50 Happy Thoughts to help you through the day

happy thoughtsLet’s take a break from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and bring ourselves to Neverland, where Happy Thoughts could make us fly. Relax and take a deep breath.

Now, think of the hings that make you smile and start making a list.

Hope you find some happy thoughts among these:

1.     Helping an elderly stranger.

2.     A smile from a stranger’s baby.

3.     Catching your special someone staring at you.

4.     Accidentally finding loose change in your pants.

5.     Smelling something that reminds you of a pleasant memory.

6.     Looking at old photographs.

7.     Recalling an embarrassing moment.

8.     Wrapping Christmas presents.

9.     Visiting relatives.

10.  Sweet nothings over coffee.

11.  Reading about your favorite celebrity.

12.  Guessing the correct answer while watching a quiz show.

13.  Sitting next to someone who smells nice.

14.  Sleeping under a warm comforter.

15.  Hearing your favorite music at a random moment.

16.  Payday!

17.  Receiving a present that you’ve always wanted.

18.  Family get-togethers.

19.  Getting a cold drink during a heat wave.

20.  Hugging someone

21.  Hearing good news from people close to you.

22.  Seeing old friends.

23.  Having a baby.

24.  Winning your favorite game.

25.  Getting new stuff.

26.  Surviving an extreme sport (e.g. bungee jumping, skydiving, etc.)

27.  Buying something awesome on sale.

28.  Chatting with friends.

29.  Playing with pets.

30.  The sight of cherry blossoms.

31.  Going on vacation.

32.  Shopping to your heart’s content.

33.  Reading trivia.

34.  Learning about something you haven’t before.

35.  A good diary entry.

36.  Watching a great movie.

37.  Talking to a pleasant stranger.

38.  Eating good food.

39.  Attending special occasions.

40.  Getting a job after a long search.

41.  Spring cleaning.

42.  Biting into a perfectly cooked steak.

43.  Smelling breakfast in the morning.

44.  Reading your horoscope.

45.  The first snowfall.

46.  Making someone smile.

47.  Getting a compliment from someone you least expect to.

48.  Wearing comfortable underwear.

49.  Decorating something.

50.  Lying on the grass staring at the deep blue sky.

What are YOUR happy thoughts?

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  1. Reverie Thursday - 29 / 08 / 2013 Reply
    Being in love

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