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10 Ways To Have Fun With Your Boyfriend... If You Stay Indoors | Asdfing
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10 Ways To Have Fun With Your Boyfriend… If You Stay Indoors

10 Ways To Have Fun With Your Boyfriend

“When you are in a relationship and it’s good, even if nothing else in your life is right, you feel like your whole world is complete.”

But, when you find that man worth crying for, the one that will leave “footprints on your heart”, is there any way to make your relationship last as long as possible?

Besides love, some of the best relationships are also based on friendship. It’s wonderful to also be friends with your spouse. One way to achieve that is to have fun together! Here are some things you can do to have fun with your boyfriend in case you live together or you have invited him to spend the night at your place.

·Prepare dinner together.

If you are one of those people that don’t enjoy cooking and prepare dinner just because you have to eat, or to please your boyfriend, cooking with him will give you a whole new perspective on cuisine! Experiment with different ingredients and recipe methods, and don’t hesitate to start a food-fight. At the end, the last thing you will care about is the mess in the kitchen. Just remember to have some Chinese take-out phone numbers handy!

·Buy him a present and hide it somewhere in the house.

Buying presents is always nice. But instead of just straight-out giving it to him, you can hide it somewhere in the house and give him clues about how to find it. For example, the first clue that you ll give to him could be a note that says: “You can find the next clue, taking you closer to your present near a “hot” place” (meaning the oven).

·Sing together.

You can find the lyrics of your favorite songs and start a singing competition. If you have a karaoke in your house, that’s even better. Don’t worry if you don’t have a nice voice. The worse both of you sound, the better! You may make enemies out of your neighbors that can’t sleep because of your crooning, but you will have the time of your life!

·Put on his clothes, make him put on yours and burst into dance!

No, you don’t have to be drunk for that. Just do it! You will start laughing as soon as you see him with your clothes on and so will he. Then, the dancing part can only make you feel totally free.

·Play hairdresser!

In other words tell him that you have come up with a haircut style that might be just perfect for him! Claim that you have taken some stylist classes if you have to (in case he doesn’t buy it) and tell him the truth as soon are you are finished with his head.

You can also volunteer and make him cut your hair. Anything close to the print outs with awesome haircuts you’ve made would be just great.

Just make sure you have some extra money to go to your own stylist the next day.

·Watch movies.

Even if you are in the mood to laugh or you have some unused tissues; if you wanna scare him or just hide in his arms, a must if you stay at home with your boyfriend is to watch a movie. Although it can be done alone, nothing is compared to your remarks during the movie or his review after it’s finished.

·Play games.

No matter if you are the “intellectual know-it-all” snobby type of a person who only plays trivia games or “video game geek” kind of couple; the truth is that playing any game will make you feel like a kid again. After all, who said that hide-and-seek or pillow fight is just for children?

·Take a bath together.

This is so relaxing after a difficult day… it will make your stress go away! Place candles around the bathroom and scatter flower petals everywhere. After the bath, offer to give him a back massage. It will not only make him feel great but it could spice things up!

·Play games between the sheets.

Who said sex can’t be fun? You can arouse your lover by sensual erotic fantasies. Try to seduce him by surprising him with a sex game in bed. It’s almost impossible not to indulge. There is a large variation of power-games for couples (some of them are: Doctor/patient, teacher/pupil, boss/secretary) all you need to have are the appropriate outfits and a lot of imagination for the role playing.

·Drink coffee and talk about stuff!

This is a great thing to do in the morning. Talk to him about anything that bothers you, even about your colleague’s weird habits (don’t think that men frown upon gossip – in fact, they love it!) Tell him about the weird news you happened to hear on the radio coming home from work. What more, tell him some funny and embarrassing stories from your childhood. This is a way to help him open up, too – it’s also a great way to begin your day! - genuine people, REAL LOVE


