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Health & Wellness Posts
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Health & Wellness

How Having Pets Can Help Your Family

Keeping pets can help your childrenSo you’re thinking about bringing a pet into your household. Do you have children? Are you planning on having them? Then it’s the best time to invest your time and love into a wonderful pet for your household. Pets can do wonders for a family and home. Here’s how they help:

– Having and maintaining pets in your house helps children learn how to share. Pets that roam around the house, especially cats and dogs, “invade” on every and all personal spaces inside your home! Sharing that space and the right to live in the household shows children how wonderful it is to share, and how they can coexist with other living beings. Plus, having a pet means being responsible for it, which brings children before more responsibility and caring for the animal. This can help with the child’s sense of responsibility and duty of chores.

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How to survive an exhausting day

hot to survive an exhausting dayHave you been swamped with reports to finish, deadlines to meet, banshee bosses and all the likes of a very hectic day?  Sometimes we all feel like we don’t know where to start and how to focus.  So, close your eyes, take a deep breath, lie back and take note of these handy tips, before beginning your day.
Tidy and arrange your workstation. A clean environment influences ones state of mind. 
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Going au naturel

going au naturelI have always wondered why so many women hide underneath their tons of makeup.  Most of them are actually not bad looking (ex. Lady Gaga).  So why not go au naturel instead?
Wouldn’t it be good to feel someone’s kiss on your cheeks without having to retouch after leaving their lip mark on your heavily made up face?
For those pretty women out there, here are some natural and healthy beauty tips I’ve gathered for you to go bare.

For beautiful youthful eyes:

Remove dark eye shadows and concealers.  Look in the mirror and study your eyes.  Does it look puffy? Are the dark circles darker than usual?
Here’s what to do: sleep for about 8 hours.  Relax your eyes using cucumber slices.  The cool slice could soothe tired eyes.

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Top 10 diet myths- part 2

Eating chocolate

Let’s debunk five more diet myths!

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Top 10 diet myths- part 1

Top 10 diet myths

There are thousands of diet solutions targeting people who want to lose weight quickly – truth is, they seem really promising, but should we believe them all?
Let’s bust some myths and reveal the truth:

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Pets can help you with your health problems.

Pets can help you with your health problems

What we have always known about pets: they are trustful companions; they are friends that give us unconditional love; uninhibited creatures that will never let you feel lonely. The news is: according to several studies and researches, pets can also help you deal with health problems, such as insomnia, headaches and stress.

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Work out Helps you Work on your Self Esteem

Work out Helps you Work on your Self Esteem

According to Nike’s pan-European marketing campaign, there are several reasons for a woman to start working out and getting active. Exercise is a way to improve your health and fitness; it is the path to improve your spiritual strength and a wonderful source of energy.

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Earth Hour 2008




You may wonder: what can I do about climate change? I am just one person.
Well, all together, we can make an impact.
We have a chance to protest about climate warming today.

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Happy marriage is good for your health

Happy Marriage

I go to the gym every day. I run 5 miles twice a week. I take my vitamins and I sleep for at least 8 hours a day – all this because I want to be healthy. I could save myself the trouble just by getting married.

It may seem funny, but is it absolutely true! According to many resent studies a happy marriage improves emotional, psychological and physical health!

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Teenagers and the beauty industry

Teenagers and the beauty industry

As I was skimming through a magazine the other day, my eye caught the results of a study done, which clearly stated that 77% of teenagers (ages 12-14) consider themselves as “fat” and “ugly”, and get depressed every time they see pictures of beautiful models on TV and in fashion magazines. It’s a shocking percentage, don’t you think?

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