How Much a Break up Costs You…Money-wise

How Much a Break up Costs You…Money-wiseHe left you. And he didn’t say a thing. Or maybe he wrote you a letter.

You left him. You were sick of your relationship. Or maybe you found somebody else. It doesn’t matter who left whom; it doesn’t matter why and how you broke up. The point is that a break up always costs you. But, how much does it really cost?

When you are in a relationship that ends, you might be ready to break up, but are you ready to go broke?

Forget about emotional cost. A break up may hurt you because you’re losing someone you used to love and spend time with. But sooner or later, you will get over it. As they say, no one is indispensable! What will hurt you more in the end is the financial cost. According to research, a woman can spend about 2211 Euros in the first week after a break up. Does this number seem too high to you? It’s absolutely true! And if it seems too hard to believe, read the following expense analysis before jumping to conclusions…

Lets see the undoubtable facts that take place the week after a break up:

  • You can not sleep alone. What’s more, you can’t wake up alone, without seeing a familiar face who brings you coffee to bed. You need the companionship of your friends without making them come over to your house. so, you will go sleep over their house (let’s say you will do that 5 days/week).

Transportation cost: 20 euros/day = 100 euros/week

  • You are not in the mood to cook, as you are not in the mood to do anything creative. All you care about is why you let him leave, and need some time to weep over your lost love. So, you order out or you eat out;

Stuffing your face cost: on average: 20 euros/day = 140 euros a week

  • Your friends, who care about you, have plans for every night of your first week as a single person. You have nothing better to do except to go out with them. It would be a nice way to clear your mind and, who knows? Maybe you will find yourself a new boyfriend.

Going out costs and drinking costs: 285 euros. In detail: 5 euros/day to go for coffee + 50 euros to go clubbing (x2 days/week) + 50 euros to drink in a bar +10 euros to watch a movie at the cinema+ 30 euros to go to a football match (if you want to do something different) + 15 (x2) euros which is the cost for a bottle of vodka (you will stay in a couple of days to drown your sorrow in alcohol, won’t you?).

  • If you are a smoker, after a break up, you will become a heavy smoker for sure. Especially in the beginning, you are going to smoke about 2 packs of cigarettes;

Smoking cost: 8 euro /day, or 56 euros/week

  • Shopping therapy now! This is the first thing that crosses your mind after a breakup, isn’t it? What’s more refreshing than a nice haircut or bright new clothes?

Shopping cost: 645 euros. Particularly, you will spend 100 euros to have your hair done, and about 300 euros to buy new clothes and make up. Let alone that you will spend about 245 (35euros/day) to buy little things for your house. I mean, you do want to replace the cup he used to drink his coffee in, don’t you?

  • Some of us also follow the quote that says: “dogs are a man’s best friend” and decide to get a good one. After all, a dog is better than a man. At least, this is the way you see it when you feel abandoned. A dog will always love you, it will never leave you and it will always listen to you without being able to talk back. Perfect!

Dog costs: 500 euros (including its first expenses)

  • After a break up, some of us also decide to find a new hobby. If you do that to find yourself or to find a new boyfriend, it does not matter. The point is that

New hobbies cost: at least 150 euros (50 for the registration and 100 the first installment.)

  • Call them all! You never forget to call your friends or even your ex-es when you are single, right? So, you should wait for a huge phone bill.

Communication costs: at least 150/week

  • Of course, I wouldn’t forget to mention the money you spend for tissues and chocolates. These products are not expensive, but they are rated as staple commodities in the post-breaking up period.

Staple commodities costs: 185 euros/week

So, I suggest you think twice before you break up with your boyfriend. Be sure that you have a very good reason about it. If he wants to break up with you, try to get the break up expenses from him! I doubt that he will give them to you, but it’s worth trying. If he doesn’t give you the money, be very careful with your finances and stick to your economic plan. There is never a good time to lose money. After all, “lack of money is the root of all evil.” - genuine people, REAL LOVE
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