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  1. Andy Bailey Thursday - 13 / 12 / 2007 Reply
    great ideas! I spend far too much time indoors according to my friends so this is great info for me and mine!
    • Tasha Saturday - 19 / 12 / 2009 Reply
      So does my boyfriend u just said u spent way to much time indoors thats even comein from your bestfriends! TAKE HER OUT GIRLS HATE COUCH POTATOES GROW THE FUCK UP AND COME OUT THE POCKET FOR HER!!!
    • Mitch Friday - 08 / 01 / 2010 Reply
      Wow, Tasha. Chill out, that was really rude. He made a positive response to the article and you just cut him down... for what reason, exactly?
    • ryan Wednesday - 12 / 05 / 2010 Reply
      what did u do?
  2. Blogfrog Friday - 14 / 12 / 2007 Reply
    Thanks for the great article! I'm in a long distance relationship and my boyfriend is going to be staying here for a week around Christmas. My boring small town offers little entertainment so this was very helpful :)
  3. Kavita Friday - 14 / 12 / 2007 Reply
    Great tips. Having a bath together will work every time. Especially, if you have a pool outside, taking a dip with just your smiles on on a full moon night is heavenly. Try it.
  4. Man Thursday - 20 / 12 / 2007 Reply
    a) just have sex. in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the bathroom etc. it's heavenly, try it. b) no we don't like gossip and some of us don't even like to be talked to in the morning.
    • Cherry Thursday - 20 / 12 / 2007 Reply
      its funny you say that you don't want to be talked to in the know, i was reading the following quote yesterday :“They say women talk too much. If you have worked in Congress you know that the filibuster was invented by men.” hehe
    • Woman Monday - 27 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      you're an insensitive man. i feel sorry for your wife/girlfriend if there is one
    • hot stuff Saturday - 12 / 12 / 2009 Reply
      u are apig u mink
  5. Lori Thursday - 23 / 10 / 2008 Reply
    such great tips!!!
  6. peaches Friday - 24 / 10 / 2008 Reply
    i think its super fun when my bf and i carve pumpkins together during halloween (:
    • GET YOURSELF A FUCKI Saturday - 25 / 04 / 2009 Reply
      • girl Tuesday - 01 / 09 / 2009
        your gay
    • Shiv Saturday - 06 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      No she's not! Peaches, that's a lovely thing to do :) I wish I did that with my boyfriend :) :)
    • Shiv Saturday - 06 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      No she's not! Peaches, that's a lovely thing to do :) I wish I did that with my boyfriend :) :)
  7. bob jergins Saturday - 21 / 02 / 2009 Reply
    Here are some of my tips. 1) Have a urinating fight. Guy vs girl..old fashion. Usually the guy has the advantage, but if the girl can angle it right, she can hold her own. 2) Make out in public. I find it best to pick a nice seniors home, or elementary school to make out in front of. And seriously....don't just peck on the cheek. I'm talking full out. Anyway, hope that helps folks! -BJ
    • tiffany Thursday - 30 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      ur sick....u need help
    • sexy chick Friday - 30 / 10 / 2009 Reply
      love this mate; made my day:) x
    • TT Monday - 11 / 01 / 2010 Reply
      hilarious...i am so doing #1.
  8. Kristin Saturday - 07 / 03 / 2009 Reply
    I always like to take my boyfriend outside and through the football together at night. Sometimes it's really fun to have an egg tossing contest and see how far we can get. The best part is taking a shower together afterwards to help wash eachother
    • Shiv Saturday - 06 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      I like the shower part ;)
  9. sasha Friday - 24 / 04 / 2009 Reply
    the things i think you could do are: wresle with him play vidio games and BEAT him! play some pool or maybe even badminton watch really funny movies if you wanted to go outside: play sports go fourwheeling go for a walk on the beach go to a place where theres glow in the dark mini put
    • Shiv Saturday - 06 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      I like the first paragraph :)
  10. keisha dont aks why Saturday - 25 / 04 / 2009 Reply
    duh why wouold u listen to this if u and ur boyfriend are good enough y whould u be on this!! that is saddddddd this is Fuckin Gay
    • vallette Monday - 15 / 06 / 2009 Reply
      i think your fuckn gay
      • ....B.... Wednesday - 28 / 10 / 2009
        i think shes fuckn gay too..freakin retard
    • lyala Thursday - 01 / 12 / 2011 Reply
      if u are happy yourself then u wouldnt be on here sayin how sad we are just sayin
  11. GET UR SELF A LOVER Saturday - 25 / 04 / 2009 Reply
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    • girl Tuesday - 01 / 09 / 2009 Reply
