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Christmas and New Year's Gifts for your Teacher | Asdfing
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Christmas and New Year’s Gifts for your Teacher

Christmas and New Year’s Gifts for your Teacher

“A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.” If your dream has just started because of a teacher that believes in you; if you see your teacher a as guide in the journey of life, it’s about time to show them your appreciation. Christmas time is a great opportunity to give your teachers a present to show them your love. Here are some suggestions for inexpensive and creative gifts they’ll remember for years.

A good book
If you are looking for a long-lasting present for your teachers, a good book is a great choice. To find the appropriate book for your teacher, just learn about their interests. For example, if they like traveling, a book on travel will be appreciated. If you believe that your teacher is the person that inspires you the most, an book on inspirational means and methods will reinforce their vision and mission.

A gift basket
Take a basket and place candies, cookies, chocolates and a bottle of wine in it. Wanna make a difference? Make a gift basket of school supplies. Put paper, markers, pencils, chalk, and anything else your teacher can use at school inside! This will be a nice surprise.

Writing materials
Your teachers must already have a great collection of pens, pencils or notebooks. But it’s always a good idea to bring them a special pen, a unique diary or even a message board. It’s something they could always use. Be sure they’ll need them sooner or later, no matter how many they already have!

Home made goodies
Reveal a secret family recipe for cookies or pastry. Ask your grandmother how she bakes that awesome bread. Try to make a cake on your own, using a cookbook. The fact that you’ve spent a lot of time to prepare a home-made sweet for your teacher, will make your present special and will also make your teacher smile.

Tickets and invitations
Does your teacher love going to the movies or theater? A good idea is to give them an invitation for a new movie or an original play. If your teacher enjoys music, you can also give them 2 tickets for a concert or for a basketball game if they are a basketball fan.

A do-it-yourself present
If you want your gift to be really special, make it yourself. Make your teacher a drawing, a home-made Christmas card with your own written wishes, or a small poem. Teachers usually keep these kinds of presents in an album, so they’ll have your gift for life! You can also put a class photo from a school trip in a frame and give it to your teacher. Remember to include the class year date. Wanna be more creative? There are hundreds of presents you can make yourself, such as a candy plant or a rattle bottle.

A gift certificate
Some of us prefer to give our teachers money because we can’t decide what kind of gift to bring them, or because we don’t have the time to go shopping or make a present ourselves. However, money is a gift without character. So, instead of money, you can give your teacher a gift certificate from a local or online store.

Ornaments and decorations for your teacher’s house
If you decide to bring your teacher an ornament or a decoration for their house, your choices are endless. You can choose between card frames, stress balls, candle holders, music boxes, musical Christmas cards, fretworks, decorations made of glass, or window clings.

Plants and flowers
Small plants for your teacher’s home or desk are excellent presents as well. Alternatively, you can bring them flowers. You’ll be surprised when you find out how many different kinds of flowers there are! Try to pick out the appropriate one for your teacher.

Jewelry and accessories
Your teacher will definitely appreciate jewelry and accessories. It’s a really practical gift. Just avoid bringing them clothes, especially when you are not sure about their size. Neckties, lapel pins, hats, lanyards, belts and handbags are some of your choices.


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