Get Active

Get Active

Most people hate sports, especially team games like football, basketball, soccer, etc. This problem was “born” in school times when teachers used to promote the kids who were good at sports and totally ignore the kids that were not that good. The only thing that mattered to people was… Victory.

On the other hand, as we grow up, we have the chance to play any sport we like just for the heck of it and not for winning. The rewards this time are not victory or the prestige, but a “step” out of the routine, and of course, the chance to get out of inactivity.
Sports do not exist only to keep you fit. Some people use sports to “spice up” their social life; other people use sports to travel around the world. So people, it’s time to do something for our physical and mental health. Let’s forget our fears and make the big step. You will feel great! Some tips:
• Think a lot before you decide which sport you are about to follow. If you like snow for example, go skiing; if you like water, go for water polo. Do not let anyone decide that for you!

• If you still hate the more popular sports, or if they still remind you of your “traumatic” childhood, try something new! There are a lot of sports that you probably have never heard of.

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  1. yohrd zäyr Wednesday - 28 / 11 / 2007 Reply
    hey, thanks for answering and for visiting my blog! i've been here (before i wrote you that "stumble-mail") and i really liked it!!! i do agree about the senseless way sport (specially in the competitive way it's promoted) is presented to the young students all around the world, it's an absurd way at last!!! and much less it would be used to "classify" or (the worse) to separate students in two groups i.e., "the winners" an "the losers" as they do... humpf!!! hey, most of my blog posts are written in English ahaha and i was recently writing in Portuguese exactly 'cause my Brazilian visitors were complaining about the fact that i was writing "too much" in English indeed. hehehe anyway... photos (images) are ...universal language! thanks kisses m.
    • natasha Saturday - 22 / 12 / 2007 Reply
      who daes humps?
  2. yohrd zäyr Wednesday - 28 / 11 / 2007 Reply
    uhh... i've wrote that to Evi, ok? ahahahahah
    • Cherry Wednesday - 28 / 11 / 2007 Reply
      If you want to talk to Evi get a chat room!:p By the way, It was a nice article, i d only like to add that you have to try many different sports. You never know in what you are probably good at and you may be surprised if you find out that you are talented in a sport you didn't know it exists...
  3. Iris Wednesday - 28 / 11 / 2007 Reply
    hey Jim I hate sports and I don't know what to do in my free time.I try a lot of sports.what can I do ? It's a great article!
  4. Cheerleader Saturday - 22 / 03 / 2008 Reply
    Great article here. Its important to keep active people
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