      your defffffinitly gonna last in a realtionship if you think that the only thing to do is have sex. your an idiot.
    • Shiv Saturday - 06 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      I agree, Girl.
  12. GET UR SELF A LOVER Saturday - 25 / 04 / 2009 Reply
    these fuckin games r retarded!!! id rather have oral fuckin sex than this shit!!! if u agree email me at or
    • tiffany Thursday - 30 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      ur disgusting.....i might be really young but i know thats a horrible thing to say
  13. GET YOURSELF A FUCKI Saturday - 25 / 04 / 2009 Reply
  14. Kittikat Saturday - 02 / 05 / 2009 Reply
    Okay this is such a totally awesome article, I tried the playing games one (we played tig but instead of actually tigging each other we kissed every time we caught one another) and ended up in the shower. Totally rocked!!!!!!!!! xoxo
    • Shiv Saturday - 06 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      Love it!! ?
  15. Lisa Sunday - 19 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    if all of you think this is soo "Gay" or "retarded".. then WHY are you on here looking at it!?!?!??? You're the ones who need to get a life.. seriously. I think these are good ideas!
    • bailey Thursday - 30 / 07 / 2009 Reply
      well lisa i agree.........
    • Shiv Saturday - 06 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      Me too
  16. bailey Thursday - 30 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    im young and i have a bf but i cant do that stuff because of my mom....... i wish i could do that stuff
  17. tiffany Thursday - 30 / 07 / 2009 Reply
    if u r a young boy then email me at
    • Shiv Saturday - 06 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      that's a stupid thing to do, giving out your email =/ there are paedophiles on here....
  18. Nicole Tuesday - 04 / 08 / 2009 Reply
    Great ideas
  19. Me Sunday - 16 / 08 / 2009 Reply
    Not bad tips... some of them aren't for everyone I guess.... To all the negative comments: a) why were you here in the first place if you were just going to leave trash comments? b) Grab a thesaurus and increase your vocab. Better yet, stay in school because people who use the word gay like that sound uneducated. ^_^
    • Shiv Saturday - 06 / 02 / 2010 Reply
      I like you :) You prove a BRILLIANT point there :D
  20. Devious Saturday - 05 / 12 / 2009 Reply
    awesome site !!! with awesome & funny tips...i like it :)
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  28. Human Saturday - 02 / 01 / 2010 Reply
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    all of you people are fuckin crazy...some of you are weird, some of you "man" are just fuckin asswholes....and all of you ladies are fuckin unrealistic....a tip for all you ladies guys don't give ashit about doing "fun" shit with you their only care in the world is themselves and the shit that they wanna do.....all of you need to get your asses off line and grow up...don't get a man get a career!!!!
    • DF Wednesday - 13 / 01 / 2010 Reply
      Anyway, let's don't judge each other..This is a democratic site..To those who likes this site, then good.. To those who don't, it's your choice..:)why bother saying those bad words..:)
  30. ManicPreacher Wednesday - 06 / 01 / 2010 Reply
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  31. strait Gthug Saturday - 09 / 01 / 2010 Reply
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  32. emmy Tuesday - 12 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    i will try it with my boyfriend i realy love him but i can be very mean to him i feel bad and dont know how to control it .
    • Kennboy1 Thursday - 14 / 01 / 2010 Reply
      I don't have alot of advice but you can use google to look up how to deal with that problem and other things to control it. You can talk to him, do any other activity instead of talking mean to him, or try to stop yourself at least. Good luck..
  33. Kennboy1 Thursday - 14 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    Foxy Lady Chill please, a-lot of the things you said are untrue, for many people. You can't stereotype all men, hopefully if you had a bad relationship or situation with a male then over time you can heal OR find another dude right for you. Peace!
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  36. Sasi Ann Sunday - 31 / 01 / 2010 Reply
    play modern warfare2 make food go outside go to the movies and let him pick the movie play a sport try something new together ask him what he wants to do
