Are you on the right path?

Are you on the right path?

Do you sometimes feel that you have chosen the wrong path in life, but still walk it no matter what? There are three kinds of people who make this mistake. This “path” may be anything that interests you; like love, work, friendship or a hobby.
Egoists: They know that they are on the wrong path; deep inside, they feel it. Nevertheless, they act like they are trying to prove something to themselves or everyone else. I really wonder what’s going on in these peoples’ heads; I think that they misunderstand a lot of things, and need some serious help! How to know if you’re one of them: Just ask yourself the following questions: are you still at a job you don’t enjoy just because the money is good? Do you hang out with people you call friends because of their high social status? Did you buy clothes you wear just because they are in fashion? Do you insist staying in a relationship that is not good only because you are as stubborn as a mule?

If you see yourself in this “category”, you need to do some thinking; your ego can be a great weapon, as long you are on the right path! Discover your true nature, make the right choices and feel free to let your strong personality guide you. I am sure that you will succeed!
The fearsome: They also know that something is going wrong in their lives, but there is a big difference between them and The Egoists. The “fearsome” aren’t trying to prove anything to anybody. The only thing that matters to them is to keep walking on the path because they are so afraid to step off of it. They are usually people with low self-esteem and negative thinkers.

Are you one of these pessimists too? Are you afraid to leave your job because it makes your mother proud? Do you still hang out with that guy that ruins your day, but are afraid to cut him out because you’ll make him sad? Are you afraid that if you step down, you will collapse? Do you work in the family business because they told you that you had no other option?

I don’t know who gave you these ideas, but be sure that you must make choices for yourself! I know this isn’t the first time you’re hearing this, but it’s the truth! You need to escape the path you are walking and the “guiding” people who want to think and act for you! Even if you were forced to choose the wrong path, be sure that you can free yourself starting from now! Make your own decisions, and be your own boss!

The ignorant:
Based on instinct, they are not sure if they are walking on the right path or not. However they hear some voices inside them telling “you are walking on the wrong path!”

Which are the characteristics of “the ignorant”? Stress and hyperactivity can be some of them. If a different idea of what you could be or what you could do ever crosses your mind, DO not ignore it! Reconsider it and think about it.

Everyone has the right to choose what is best for his or her life! We don’t need anyone above our heads! Make sure to free yourself. You need just a second to make the big step, but a year to think about doing it. Just keep in mind that the sooner you decide to make a healthy change, the sooner you’ll enjoy your everyday life! Choose the right path and Move on!

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