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Do you have the charm?

Do you have charm?There is nothing more charming than being yourself. Fashion is the most explicit form of self-expression. Your outfit can speak volumes about you; that is why it’s always better to dress deliberately. Beads and charms add zing to your being, and they are very personal.

Charms are meant to be significant to the wearer’s life. The kinds of beads and charms that you wear represent who you are in a way. A simple charm bracelet can complement any attire, all on its own. Wear it with a business suit or a sundress, you can’t go wrong. 

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Men’s Wedding Bands: Choose the Ring That Suits His Personality

Choosing men's wedding bandsTrying to figure out which men’s wedding band is right for your husband-to-be? With so many options on the market – precious, alternative, contemporary – it can be hard to decide which metal or material will suit him best. Fortunately, each material offers its own unique set of benefits and properties, and there are men’s wedding bands for every distinct personality and style. Here are our suggestions for wedding bands based on your man’s personal preferences.

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The Stereotypical Side of Maths – Are Boys Better at Maths than Girls?

Are boys better at math than girls?People keep saying it and the fact of the matter remains; it’s said that boys are perceived to be better at maths than girls. However, a recent study by Dr. Gijsbert Stoet, a psychologist at Leeds University, has challenged this theory and it seems previous research that merely served as a testament to the fact that boys are better at maths than girls is interestingly now being questioned.

It all relates to stereotyping, something which we often take for granted when it comes to men and women and life choices. Recent studies have shown that the reasons boys are perceived to be better at maths than girls is due to the fact more boys choose to apply their maths knowledge in more relevant job roles when they grow up.

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How Having Pets Can Help Your Family

Keeping pets can help your childrenSo you’re thinking about bringing a pet into your household. Do you have children? Are you planning on having them? Then it’s the best time to invest your time and love into a wonderful pet for your household. Pets can do wonders for a family and home. Here’s how they help:

– Having and maintaining pets in your house helps children learn how to share. Pets that roam around the house, especially cats and dogs, “invade” on every and all personal spaces inside your home! Sharing that space and the right to live in the household shows children how wonderful it is to share, and how they can coexist with other living beings. Plus, having a pet means being responsible for it, which brings children before more responsibility and caring for the animal. This can help with the child’s sense of responsibility and duty of chores.

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What Girls Really Want on Valentine’s Day

What girls really want on valentine's dayDo you hate Valentine’s Day? Are you sick of seeing sticky hearts and tacky poems plastered all over the place? Hate the sight of every shop in town going red? You don’t have to! If you’re in a relationship or marriage, you can definitely have something to celebrate – especially if you’re a woman. But if you’re a man, does February 14th scare you?

Many women pretend that they don’t care, and really couldn’t be bothered with the date. But, if you think about it, that’s not really true. And I’m not talking about high maintenance girls. If your girl has expensive tastes and you believe she will throw a fit if you don’t cash out this month’s rent to get her a present or go to a fancy restaurant, this article isn’t for you! So, most of us girls may play it cool, but here’s what we really want for Valentine’s Day.

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How To Be Careful When Chatting Online

how to be careful when chatting onlineMost of us nowadays have profiles on most social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more. Almost all of us meet new people online, whether for a relationship or not. But, how can we be sure that we’re really talking to that hot guy or gorgeous girl in the pictures they’ve sent us? Truth is, it’s not as easy to tell anymore – as Peter Steiner said, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” Here are some things to do and keep in mind when searching to find friends and chat online.

– First and foremost, try to figure out if their profile is real. This actually may be the hardest part of all, because it’s so easy to create misleading profiles on any social networking site – all you need is a name and a few pictures. It’s like creating a new lifestyle for yourself online – that’s sure how they see it. I’m not saying you should distrust everyone you talk to. Haven’t you noticed that some people’s profiles just seem fishy enough at the first glance? Try to look for inconsistencies in their timeline, or photographs, or photographs at weird angles, don’t look like themselves in each photo, etc.

– You sure can ask for a lot of photographs, and they might send them to you, but you still can’t be sure that it’s them.

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The 5 Most Common Sexy Lingerie Mistakes Women Make – What to look out for when you’re strutting your stuff

top 5 sexy lingerie mistakesGirls, no time to lose; flaunt what you’ve got, wearing the sexiest lingerie around! This topic may sometimes seem taboo to women, because we’re always so self-conscious about how we’re going to look, if our lovers will like what we’re wearing, if we fit into our old (or new) stuff, and so on. Here’s a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to mistakes made when choosing or wearing lingerie: try to avoid these when you’re up to flaunting what you’ve got for your erotic romps.

Getting lingerie a size too small. We never like the fact that we’ve grown a size, but being honest with ourselves is our best bet. Yes, we’ll lose the weight, eventually. We don’t have to put off buying nice naughty underwear just because we don’t feel we look good. Try things on, feel comfortable in the clothing you’re going to be strutting your stuff in.

Going overboard and getting something that’s not your “style.” Sure we’d all love to fit in PVC or vinyl, but come on girls, it’s not “becoming” on all of us! Be subtle. Don’t go for extreme stuff unless you’re comfortable with it. Remember: Sexy doesn’t have to mean extremely kinky and uncomfortable!

Buying cheap stuff. Remember, cheap material tears easily (keep this in mind when you’re going to be all frisky – unless you want it to tear off easily!), and could chafe your skin if it’s not hypoallergenic or is made of only synthetic materials.

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How to Have Fun on Your Romantic Holiday

fun on your romantic holidayIt’s that time of the year! Finally, you get to go on that romantic holiday to that wonderful city you’ve been wanting to go as a couple to forever. But, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to keep your holiday perfect, romantic, without stress and worry. Don’t forget to have fun in the process!

– Know beforehand what each of you wants to do during your romantic getaway. This will eliminate any conflict on what each other’s tastes and wants are. One of you may want to go on lengthy sightseeing tours, and the other may want to just cuddle under the stars. Make sure you won’t get bored with yourselves! Talk about it well before your trip. You don’t necessarily have to plan out the whole thing (the most fun things come up without plans!) but at least have what you’d both like to do in mind. And please, respect the other’s wants and feelings – if what you want to do is completely different between the both of you, split your activities in half! Just make sure to be civil and not fight about the differences.

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Call of the Wild: Differences Between Men and Women

differences between men and womenWomen are from Venus, men are from Mars; that’s what they say! We often find ourselves fighting or just disagreeing with each other, relationship or not, because of irreconcilable differences between the two genders. It’s like we just don’t get each other – what in the world are they talking about, and why can’t they understand? The explanation might be a lot easier than we think.

I’m sure that many readers will protest to all this, but I’m just talking about the primitive “bootstrap” differences between men and women. You can’t battle primitive instincts or biology; we’re all hard-wired the same way, which is practically the way of the jungle – this hard-wiring really makes it tough for both genders to get along in today’s society.
Here are just a few of the major differences between men and women:

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Why Your Pick-Up Tactics Aren’t Working

pick up tactics


Many men think that women blow them off because the girls are stuck-up, high maintenance and only look for men with cars, money and power. That’s not always the case, though. Here are a few reasons why your pick-up tactics and techniques really aren’t working.

– You just come on too damn strong. This is a major turn off – you try to be “creative” and “straightforward” – that’s intimidating and downright scary. Imagine you just arrived at a bar, and you see a guy trying to hit on your girlfriend. What pick up line and tactics would be enough for you to want to punch him in the face? That is coming on too strong. Many guys don’t get that this is one of the main things you have to avoid. Subtlety is best, and it works too – keep it simple!

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