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The 7 relationship sins


7 relationship sins

We all commit relationship sins every once in a while; even if we don’t admit it. Whether it’s being lazy or having an affair, we all give in sometimes. How we can avoid them is easy; the key is wanting to. Like the well-known seven deadly sins, relationship sins are part of our everyday love life and can be overcome.


Right, so you’ve been together for a few months and everything is going well.  You’ve seen each other at your best (first date) and your worst (drunk/sick in bed); intimacy is no longer a problem and you’re comfortable enough to hang around the house in your pajamas all day long.  OK, so maybe you’re a bit lazy and don’t get dressed up much when the two of you go out. Or maybe you’ll forget to brush your teeth sometimes; maybe you’ll even skip taking a shower when you know you’re just gonna stay home and watch a film. What’s so bad with being comfy?

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