Give Men a Break

Give Men a Break

A German research proved that ten minutes of staring at a woman’s chest is equal to 30 minutes of aerobic. Well I think that this gives men a break! So please women, don’t be that evil… give men a break, let them work out for God’s sake!

So can someone explain me why girls get mad so easily? It’s not a big deal if someone stares at you; after all, it’s kinda sexy if you notice that someone is looking at you all the time. Women overdo it with the sexual harassment thing… for example; if your supervisor thinks that your hair looks gorgeous, should he hide this feeling? Doesn’t he have the right to express himself, or share his opinion? Plus, it’s not hard to accept the fact that most women like when someone is flirting. I am not talking about stalkers, do not misunderstand me; I am talking about common men that like you and try to reach out to you.

So next time something like that happens to you:

1. Be kind. Kindness is welcome, and men like it. If he tells you that you are beautiful, or you have beautiful eyes, a simple “thank you” will do the job.
2. Give him a smile. Believe me; if you give him a smile he will blush all over, and will give you a smile back – then he will disappear. Men are not that brave, in front of a smile from a sexy woman.
3. Frown at him. He will understand that you are not in the mood right now, it’s understandable. Maybe you had a bad day.
4. Compliment him back. It’s almost like smiling; blush and run away. Sometimes it depends on his personality – he might start talking to you, so make sure that you like him before you compliment back!

If you don’t like to receive compliments or eyes staring at you, make sure that you will follow the rules:

1. Do not wear mini skirts.
2. Do not wear an obvious g-string or thong underwear.
3. Do not wear too much makeup.
4. Do not lick your lips, even if they are dry.
5. Do not suck too hard on straws.
6. Do not wear shirts or blouses with deep necklines (no cleavage!).
7. Do not wear anything backless.
8. Do not ride a bike.
9. Do not wave your hair.
10. Do not wear spandex or see-through tights.

See? It seems impossible to avoid compliments! In other words, just think twice before improving your sex appeal; because when you try to look sexy, you will look sexy in most of men’s eyes too.

Of course if someone pushes it too far and starts scaring you, then you have every right to:

1. Call the police
2. Hit him with your bag
3. Throw your cell phone at him
4. Use your umbrella as a weapon
5. Kick him where the sun don’t shine
6. Scream “help” or “fire” to get others’ attention.


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Comments (38)

  1. Elsie at Singletude Saturday - 29 / 03 / 2008 Reply
    While I agree that some women are too quick to scream sexual harassment, let me see if I can put the female reaction in perspective for you: Staring at a woman's breasts is not in the same category as complimenting her hair or eyes. A lot of women love a well-placed compliment regarding a non-erogenous zone. However, breasts are sexual organs, and unless a woman is trying to draw attention there by wearing something revealing, it's sort of akin to an invasion of privacy to stand there craning your neck for a better look at a private part. In addition, if the woman is talking to you, the implication of ogling is that you're more interested in a body part than who she is and what's on her mind. And if it happens in a business setting, it's just flat-out inappropriate. On the other hand, I don't have a lot of sympathy for women who complain about this while letting their chests hang out for all the world to see. Singletude
  2. poroulis Monday - 21 / 04 / 2008 Reply
    Awesome article at last Give men a Break! Thank you Jim brasti!
  3. mary Wednesday - 30 / 04 / 2008 Reply
    I am a woman working in a male oriented atmosphere, namely the army. I do not wear revealing clothing, I wear my uniform and still feel men staring at my chest. I believe that the cause may be only half sexual and that the other half is that men do not like to make eye contact. And by the way, breasts are not simply a private sexual part, they are meant to be our sustenance of life for the first few months, so looking at them may also be a comfort thing. Basically, if a man cant help but stare, ignore it so long as he isnt being a jerk.
  4. jayne Banning Tuesday - 27 / 10 / 2009 Reply
    I dont think that its wrong for a guy to stare at a womens chest. Granted in some settings it is some what uncalled for, but its no reason to call out a sexual assult. i dont think theres anything wrong with them stareing as long as they dont touch. then it becomes a problem. It doesnt bother me because i've always hung out with guys so im use to them stareing...they just cant help themselves, and i know this so its whatever. if they at least act like theyre paying attention to what im saying, then il be happy :]
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