  37. girl Monday - 01 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    everybody needs to chill out its only a website....people are really immature im 17 years old and i feel like the people who are being rude on this site need to really grow up....I hope people who are leaving comments like that are not adults
  38. boy Monday - 01 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    Grow up people I agree with the girl who is 17...I really hope the people who are being rude arent adults otherwise they need to get a life
  39. moco Monday - 08 / 02 / 2010 Reply
    if its just you and ur mate you could watch a movie and each of you pick a object like animal, gun, eye color, anything, and everytime your object comes up they have to take of a piece of clothes so usually u try to pick a rlly good object...and when all there clothes is off you can pick what to do with them or do to you.
  40. hajer Saturday - 27 / 02 / 2010 Reply
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  43. girl, :) Tuesday - 23 / 03 / 2010 Reply
    ahah, WOW! I just randomly got on this site looking up fun things to do with kids and yea, some how i got here. But i do agree with "girl", People are definitly sounding super imature, they aer just suggestions and me myself i am 17 as well and really this is really no way to talk to each other. AND people really shouldn't give our your emails, especially considering the people making these posts are prob 13-15ish, and i know your parents wouldn't approve or old creeepy people maybe a few that don't fall unedr those catagories but i am sure they are not one of the ones giving out their email. boys are boys- sure they want sex and sure they would prefer sex over doing many other things, but hey know one said girls were any different! Girl's just usually happen to be less open about it because they are then called a "Slut." NOT COOL! Any ways to have fun with your boyfriend for younger people.. 1. Watch a movie 2. Play would you rather 3. Go outside and play football or basket ball 4. play truth or dare 5. Make dinner together 6. Bake something 7. Play some video games 8. Go for a walk 9. Go to the park 10. help each other with homework 11. play fight 12. go through family pictures 13. Listen to music 14. just cuddle 15. go for a run or hike 16. play with his/her hair 17. play 20 questions 18. joke around 19. have a pop drinking contest(have fun) 20. just Talk No need to go and have sex before your ready have fun. :)! And really people i think some of you need to mature :)!
  44. Ben Lyric Thursday - 08 / 04 / 2010 Reply
    Intresting read, I have bookmarked your site as I did find you on google so you now have a loyal reader. Do you guest blog at all for other sites and do you accept guest bloggers?
  45. Passer by Monday - 03 / 05 / 2010 Reply
    Cool it guys, this article was made for people looking for ideas to spice up their love life. It wasnt made to laugh at or annoy eachother over. Perhaps if you're looking for a place to discuss sex, then maybe a website directly about dirty topics is for you? Otherwise, go take your anger out on a punch-bag :) Overall though, it was a pretty good write up :)
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    • The Canadians Saturday - 05 / 06 / 2010 Reply
      Dude I didn't even read it all, too much drama and anger. Sounds like you need a chill pill. You want people to listen, keep it short and sweet. Try chinese food, it will make it all better. And learn how to have some fucking naked fun.
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    • Another Canadian Friday - 09 / 07 / 2010 Reply
      you sorta need a life if you spent this much time writing ALL of that shit. i love canada. i also want to have fun with my boyfriend but he went to a volleyball tournament. sucks for me.
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    • The Canadians Saturday - 05 / 06 / 2010 Reply
      Useful??? How about lame. This stuff may entertain you for a couple hours, that's if you can even get your boyfriend into it. Try bouncing up and down topless in front of him showing him the new cheer you learned... then eat chinese.
    • up4anything Saturday - 07 / 08 / 2010 Reply
      I agree this was very useful. And dude if you think its so lame then why are you on here so much. Obviously you your in denial that this is a really helpful site, and you have more than likely used it and it worked for you. Am I right? Not all men are JUST interested in topless bouncing!
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  51. hello Sunday - 23 / 05 / 2010 Reply
    hello people of the world. i was just wondering if you had anymore ideas because i cannot really do alot of these. But they are good ideas and i will defiantly try them when i get a little older lol thx!! :)))))
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      Try chinese
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