’t get over what you feel. Try to talk about it and see where they’re coming from; you may get some insight you weren’t aweare of before. A lot of this is due to prior trauma that has nothing to do with any conflict in your relationship.

- Never go to sleep angry. Your time of rest should be free of conflict, so you can reflect and bond together. This way, you can cuddle and get over everything together! Resolving relationship conflict shouldn’t take away time from your daily rest, let alone your everyday life.

- Most importantly, leave your ego aside. We all want to be right and perfect all the time; don’t kick yourself if you’ve done something wrong somehow, and in turn, don’t hold mistakes against your partner, no matter how serious. We’re all human.

If conflict goes beyond all these, maybe seeking the help of a professional or specialist would be in order. After all, we’re in our relationships to feel better, right?

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