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Call of the Wild: Differences Between Men and Women | Asdfing
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Call of the Wild: Differences Between Men and Women

differences between men and womenWomen are from Venus, men are from Mars; that’s what they say! We often find ourselves fighting or just disagreeing with each other, relationship or not, because of irreconcilable differences between the two genders. It’s like we just don’t get each other – what in the world are they talking about, and why can’t they understand? The explanation might be a lot easier than we think.

I’m sure that many readers will protest to all this, but I’m just talking about the primitive “bootstrap” differences between men and women. You can’t battle primitive instincts or biology; we’re all hard-wired the same way, which is practically the way of the jungle – this hard-wiring really makes it tough for both genders to get along in today’s society.
Here are just a few of the major differences between men and women:

- Men are programmed to have sex and procreate all the time; that’s pretty much why they come off as jerks. Women are – and have to be – more selective, because they can practically reproduce once a year. This is why women are in such huge demand and men are in such great supply, because one man can impregnate a virtually endless number of women, while a woman can’t get pregnant from more than one man at once. This is also why men keep looking at other women even when they’re in a perfectly happy and content relationship – they’re “hard-wired” to impregnate as many women as possible.

- Because of this nature, women have to be more selective, and would be crazy to be with just “any” guy. Just about any woman can walk into a bar and say, “Hey, who wants to sleep with me?” while men actually have to battle it out to show that they’re better than the rest. This isn’t unfair per se (we’re all sick of the “women have it easier off” analogy, which is a really dumb excuse when you think about it), it’s biology. Each female has to carefully pick out which male they would like to procreate with.

- The unfairness on women’s side is that they obviously tend to cling emotionally to their potential mates, whilst some (or perhaps most) men couldn’t care less and don’t want to commit. Women thus feel used, and men feel pressured into committing to relationships they don’t want (or perhaps do but are afraid to pursue). This has been an endless problem from casual dating to long-term relationships and marriage.

- Men who fall asleep after sex aren’t pigs, and women who want to cuddle aren’t clingy. Orgasm releases the hormone oxytocin, which brings sleep to men and motherly instincts to women. So it’s actually a chemical reaction; not emotions that come into play – of course, this hormone does multiply things we feel at that moment.

- Women are more emotional because they’re hard-wired to take care of and raise children, while men have to be “alert” and on foot to protect themselves from the kill-or-be-killed wild. Men have to be stronger to show their power over the rest of the herd, and keep predators away from their homes and family, while women have to appear more sane, strong-willed and analytic thinkers in order to raise their family in the right way.

- Women are more analytical and think things over, which helps them make better, more educated decisions for their children and families. Men are more practical and think faster, which helps them get out of dangerous or overwhelming situations (fight or flight reaction).

- Men need to go all the way to calm their insecurities; women only need a slight hint. For instance, a woman is happy and content if she knows that men are interested in her. She really doesn’t have to sleep with someone to prove it – it’s practically already definite that a guy wants to sleep with her! However, a guy has to make it into a girl’s bedroom in order to feel secure; he has to go that extra mile. So, guys, if a girl seems interested, and responds to your advances, but then disappears, don’t worry – you probably haven’t done anything wrong to drive her away – you just fulfilled and covered her insecurities, which was all she needed in the first place! Be sure that she’s grateful (even though you sure won’t be!)

- Here’s a practical difference: women have a better sense of color, which once helped them gather berries and fruit and helped them stay away from the poisonous ones. Men have a better sense of space which helped them pinpoint and hunt more efficiently, and helped them get away from dangerous situations. This is why women can’t park as well, but they’re able to tell if your car is pink or salmon!

So next time you don’t understand your partner, make sure you understand that men and women are practically two different species! Hopefully, this will have given you a glimpse of why the two genders are so utterly different in their actions and thoughts, and give you the chance to understand your partner better. What do you think of these differences?


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  1. Soniya Thursday - 31 / 01 / 2013 Reply
    Women do not marry for the sake of a man. They marry for the sake of a baby (or two). So any sex after the baby is born does not make any sense to women. Women stop all sex after getting the children they want. In the olden days, women wanted 8-10 children, so a man had the hope for sex for about 20 years (albeit with long interruptions). But now, once women have delivered two children, ALL sex is over in 4-5 years of marriage. The man may do anything, but sirrah, no sex. Worse, once the children are born, women quite naturally start pushing the man out of their life. He must pay the money of course. But on every other count, he is not wanted. That is the reality of today's marriages. So, if any foolish young men still want to get married, ensure to get absolutely clear prenup agreement which covers all the expectations of both partners, including sex. If this is not covered, heaven help the man
  2. kiioersa Thursday - 31 / 10 / 2013 Reply
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  3. home Thursday - 01 / 12 / 2016 Reply

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