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I Suppose It’s Prose

In lieu of a prologue(by Evi Stamou)

A couple of days ago, my good friend and poet, Captain Bleem, who became known to asdf’ers through his amazing poem “The Search“, shared a few poems with me. These poems are sort of different. They are small, funny and smart. I must have read them at least three times; I couldn’t stop laughing! I thought I should share them with friends on the spot,
so we decided to post them here. They could belong to a category called ‘I Suppose It’s Prose…?”, but I thought it was better to publish them in “Leisure Time”.
After all, is there a better way to pass your time than reading something like this?
If your way of thinking is like his, you’ll love them! If not, you will appreciate his extraordinary mind anyway!

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The Search

Yo, all of you asdf’ers! My name is Bleem and I’m a starving musician and poet! Even if you read my prose, I’ll still starve but I promise to die with a smile on my face… :-) Here is my first contribution ever on the web, called “The Search”. I hope you enjoy it and if you’d like, let me know what you think it is about (the answer may surprise you…)

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