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Christmas – Change your Life With Simple Mathematics!

Change your Life With Simple Mathematics Hello there! Once again, it’s the time of the year that we all think about the year that passed. What went perfectly, and what could have been better for us and the ones we love. We all try to find things that we want to change and make commitments to ourselves for a better new year.

My favorite teacher once told me the following about numerology and it really changed my approach to life… Perhaps it can change yours too.. Think about it for a second.

If we take all each letter and assign a value to them according to the order they appear we’ll have values like:

A= 1 / B=2 / C=3 So on, so forth.

What if we try to calculate the sum of all words, things that matter to us and find out what plays the most important role to change our life for the better?

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