Top 10 Women’s Songs

Since the beginning of time, men have expressed their feelings for women in many ways. Shakespeare wrote sonnets, Gainsborough wrote songs, Bukowski  wrote whole books dedicated to the women in his life.  Singers and songwriters by the dozens use their music to express their feelings; whether being feelings of love, longing, misery, disappointment, hope or dedication.  Here we have collected ten of the best songs about women. Enjoy!

10 – Belle & Sebastian – String Bean Jean

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Snacks of poems

These are not summer poems! And yet…

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Gods playing in a box of toys

Hey guys, dolls, readers and all: I’ve got more poetry for you!

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Narrative Boy

Hey guys, you can read these poems like allegories, or maybe as little snippets of larger stories. Or maybe I’m just wrong and you know more than me. Enjoy!

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Hey my name is Robin and I’m from California. I worship story-telling. I stare at the sky all the time- clouds hypnotize me and I own the stars.

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The Search

Yo, all of you asdf’ers! My name is Bleem and I’m a starving musician and poet! Even if you read my prose, I’ll still starve but I promise to die with a smile on my face… :-) Here is my first contribution ever on the web, called “The Search”. I hope you enjoy it and if you’d like, let me know what you think it is about (the answer may surprise you…)

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You And Me

This is a love letter to my boyfriend. Today, the 9th of December, is our anniversary.
So, forgive me if you don’t understand some of the things that I say but i wanted to share this with you too :)

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