Bloody Blind Dates …

Bloody Blind Date

“People go to casinos for the same reason they go on blind dates – hoping to hit the jackpot. But mostly, you just wind up broke or alone in a bar” (Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie on Sex and the City). However, you will take the chance. Just in case he or she is your soul mate… “If I go on a blind date, does it mean that I’m desperate?”
Of course not!

Your buddy might set you up with a girl just perfect for you…you know, mostly because you have been alone for quite a long time…
Or, this guy you are chatting with lately seems really cool – and there isn’t anyone else in your life lately; so, why not?
Going on a blind date is always risky. You can’t possibly know in advance if they’re the right person for you. Sure, you have asked for details, but the only thing you are sure about is that they’re is good looking (if that picture they sent is real, of course!). So, nobody can blame you if you don’t hit the jackpot.

However, you will be seen as desperate if you go on a second date with the wrong person. And if it’s difficult to decide whether or not your (blind) date stinks, and whether or not you should go out with them again. However, there are some signs that show you if you should stay in the game, or if you should pass on it.

10 signs they’re not the jackpot:

Late for your date

Your date was at 7 and now it’s almost 8. You start feeling nervous and cheated; you are waiting at home all dressed up, wondering if it’s a person you can trust. And you haven’t even met them yet…

Clothes make the man

Well, he doesn’t seem to believe that. Not only does he show up late, but he also looks messy, when you have spent around 3 hours to pick a dress. Doesn’t he care at all about your date?

Are you hungry? I’ve made a reservation at McDonald’s!

Let’s hope he’s kidding. But if he isn’t, reconsider about going anywhere with him again. Of course, you can’t expect him to take you to the fanciest restaurant in town, but you didn’t buy those expensive shoes to show off at McDonald’s, did you? (You can avoid this awkward situation by making reservations yourself).

Business or pleasure?

As soon as you have started eating, her phone rings unstoppably; she says she is sorry and she answers her phone calls with the excuse that it’s work. This is going on for the rest of the evening and as a result, you never get to know her. Ok, you understand she is a successful workaholic who isn’t interested in you, but hasn’t she ever heard of savoir vivre?

Less is more

Or, is it? Is there anything worse than a person who doesn’t speak at all on your first date? When you always have to come up with things to say, you end up talking mostly about yourself (including embarrassing childhood stories, resulting in you seeming self-centered. Plus, you got so thirsty from all that talking, you left the restaurant drunk!
The only thing that’s worse is when they speak unstoppably about themselves and don’t let you say a single word. You leave the restaurant with just one feeling: boredom.
Has missed their share of savoir vivre classes

You can tell from her indiscreet questions, like “Do you have a history of dysentery in the family?” and from the nasty way he leers at your breasts. The only thing you can think about is how fast you can run away after giving them a slap in the face!

Parallel universe

Even if they speak just enough… what the hell are they talking about? You may speak the same language, but you are not able to understand them. He uses all kinds of jargon and acronyms while talking about his job, so you never understand what he does for a living. What’s more, all you care about is philosophy, and she doesn’t know who Aristotle was… time to leave!

Scrooge McDuck’s twin brother

You hadn’t picked up on it until he called the waiter for the check. Either he expects you to pay the whole bill, or he suggests paying fifty-fifty even though he ordered half the things on the menu and you just had a salad! Of course if he’s stingy, he won’t pay for you. Where can I call a cab?

Want to come up?

He has every right to ask you that question, just as you have every right to say “not tonight”. After all, you’re not that kind of girl! And everybody knows that you will invite him up at your third date – if there is one. If he insists, it means that all he wants is to have sex with you, and that he doesn’t respect your choices.

Music please!

If you finally decide to go to his place, just keep in mind these words a friend told me once: “Never enter a house where there is no music playing”.

In any case, as soon as your blind date is over, you will know if you’ve hit the jackpot or not. If you have, congratulations, this was your lucky day! But if they’re not as hot, don’t worry; just smile, shuffle your deck and try again! - genuine people, REAL LOVEMeet Beautiful Singles Near You - Join Free Now!

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  1. Taun Taun Tuesday - 20 / 11 / 2007 Reply
    Good looking? Since when do you know that? The point of a blind date is that you have never SEEN the person. That's why I hate 'em. They always wind up beastly looking!
    • Evi Stamou Wednesday - 21 / 11 / 2007 Reply
      Generally speaking, I agree with you; that's why I put bags in their heads:P But i assumed they are good looking because you are supposed to ask for details before going out with them. "Details" mean that you have asked your buddy who knows the person to give you his/her photo. after all, why would your buddy set you up with an ugly person? or, if you have met them via internet but you haven't asked them to chat with a web cam, whose fault is that? And well, what's the point if they are good looking but do all those things that signify they are the jackpot?
  2. Thoas Monday - 26 / 11 / 2007 Reply
    I think that a blind date is mostly based on personality issues. When someone agrees to meet on a blind date it will probably happen via some chat session, witch by the way can involve several hours of getting to know him/her. If you are used to have chat sessions then you can understand many many things, including a liar. So the last thing to check will be the external appearance, but since you like to meet people that way, doesn't that mean that you aren't a top model yourself and you try to impress through you personality?
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