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Do you have the charm? | Asdfing
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Do you have the charm?

Do you have charm?There is nothing more charming than being yourself. Fashion is the most explicit form of self-expression. Your outfit can speak volumes about you; that is why it’s always better to dress deliberately. Beads and charms add zing to your being, and they are very personal.

Charms are meant to be significant to the wearer’s life. The kinds of beads and charms that you wear represent who you are in a way. A simple charm bracelet can complement any attire, all on its own. Wear it with a business suit or a sundress, you can’t go wrong. 

Where people once wore charm bracelets to ward off evil spirits, these days they are the daintiest accessories around. Charms are available in a range of shapes and sizes; from crosses to alphabets, and simple floral designs to lady-like dragonflies and butterflies.
The charm bracelet may be viewed as feminine but there’s no reason why a man can’t wear a few charms as well. These baubles are available in edgy and rugged styles too. The most attractive charms though, are the ones that are engraved. These carvings create a spurious antiquity.

If you’re wondering which charms and beads to choose, consider sterling silver charms. Sterling silver has 92.5% real silver, and it gleams like the morning sun reflected in a dew drop. You might also come across special Tribal charms made in Asia.
Copper is another great metal. It has a reddish-gold tinge which cannot be duplicated. It is a cheaper metal, with exceptional healing properties. Handmade lampwork beads make gorgeous charms too. They are glass beads which are often one of a kind, unconventional and artistic.

The natural luster of pearls makes them an extraordinary addition to your ensemble. With shapes such as stars, teardrops, crosses and stars; and shades like white, green, blue, pink, purple, black, grey, aubergine, peacock and champagne; pearls are elegant and otherworldly. They represent sanctity and grace; if those qualities resonate with you, make room for pearls in your wardrobe.
Lacquer beads are beautifully crafted; they are further embellished with seed beads, mirrors and metal. They have a multicultural appeal and a Bohemian undertone. In addition to innovative charms you will also find customary ones such as hearts and teardrops. The heart as a trinket is timeless, and it can be worn by anybody, whether young or old.

Fashion has a lot to do with your attitudes. Charm bracelets have a delicacy which can only be donned by a sincere aficionado. You need to love what you’re wearing, to enjoy wearing it. You also need to love who you are and be able to express yourself freely.
If the key is to keep it personal, adding your astrological gemstone to your charm bracelet may be a good idea. Gemstones have a number of balancing properties. You might find that it in fact improves your health and wellbeing. Who knows, looking fashionable could improve your luck too.

Charms studded with tiny crystals will always be in fashion. When assembling your bracelet, don’t forget to add some color. Color denotes dynamism; a vivacious personality will never shy away from bright hues. If you prefer playing it cool, stick to silver. Silver is enchanting, just as a charm beads bracelet ought to be.

You can purchase beads and charms at any jewelry supplies store online. You can also visit galleries of different shops to get an idea of what’s out there. Blend current trends with old styles; your charm bracelet should tell a story. Don’t hesitate to add a little history to your trinket, along with some futuristic fantasy. If you have the charm, show it off!

Guest post by Vinod Jethwani


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